Monday, May 30, 2011

review Burden Kanas by alan ryker

This had a little different view on vampires. It made it more oringal. kept me interested to see how it all worked out at the end. Keith is a ranger and somthing been killing his cattle and his nieghbors cattle.  The sheriff came out to see what he could see but he hates keith. A scientist from federal goverment has come out and knows a little about the creature but not much.
Keith ends up trapping one and learned a little bit more about them and knows how to stop them from killing his cows. Keith wife had cancer and keith drinks a lot but he is close with his niece and brother. Makes some really tough decisions and asks others to make them to. I can see how this could lead to more stories along the way.  I liked the story. It given an ebook inexchange for honest review.
4 stars

Sunday, May 29, 2011

review: The Goblin Market by Jennifer hudock

Christina is walking home with Will, when he asks her to marry him. She goes the rest of the way by herself so she can think and have an answer for him.  All of a sudden a goblin market is in her way. They are calling her offering her the best of fruit and she eats too much of it and is poisoned.
The goblin king is searching for his missing bride and it is Christina older sister that raised her. Meredith does not believe him and asks him to save her sister. He agrees if she can make it too his castle he will heal her.
So Meredith goes to goblin market to find the start of her quest and they try and force her to eat the poison fruit and attack her. She is rescued by Him and a pixie and he takes her to his brother who knows the history of thier lands and to help her rescue her sister.  They go and fall in love and have stumbling blocks before they get to the castle.
the ending part of the book I was not happy with. thier is another book comming out soon that might clear up my questions. Be the way I would like it to go.  was given the book to review by library

review: Borrowed Saints by Aaron Polson

Tucker and his sister Phoebe moved to a small town to live with thier uncle after thier parents died in car crash.  Tucker was starting his senior year, phoebe was a freshman.  Tucker liked to draw but didnt like his art teacher. Ellen was in his art class and showed hime a ghost train. Haley was the rich girl and snob and was interested in tucker. was making life hard on Phoebe always being rude. Charlie was trying to prove that thier was ghosts even had some equipment. He also wanted to be charlies friend.
Tucker felt somthing was wrong with the town after feeling and seeing weird at Haley party and than later when Ellen shows him the ghost train.  When tucker tried to show it to Charlie and he could not see it. He realized he was senstive to seeing more than most people.  Phoebe was hearing voices in her head to cut herself.
Thier was somthing missing it seamed like in one spot. also the ending I wasn't happy with. It left some things up in the air. Maybe another book with these characters in. If so I will read it. I was given the ebook in exchange of honest review.
4 stars

Friday, May 27, 2011

review Whirlwind by Robin DeJarnet

I enjoyed watching Melissa meet Jason and watch them fall in love. Melissa came to her best friends Mitch's wedding. She was feeling depressed not only was Mitch now marrying Ann but he was moving away from college and starting a new job. Melissa had a lot of friends at the wedding, but she didn't know the handsome usher who seated her at the wedding untill she saw him seat Mitch's parents and realized it was Jason his younger brother that last fall they had flirted over the internet for a few weeks.  Jason kept stareing at Melissa too and finally at the reception realized that was who she was. Also durning the wedding some guy was bugging and scaring Melissa and Jason and melissa friends scared him away.
Melissa was both flirty and shy with jason because he was at school back east and she in CA. The next day Jason went back with her to her empty apartment because of the scare and did not want to leave her and watch them fall in love and see all the friends she has Melissa had a hard time thinking that in 5 days she wont see Jason again. I loved the characters and wanted to see more of them. I did not want to say goodbye either. I was given the ebook in exchange of review when done.
4 stars

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

review : So close the hand of death by J.T. Ellison

I can tell thier were other books in the series before this but I did not feel lost at all.Taylor is homacide LT. in Nashville. Dr. Baldwin works with FbI profiling they are engaged. A serail killer called Pretender is focused on Taylor and wants to play with her. Pretender has helpers he is training they are killing in LA, Boston, NY following different killers mo. He has made all these big plans to draw taylor into. the start of the book he has kidnapped her sargent and took his eyeball out and killed his fiance to get her to go to North Carolina. Their are so many victims and strings its hard to focus she has to be overwhelmed and her fiance is hiding things from her. This books has lots of twists and turns before its all wrapped up. It was hard to put the book down last night and first thing i did this morning was get it out again. I will definately look for her other books. I want to get to know the characters better and see how they worked together in past books and hope for more of them if the future. I was given the book by Library thing in exchange of honest review

Monday, May 23, 2011

review Heart of a witch by alicia dean

Ravyn was kidnap in a parking garage by a serial killer called the tin man.  He tortures them before killing them in a broken cabin in the woods. Ravyn was drugged and is tied up naked on a gurney and has a burning knife seared on her stomach. All of a sudden her eyes go wierd and he feels his groin on fire. tin man screams and takes off in his car. some poachers come running and cut her loose and dial 911.  Ravyn tell the cops a little but is afraid her coven will find out she used her power to harm.
Nick is PI hired to find and stop the tin man he used to be a good cop but with his wife dead of 5 yrs he drinks a lot. He knows Ravyn has more information so he works undercover at her store.  they wind out working together to find and stop the tinman before he kills again.
the story keeps your attention and you dont want to stop until it is over with. I will look for more books of hers to read. recommend this book.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

review The House Eaters by Aaron Polson

Nick's family moves to a small outskirt of a small town. In fact only 3 house's sold in new division. Up the street is a big old house thats abandon.  Nick is starting his senior year the week after they move. His dad is one of his teachers. He has a crush on a girl named  Cat, who's on again off again takes to bullying Nick. Tabby his sister is a freshman and had a few health problems last year. His mother was laid off and drinks in the afternoon. Old weird guy and newly weds only people live in thier area.  Two guys are friendly to Nick and want him to go in old spooky house with them and one falls and hurts his leg in kitchen. Old spooky house is spoken about and Nick thinks he heres it talking to him. Tabby can read his mind sometimes now. a door apears in their house and disappears. its not a bad story. I was given the ebook in exchange for honest review.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Half a life by Darin Strauss

wow! It shows you in a blink your life can change and everyone around you too.  I felt that he was trying to be as honest and true account what happened because of the accident to him and those around him.  I think that would be hard to know you caused a death and be opened about your faults and self centered thoughts
 He opens with the statement that he killed a girl. tells what he remembers and whats he learned about our minds copeing means. It was simple and plain and did not excuse himself. told how he hid the facts too new friends so they would not know what happened his senior year. How long the court case was and how they settled it. Its a tough situation to be in. I was given the book in exchange of honest review. 4 stars

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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Saturday, May 7, 2011

review Throne of Fire by rick riodan

Sadie and Carter Cane are back with thier second tape telling what really happened to them.  The chaos demon is returning with 5 days left for carter & Sadie to restore Ra to the throne and stop the world from ending again. They have new friends that they are teaching the old ways of magic. New enemys are threating them.
The story is long involved and using a lot of knowledge of Egypt ruins and mytholgy in the book. I enjoyed reading and did not put the book down had to finsh it right them plus my 20 year old ready to read it. If you like his other book you should enjoy this one.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Review Mobbed by Carol Higgins Clark

its a typical regan mystery. I liked it.  Regan is a P.I who lives in New York with her husband police detective Jack. Regan found out for a high school friend that the guy she is dating got engaged the night before. Regan and Jack are going to New Jersey shore to be with her parents Nora whos a author and her father Luke.
Nora's old friend from school calls her up and tells her mother has sold the house and selling everything all of a sudden and would she go check on her mom. She in L.A. and is catching a flight out later that day.  So nora gets regan to come down earlier in the day with her.  It has a few different stories threads that all tie in together at the end. Like to see how the characters have grown and changed over the years. 4 stars

review The Queen Bee of Bridgeton by leslie DuBois

Sonya lives in a poor neighborhood with her older sister and her mom. She won 2 tickets to balet in elementry school and wanted to dance. Her mom could not afford to give her lessons but did buy a old pair of dance shoes for her. She found a dance studio that was the close as she could and watched from the windows and tried to copy them. When she got caught she offered to clean in exchange for dance lessons. Has continued now before school which she got into on scholarship and her sister has been thier after trying out 6 times. Sonya tries to be invisible to the students thier she does not fit in only a few black students go their. one day she forgot her dance shoes in her locker and hurried back to get them and a door crashes into her face. will and girl were making out and she realized this was second time she seen him after making out with someone. Sonja looks at him and said you have sad eyes.
Will has been watching her for a while and asks her out and shes says no. She has no idea who he is or even his name. her sister cant believe she said no to him. between her dance lessons and when she gives lessons she has an hour and will shows up at studio with flowers and gets her to go to eat.
Thier is a bunch of girls running the school and sets kids up that are in thier way or just for fun. No one knows exactly whos doing it. They dont like Sonja dating the basketball star and try to set her up and break them apart.
It is a good story and you want to root for sonja and will and see everything work out for the best. I enjoyed  the book . won it in exchange of honest review 4 stars

Thursday, May 5, 2011

review Blackbirds ball by Jason winn

It is short story. At first i could not see what the first two chapters fit together but at the end they do. Shows if you care about someone they will care about you. if you throw someone away you can be thrown away too.
Cat is a drug addict and acholic just out of jail and sings on stage she popular in her circle. her sets are sold out but she ends passed out on stage. than you have mogul hangs himself and his acholic wife finds him. than goes back again to Cat. is full of drugs,violence in a world I dont relate too. 3 stars

Review Death After Midnight by Dean Fetzer

It was a little confusing at first jumping to the new characters and thier start of thier storylines. It all came together well. Has a lot of future world might be like. Th central figure is Jaared who is 167 years old cop. Jaared is blind and he has a computer in his brain so his bosses can always know how he is doing or feeling.  Head is crime boss who wants to find out about templars secrets and what they had hidden, he believes it is the holy grail. Madaline is Jaared benafactor that comes and does things he has a hard time understanding and remembering her.  Emile is an antiques dealer that has painful leg and his shop gets broken into a few times. Paulette she sees glimps of the future and cares for Emile.
Thier is a lot of action and history it was good story and kept me interested in it till the end once I got a handle on who was doing what. recommend it. 4 stars

Monday, May 2, 2011

may wins

Rise of the Raven by Steven R. Drennon (librarythings)
Harris Channing's, *
Harris Channing's, *The Demon is in the Details*  won from coffee and romance blog.

Ballsack bys0nicfreak(librarythings
Burden Kansas by Alan Ryker.(library things)

 A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle by R. W. Holmen(library things)Look at Flower by Robert Dunn
Half a life by darin strauss  showed up in mailbox
Not Everything Brainless is Dead by Joshua Price(library things)
 Heart Stealer by Tiphanie Thomas
The Journey by Laura Lond
The Crescent Dunes by Steven Barclay
Just Another Day in Paradise by Katherine TomlinsonSummoning by Debi Faulkner
The Brujo---book version---four university professors learn a lesson the hard way by Ernest Kinnie At the Devil's Table: The Untold Story of the Insider Who Brought Down The Cali Cartel by William C. Rempel
Summoning by Debi Faulkner
Crossroads Road: A Novel by Jeff Kay
 Beneath the Shadows by Jarius Raphel
Sunset Lavaflies by Scott Niven
Priscilla the great,Priscilla the Great 2: The Kiss of Life by Sybil NelsonThe Broken Sword (Halcyon #2) by Joseph Robert Lewis LT
The Book of Biff #5 Split Personality by Chris Hallbeck LT
Two Lives... One Diary by

JM Array from I am a reader not a writer blog
Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks
 Legacy - Book One of the Balancer Chronicles by Chris Adonn LT
 Fixing Cupid by Cristian YoungMiller  LT
The Eyes that See by Chris Adonn( LT)
My True Essence by Shawneda Marks  (LT)
 "Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide" by Jill Homer  (LT)
 Criticality The Complete First Season by Edmund Alexander Sims (lt) Vestal Virgin--Suspense in Ancient Rome by Suzanne Tyrpak  (LT) Beyond the Myth: How to Live the Life You Desire by Maria T. Holmes (LT)
 Borrowed Saints by Aaron POLSON (LT)
Disturbed by Kevin O'Brien(LT)
  A Line Blurred by Bryan Healey (LT)
Laying the Odds by C. R. Daems, JR Tomlin (LT)

Hull's Landing by James Melzer (LT)
The Goblin Market by Jennifer Hudock (LT)
Passions of the Dead by L.J. Sellers (LT)
Mini-Collection by Hank Quense (LT)
The Sex Club by L.J. Sellers
 Vallar by Cindy Borgneof
The End of the World by Andrew Biss
Babel by Gill James

won may 2

Harris Channing's, *The Demon is in the Details*  won from coffee and romance blog.

review Getting Away is Deadly: A mom zone mystery by sara Rosett

I enjoyed reading and now want to read others in the series.  Ellie and mitch were going to have a vacation together. Had her parents to take the 3 yr old and dog to dogcare camp.  When the airforce decided Mitch should take some training in Washington DC. So Ellie decided to cash in thier airlines tickets and go with Mitch.  Her good friend Abby and her husband was going to the same training.  So the airforce wives got together and hired a tour guide to show them what subway stations to get on and off and where to go to see what museums and tourist spots to see.
Ellie and Abby where both pregant and visited all the bathrooms and tourist spots. Ellie cousing was going to DC at same time to meet with someone who was in Korea with her dad. she did not know how her dad died or what her family would not talk about it and where ashamed. but her child had come down with chicken pox, so Ellie was going to take her place and find out what she could.
Ellie was also going to get together with Mitch's sister Summer who was back their at collage. Summer was late meeting with Ellie and called to say the police were interviewing her about a murder. The police thought Summer and maybe Ellie helped to push a guy in front of subway.  So Ellie was motivated to find the real person who pushed him.
So Ellie finds out what a lot of people around her who were suspious and gets involved in wierd ways. It was enjoyable who dun it book.  4 stars

Sunday, May 1, 2011

won may 1

f A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle by R. W. Holmen

review: Love me if you must by Nicole young

Patricia buys old homes lives in them and fixes up them for resell. She bought an old victorian house that some say is haunted, Of course she moved in October.  Patricia gets the idea that thier is a body in her basement buried in cement. she spent 3 years in prison for murdering her grandmother.
David comes to welcome her to nieghborhood and be friend hers.  she finds he is married but divorce papers are in the works.  he is from england and does computer works.
brad is her nieghbor next door a cop. But she has a fear of cops.
She does find a new body in basement and she is arreseted for killing him.  because she had motivae and opportunity.  So she has to find out who killed him so she wont be convicted of his murder.
Its a enteraing mystery