Friday, August 31, 2012

When Lightning Strikes by Brenda Novak


Well this is the third book this week that I have read of Brenda Novak Whiskey Creek. I
would enjoy reading more books featuring Whiskey Creek.
Gail DeMarco is the owner of her PR firm and she had a fight with Simon O'Neal her biggest star but quit on him. Because he was not listening to her and was out of control. Drinking too much, fighting and he had cheated on his wife a bunch of times now he was divorced trying to get visiting rights to his son Ty.
Simon hit back and took all of her clients with him. She was now going to have to let everyone go. She has one more idea to try first. public apology.
It was really Simon's manager who did the dirty work but he did not stop him.
He accepted her sorry and was going to help her get some clients back.
Her top aid decided that if they were going to close go out with a bang. Spread rumors in the paper that Simon attacted her.
So to try and help Simon get visiting rights and both of them better images. Gail comes up with a plan. Find Simon a wife, stop his drinking and get positive image for two years. But she did not mean for him to marry her.
Before the plan really got started rolling Simon had a accident and almost bled to death. Not sucide but did not get help right away.
So he was going to get married right away and get out of hollywood right away to get him in a better state of mind.
At first I was not too impressed with Simon but thier was a whole more to the story of his troubles and he was a lot better when he did not drink. He was liking the freedom the town of Whiskey Creek gave him.
Gail agreed to marry him not for money but to help make up for her part and her friends part and keep her employees employed.
Simon was willing to do everything to be a better father he loves his son and misses not seeing him.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
Harlequin MIRA (August 28, 2012) 448pages

When We Touch by Brenda Novak


When We Touch is #05 of Whiskey Creek series. It is the second book of this series I have read and enjoyed.
Olivia Arnold is coming back to Whiskey Creek for her sister's wedding. She is the wedding planner. The only problem it is too her ex-boyfriend Kyle Houseman and her sister Noelle is pregnant.
Oliva's sister is always thinking only about her. Noelle wants to rub her wedding in her sisters face. On her way to her parents back in Whiskey Creek she ended up crying on side of the road where she pulled over.
Brandon saw Oliva in her car and stopped to see if she was okay. Brandon is Kyle step-brother but they have never been close. They only lived two years in the same house.
Brandon took her back to his place so she can calm down and fix her makeup and clothes.
Kyle can not believe what a mess he has made of his life. But he still cares for Oliva but he wants to be a good father.
Oliva tells Kyle that she is over him and started to date someone else the only name she can think of was to say with Brandon and she was staying with him for the weekend.
Brandon is a professional skier and the past year has been recovering from a bad accident broke his leg in three places. Brandon is not close to anyone he has been a playboy and his family does not even realize how hard he works and how much money he makes. He has always liked Oliva since he took her to prom.
I like the group of friends that hang together in whisky creek. I look forward to reading more books about Whiskey Creek.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
(August 1, 2012) PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinMira 102 pages

Autumn Winds by Charlotte Hubbard

Season of the Heart book 2. I have not read book 1 but I would like to go back and read it.
Autumn Winds smelled so good in my mind I gained weight just reading it. Sweet Seasons Bakery owner Miriam Lantz has been a widower for 2 years. Her Bishop thinks she should sell her business and marry him. He has 5 kids and as buried two wives.
Miriam has no intention of marring him.
Miriam has triplet daughters and one is getting married really soon. One was thought drowned when she was three and the other is a little lost with all the changes in her life.
Ben Hooley came to town with his wagon where he works and sleeps taking care of horse shoeing and other blacksmith jobs. He is looking for a place to call home. Where his brothers can build a mill buy land they can afford.
Ben came to town in the middle of a storm early in the morning and right then a branch broke and fell into the bakery window,the power went out and Ben's horse hates lightning kicked him and took off.
Miriam rushes out when she heard Ben fall. Miriam and Ben both liked what they saw. After Ben got up okay he pulled the branch out and covered the window. He loved the smell of the bakery and was given breakfast. Miriam thought he was too young for her. But Ben brought smiles back into her life.
Rhoda was feeling that nothing was different when she met Ben and she set her cap for him, but Ben was interested in her mother.
I really enjoyed getting to know these characters and want the best for them. I would be interested to read more books by Charlotte Hubbard in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in return for honest review from Netgalley.
09/04/1012 PUB Kensington Imprint Zebra

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finding Mercy by Karen Harper


This is the third book in A Home Valley Amish Novel. It is the second one that I have read. I was not to impressed with the little I knew of Ella from Returning to Grace.
It is so easy to judge characters and real people with a little knowledge wrongly, like I did. I really grew to care more for Ella the more I got to know her and understand her better.
This novel was full of action and caring about others, and honesty on one side. Bad guys,traiters and murders on other side. Who do you trust when someone tries to kill you many times.
Alex Caldwell was making good money and then he found out his boss was selling secrets to China. He became a whistle blower, and agreed to testify. He did not want to go into the witness protection program so his lawyer hired a private security for him. When they tried to kill him he decided to go to the Feds.
They decided to put him in with the Amish as a cousin coming to visit.
Ella Lantz good friend Hannah was marring her brother Seth in a few days. So Ella was moving into Seth old home and going expand her business in the old house. While her new cousin Andrew was moved into her old room.
Andrew was really liking the simple life with the Lantz family, especially Ella.
Someone was stalking Ella footprints where all around her house and her' family house.
Then she was in a hit and run accident. Then a threat on her door.
After a failed kidnapped attempt Andrew, Ella and her grandmother run off and don't tell anyone in authority where they were going.
I really liked the grandmother. How the Amish did take Andrew in and welcomed him.
I liked how the three friends had problems and for awhile lost contact but even though they each made different choices they cared for each other still.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
10/30/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinMIRA 336 pages

Haven by Kay Hooper


Haven investigator Jessie Rayburn is returning home to Baron Hollow after being gone for 15 years. She needs to find out what happened 15 years ago that made her runaway.
When she is walking in town she saw a ghost and heard her say she needed to stop the murder before he kills again.
Emma Rayburn turned her house into a bed & breakfast. She fell two years ago off a horse and since than she has nightmares of women being killed. Thier is no missing women around her town she has talked to the sheriff about them.
Nathan Navrro works for Haven too but he has never met Jessie and his talent is finding dead bodies. If thier is a serial killer in that area he could find the bodies and get proof to get the help. Thier are a lot of missing people in the state.
Bishop is back in the background and keeping secrets. Even when asked right out if he has agents in the area.
I enjoyed reading Haven and will keep reading Kay Hooper.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Matchmakers Mark by Regan Black


This book actually has two stories that are both the first book in a series.
The first story is The Matchmaker's Mark.
Lily is half elf who owns a flower shop. She has a mark on her arm that means she will have a soul mate. But so far she has not found him in either world. Because elves do not like halfings she has chosen to live Charleston, South Carolina in the human world. She does not have much magic.
Amy Campbell is a English Professor that is in Charleston to teach a class. She can't wait till she can spend time at the beach. Weird things are happening around her. That started when she gets a letter from her Aunt who travels a lot in a consulting business.
Dare is a wood-elf who has been with the matchmaker for years as part of her security force. But he has been sent to deliver a letter to Amy. He realizes his boss has disappeared. He wants to make sure Amy stays safe till she gets the book and her own security force.
Thier is a werewolf who gets marked and does not want it. He hurts Amy but Dare gets her away. The werewolf is determined to find the matchmaker again.
This was a fun novel. Thier is a couple of love scenes in the book. I would read more of this series of novel.
Justice Incarnate BY Regan Black 4 STARS
This is a darker series and this is the first book of that series.
Jaden is a security expert and she keeps being reborn. She is always raped before she is 14 and branded by the same man of power in each life who rapes many girls before she ends up killing him. Then her love who is always the law does not believe her and arrests her for murder over and over. The Judge remembers each time. So does Jaden a little bit till after her rape and then she remembers more. She wants to stop him for all time somehow.
In this time period sugar and caffine are illegal.
I was given this ebook to read in return for honest review from Netgalley.
08/01/2012 PUB Getaway Reads, LLC Imprint Paco Media Group 209 pages

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Mighty Quins: Dermot by Kate Hoffmann


This has lots of love scenes for a lot of the book. Which is not really a surprise since its a Harlequin blaze book.
The four Quin brothers were left with thier grandparents while thier parents went on vacation and died. So their grandfather raised them and took them into his business. Now all four Brothers are in charge of different areas of the company. When thier grandfather called a meeting. He gave each of his grandkid a 100.00, a bus ticket and a company credit card. He wanted them to go away and get a job for 6 weeks then come back and decide if they really do want to be in the yacht building business.
Dermot had a two day bus ride from Seattle to Wisconsin and found out the credit card was cancelled.
Dermot was in charge of sells of the yachts and traveled to sell the boats. He will miss his brothers they even agreed to leave thier cell phones behind with them at home.
Rachel Howe has come back to live and work the goat farm her father left to his family. He made her the one to decide what will happen to the farm. She is the youngest child but really was raised by herself she even has a couple of nieces older than her. She has been at the farm for almost a year and feels lonely and worn out. Her brother & sister want her to sell the farm now. Her only help on the farm is her Uncle that has lived thier is whole life.
When Dermot sees her help wanted sign and told that she was probably still in down at the feed lot store. He asks for work and says he will work hard for room and board and small wage.
Rachel takes a chance on him and brings him home. Dermot works hard and kisses her and she has been lonely and says she wanted the kiss. They spent that night having sex right off the bat
Dermot is a hard worker and when the story is not about them desiring each other it is good and I like it I just read the dialog on the sex scenes akimmed those scenes.
They are both worried how they will fit together after the six weeks because of family businesses.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
7/24/2012 PUB Harlequin Blaze 224 pages

Cast in Peril BY Michelle Sagara


Chronicles of Elantra book #8. This is not an easy book to follow but a complex world and plots. It is the second book of the series that I have read and I know I am missing a lot of the story.
I plan to buy the first 3 books and read them soon. This book could stand alone but I don't think it should be.
In the world of Elantra thier are dragons that turn to people,a race of immortals, magic,place of shadows that try to destroy. It is not a simple world and in that world is Private Kaylin Neva a human, Chosen,Lord Kaylin,a poor detective who mingles with lots of different societys.
Kaylin has a small room that is where she lives,the only home that is hers. Living with her is the only female dragon that is left who decides to live with her. She also has a egg that she watches over.
Thier is a bomb that destroys Kaylin apartment and should of killed them both but the egg hatches and a glass dragon protects them both.
They don't know if if was Kaylin or the female dragon were the target. They moved into the castle at command.
Kaylin to discover why people are missing is sent on a journey to here a true story that all the Lords have to go at least once in a lifetime. Kaylin is always making enemies and being a exception to different laws. Lots of trouble happen on thier journey.
No one really know what the glass dragon is really that wants to stay on Kaylin shoulders or head most of the time.
If you have read the other books in the Chronicles of Elantra I think you will like this novel even more.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
09/18/2012 PUB Harlequin Luna 544 pages

The Truth About Tara by Darlene Gardner

4 STARS I wondered how this book would end, I could not see away, but Darlene Gardner did. I wish I could write about characters you like and want things to work out for them. Danny and Susie you just want to hug them. These characters that you meet I really enjoyed reading about them. This novel deals with some hard subjects in a respectful way. Thier is a few love scene but does not get into much detail. Tara Greer is walking to school where she teaches and a truck is following her and then parks. Tara is getting ready to run when Jack DiMarco convinces her to listen to him for 5 min and stays back from her. Jack introduces himself saying he was doing a favor for his sister who is a P.I. and got a kidnapping case and through a software this is what they thought Haley would like now. He handed Tara the paper and said he was on the way to her school to talk to her but saw her on the street and thought it was her. Jack told Tara about Haley's abduction when she was 3 years old. Tara said it does look like her but she has seen her baby pictures, and they have lived here for her whole life. Tara convinces him that she could not be Haley. Jack then leaves calls his sister and let her know the bad news. Then Jack tracked down the Dr. who was vacationing and took his records wanting him to operate on him so he can be a professional ball player again. He had been called up to big league twice and pitched 3 games before being sent back to the miners. The doctor told him that the third time is shoulder would not help best bet was physical therapy not surgery. That is same answer other doctors have given him but Jack plans to beat the odds. He decided to spend the time healing hear by the ocean. So he rents right on the beach. He goes to grocery store and runs into Tara and her foster brother Danny when Danny runs into Jack in the store where he was throwing a fit because he wanted chips. Danny has down syndrome and likes Jack and tells him about his camp he is going to and invites him. Tara has started to questioning herself but she has had nightmares about a lady shaking and yelling at her. Plus her mom does not have any pictures of her when she was a baby. Her mom lost her husband and daughter in ocean and still grieves 30 years later. Jack is wanting to date Tara for himself and he can only do so much exersing his shoulder so he does volunteer at Danny camp because he likes kids. Also a few other people in Tara's life wants to set her up to date Jack. It is a good book to read and based on this book I will read more from Darlene in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Superromance

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rising Shadows by Ashley Townsend

This is going to be the first of three book series. I enjoyed it. Thier is no sex, swear words but thier is praying.
Sarah Matthews is 18 and soon to start collage an hour way from home. Right now she is watching her sister while thier mom is helping take of a different family member.
Its starting to storm so Lilly comes into Sarah room power goes out and lightning loud.
Then all of a sudden they are not in her bedroom at night but day in a forest.
A girl sees them and says thats not what is supposed to happen. Then tells Sarah and Lilli they need to hide while wearing a real long dress.
They see a group of soldiers talking about finding the witch so they split up.
Sarah finds out that they are in a place about 12th century but is not in any of our history records. Karen is from Sarah time and she has been helping a professor to figure out time travel. Karen is worried about what is happening right now and the professor is in the castle.
Karen and Sarah are brave youmg ladies not afraid to get involved and try to make a difference.
I hope the next book comes out soon. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Librarything.
6/22/2012 Publisher: Kirkdale Press

Friday, August 24, 2012

Priestess of the Eggstone by Jaleta Clegg


This is the second book with with Dace but I did not realize it when I read it. I like her. She has a hard life and made herself into rising above it. I can tell that
there will probably be more novels with Dace into the future. I will want to read it.
Dace is Capt of the ship Twinkle and she has a new piolet working with her Jerimon.
Dace runs into trouble all time. Everytime she thinks it can't get worse it does.
She finds out that Belliff the company that hired her and if she works for them for 7 years she will be owner of Twinkle. Dace does not know that they are using her ship to smuggle stuff all over.
Jerimon is a handsome flirt. He is in lots of trouble too. He stole a rock and it ends up being the Eggstone that is worshipped by 8 foot tall Lizard people that no one really knows anything about them. They destroyed the ship he was working on last time.
Dace and Jerimon end up with smuggled weapons and jewels on thier ship when the company she works for is busted. Her boss tries to hijack their ship so he won't get caught.
As they are flying away they are chased by Patrol and then the Sessimoniss, the lizard are chasing them too and firing on the Patrol ships too. In that battle the ship gets damaged so they go to another planet to make repairs.
Commander Grant Lowell wants orders Tayvis who works for him in Patrol to find Dace and convince her to work for him one job on her home planet for 3 months. He will protect her and get her out of the mess she is in.
Tayvis I gather really liked Dace in the first book he planned to meet her when he was done doing his time in the service in two years. He follows Dace and sees all the havoc she is making. He follows his orders but is trying to figure out a different way to get her out of trouble.
This story is non stop action we really don't see too much of the different planets and people. It is a engaging novel that I got lost into thier lives for a bit.
Jerimon is not used to women not falling for him he did manage to give Dace her second kiss. Tahvis was the first and she not sure what he wants in two years if anything.
Jerimon sister and Aunt end up joining with them to try and find the eggstone so the Sessimoniss will stop chasing them. The Aunt is a rich gypsey who tells fortunes and thinks that Dace and Jerimon will be together.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Librarything.
Publisher: JournalStone (August 10, 2012) 278 pages

A Patchwork Christmas byJudith Miller, Nancy Moser, Stephanie Grace Whitson

4 STARS This three complete stories that draw your emotions. One thing I like are at the end of the novels have reciepes,patterns and bookclub questions. Those extras are a nice bonus to the books. Seams Like Love by Judith Miller is about a religion I have never heard about called Inspirationists. Karla Stuke was working at her family business the hotel in Iowa when a new quest comes into register. It's Frank Lehner a old child friend of hers. He has been away to become a pharmacist. Frank is glad to be at home in the colonies again. Frank asks how her and her husband are? He had heard she was engaged but not that her fiance broke the engagement and married someone else. Karla has a hard time trusting men. Frank is glad that she is still single and asks her out that night to the ice skating like they used to. A Patchwork Love by Stephanie Grace Whitson Jame McClure is a widow with a young girl traveling by train to see a prosperous businessman to marry. She wants to give her daughter a future. She has sold her house and things to pay her husband debts that he left. She used the last of her money to pay for the ride to the train station because her 10 year old daughter Molly was not feeling to well. On the way into the station she fell on the ice and hurt her knee. As the train ride goes her daughter starts coughing. A porter gives a lot of kindness to her. He knows she can't afford to buy anything. He gets a blanket for her daughter. When a man decided he did not want the tea he had ordered brought it to her. When she was only one left in car he moved her up to a better car so her daughter would be more comfortable. Then the train got snuck in the snow. A man Peter Gruber saw the train stuck. So Peter and his mother brought hot food to help. When she saw Molly not feeling well said they must come home with them and when the whistle blew Peter would bring her back. Molly got worse but Mrs. Gruber has had some knowledge of healing and takes care of her and they stay awhile so Molly can heal and Jane's knee can too. Peter has so many scars on one side of his face and neck. He hides away from them as much as possible. He got wounded in the civil war saving others. His fiance left him because of how he looks now. Molly calls him a good monster and makes him feel better of himself they both do. The Bridal Quilt by Nancy Moser New York city 1889 Samuel is going out with his friends instead of staying with his girlfriend. Ada wants him to spend the time with him and hopes he will ask her to marry him soon. Samuel goes with his friends want to leave thier high society roots and go into the slums. He feels so out of place with his friends. He hears a little girl scream and cry he rushes to see if he can help sees her getting beat up and steps in. His friends tell him to come. Samuel brings the little girl with him. His grandfather is apalled that he brought her to his home. She only speaks german and plans to find her parents next day. He tells Ada because he breaks his date. Her grandmother speaks german. The little girl is a orphan and she was getting beaten because she would not rob anyone. She stays at a orphange. Samuel spends the next few weeks spending all his time and money to help out the home once he sees the need. Ada is stuck in her house because of quaratine. When Samuel's grandfather realizes where he is spending his time and money they have a big fight and he looses his inhertance, bank job and home. Samuel goes to Ada and breaks up with her because of his choices that she would not fit in thier. A year later her mother is hoping that Ada will be engaged this Christmas season. Ada and her brother end up in the bad part of town Samuel lives and Ada gets out and a little boy is going to get run over and a man rushes out and saves him but gets hurt. Ada's brother who is studying to be a doc. goes to help and Ada tells him to put him in the carrage and its Samuel. She is happy to see him but he does not wake up. Her mother is furious that Samuel is in her house. When she wants her daughter to marry Owen now. These are good Christmas romances and just wish they were longer. Anyone can read them they don't preach but thier not afraid to say prayers or read scriptures and do good. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 09/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Broken Shell Island , The Witches of West Shore by Dalya Moon


Broken Shell Island draws you right into the story and made me care about Opal right away. Some parts of the story I could see get a 5 stars and other part 3.
Opal is at a birthday party with her grandfather and his senior friends. She has been hopeful that she will get a bike. She even printed off a picture of the one she wants and a map to the store.
Instead she gets a box with a old suitcase in it. Her grandfather says she is going to Broken Shell Island that his friend wrote books about the place. Everyone is excited that she is going she does not want to leave her grandfather. Who has raised her.
He tells her that she needs to pack because she is going right away and she will be living with his sister. That he is dying. After fighting and arguing that she does not want to leave him. He drives her three hours away and puts her in a boat with a big stranger.
Opal is getting close the captain throws her suitcase in the ocean and then throws her in. He yells to her to old onto the suitcase and she will make it. Opal can not believe that she got thrown into the ocean. When she found the suitcase it was warm and moved her. She let go of it and she got cold and the suitcase stayed in place.
After Opal lands on a beach with broken shells and she is all alone. She tries to remember the stories she had read so long ago about a magical island.
Opal is a real likeable character and she does not give up easily. She cares about her new friends.
The plot has a lot of action that is happening on the island around Opal as she is thrown into different situations that are going on. The island does not have cell phones,internet,cars but does have different animals,weird plants , witches and magic.
Most of the plot makes sense some of it was pretty far out thier.
It kept my attention on what was happening and I wanted to know more about the island.
This is a stand alone book but he does plan on going back to the island in more stories. I would like to come back and read more about Broken Shell Island in the future.
This would be a good book for any age. No sex scenes or foul language. It does have witches, mini goats that might talk, trolls, Giant Owls, and lots of adventure as Opal learns about the island and find out who was murdered and why she is a suspect.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Librarything.
08/06/2012 PUB. 252 pages

Review: False Impression by laura Caldwell

< 4 STARS This is the second Izzy McNeil Mystery that I have read. Thier is a lot of swearing in it. The story is complex and riveting. I did guess who the guilty party was before the end. Had no idea about the early part. Izzy has a full life and background of supporting characters that I have seen. Izzy is a defense lawyer and she does some P.I. work too. Her boss & friend at the P.I. asked her to go work undercover at his old girlfriend Madeline Saga art gallery. Someone has forged some paintings that she has sold. They were not fakes when she bought them. Madeline does not want to go to the police with the thefts because her gallery would suffer. Izzy likes Madeline and Madeline likes teaching her about art and offering her art experiences. Izzy and Madeline go to a nightclub when Izzy can't find Madeline. She learned that Madeline had paid the tab. Izzy was walking back and forth on the sidewalk looking to make sure Madeline was not outside fallen down when A cop car pulls up and it is Police detective Vaughn. Vaughn talks to her and offers her a ride home. He lets her know the bar owner was a friend and said thier was call girl out front of his place. Izzy is clueless about that they meant her. Izzy does not let Vaughn know that she is a P.I. and working a case. Just says she was with a friend and the friend disappeared after paying the tab. Vaughn tells her to call if they cant find her tomorrow that she probably thought she had too much to drink and went home. They find out that someone is following Madeline all the time. They know what restraunts she goes to. What clubs, knows the places she has been. Thier is a piece of art that arrives with a threat to it. Also emails and on the quest book. Izzy is getting frustrated to find out the answers. I like Izzy and look forward to reading more about her world. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 08/21/2012 PUB Harlequin Mira 400 pages

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Worth the Risk by Charlene Sands


Worth the Risk is the last story of the Worth brothers.
Jackson Worth wakes up in Las Vegas in bed with his new business partner Sammie Gold.
Jackson never plans on falling in love again after 1st broke his heart. He admits that he is a playboy.
Sammie has had no luck this year. First her father dies leaving her with no relatives.
Then her boyfriend takes all her money and leaves her business in trouble. She has come for a Shoe convention to try and get investors in her Boot store. No one wants to invest in these tough times except Jackson Worth.
Jackson is her best friend from collage sister-in-law. The bestfriend who she is moving to live closer and reopen her store by. Sammie can't believe that she came on too him after 2 glasses of champaigne. Especially when she has been warned about Jackson.
Jackson knows he is in trouble after being warned to stay away from his new business partner. His brother is going to kill him.
Jackson and Sammie agree to keep what happened in Vegas a secret and it won't happen again.
With Sammie and Jackson now business partners and both are going to be godparents to Jackson's new nephew. They are thrown together a lot. They become friends.
Then Jackson's old girlfriend moves back to town and wants to start over again with Jackson and offers him the chance to buy a piece of land he has always wanted to add to back to the family ranch.
Thier are a couple of sex scenes in the book. It is an easy fast read. Would love to go back and read about the other Worth brothers stories.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Desire ISBN:9780373732036

Review: Dead On Ice by Lauren Carr


I have enjoyed reading Lauren Carr's mystery novels. Dead On Ice A Lovers In Crime Mystery does not disappoint.
Joshua Thornton Hancock County Prosecuting Attorny is back. We even get to see more of his home life and Meet his 16 year old son Donny.
Also back is his girl friend Detective Cameron Gates, A Pennsylvania State Police homicide Detective. With her is Irving cat that looks like a skunk and does not like to be left alone.
Joshua and Cameron find dead in his house Albert Gordon. Albert was a criminal defense attorney and a distant cousin of Joshua. In his house they found it full of junk. He was a horder since the death of his wife.
He left his stuff to his church so the Church had a work party to clean up and go through his house before it could be sold. While cleaning it up Cameron spotted a bomb in the basement.
After the bomb blew up they found a body in an old fridge that survived the bomb blast.
Since Cameron was on the scene she got to work the case. The body had been in the air tight fridge for decades.
Thier are a lot of suspects and more crimes are uncovered I was surprised on some of the cases but others parts I guessed right.
I did not put the book down till I had finshed the book.
I like how at the begining of the book is a list of characters as we meet them. Though on a book you can always flip easy enough to return thier to refresh a point on the character.
The characters are a mixed bag some you hate and others you would like to see more of them. Thier are a lot of secrets to be had in the small town and country side.
Irving and Admiral are fun animals though we don't see too much about Admiral Joshua Irish wolfhound-great Dane dog. The two pets get along. Irving brings along some humor with him.
The plot has a bunch of twists and turns before we learn who killed or was killed.
I will read more books by Lauren Carr in the future.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it by the Author.
09/01/2012 PUB Acorn Book Services

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis

3 STARS This was a good story but had too much sex and swearwords in it for me to get lost in the story. Forever and A Day also had humor, good friends, cute kid amd dog going for it. Grace Brooks graduated and came from New York to Seattle to take a good banking job. She found that he also wanted her to put out as part of the job. So she left and ended up in Lucky Harbor. Where she met two good friends Mallory and Amy when they got trapped together in a bad snowstorm. They bond over Chocolate. Grace has a bunch of parttime jobs to make ends meet. She is also not telling her parents that she quit the banking job. So when she gets a phone call offering to take her up on dog walking she takes it eventhough it was made to her by mistake. Grace is supposed to go to the house but at the house thier is note on the door to go in and get the dog and walk him. Grace has no dog experience but she finds the dog by his barking. lets him out of his gate and the puppie runs around the house has a couple of accidents before she puts leash on him and gets him outside. The puppy goes outside finally without the leash and into the ocean and disappears. She goes after him and dives under to look for him and finally calls the owner and tells him she lost his dog. Josh Scott when he gets the phone call about his puppy being lost he says he could kiss her. Dr. Josh Scott is working in ER when he comes home and sees Grace searching in the waves for Tank. Tank comes running to him he gets Grace in his car with heater on then after she warms up a little she leaves. Josh first thing in the house steps in the mess left earlier. He does not plan to ask her back. Next day his housekeeper refuses to walk the dog so he finds out where Grace is working today from her friend Mallory. Walks into where she is the model for an art class and he offers her double for coming back and walking the dog. The class is watching carefully and half think she should take the job. Josh asks her to it now for triple the pay. The class is urging her to take the job. Grace says she will do it for the kiss he promised her yesterday so in front of the class he kisses her good. Josh is a single father of Toby who started kindergarden this week. He has been raising his sister for 5 years when they lost thier parents. Anne also was hurt and in a wheelchair from the accident. Josh likes being a ER Doctor but he is also keeping his fathers practice going still and is overbooked. Has no time for a social life. Then with no notice his babysitter quits and does not give notice so toby is left at school with nobody picking him up. So he calls Grace and asks her to babysit Toby for an hour. Once she gets thier he tells her he really needs her for all week. So Grace ends up living in small guest house and being Toby nanny till he can find someone or she finally finds a banking job. They get close really fast and get interrupted before they can get finshed being close. Thier romance is being followed by the town via Facebook pictures that someone keeps posting online. Which is funny at times. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. Grand Central Publisher: Forever (July 31, 2012) file size 472 KB 385 pages

Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Mirror Image Bride by Barbara McMahon

4 STARS Mirror Image Bride is book 2 in Texas Twins miniseries. Her Surprise Sister by Marta Perry was book 1. I wanted to find out what happens next so bought this second ebook from amazon. I hope I get to read the whole series. Maddie Wallace is staying on the Colby Ranch after finding out she has a twin, her older brother has a twin and her mother is not the mother she knew but in the hospital in a comma. Her father is not answering his phone or emails. Her older brother that she grew up with is working deep undercover work. Her younger brother is in the milatary deployed overseas. Her world that she knew has changed so much. She was even engaged for a short while to her older brothers best friend, who is now engaged to her twin sister. Which is great because it was more friend relationship than love and she broke it off right away. Ty Garland is forman at the Colby Ranch and his life has changed in a major way. All of a sudden he is the father of a 8 year old daughter named Darcy that he did not know he had till his ex-wife was killed in a accident. He needed to find a nanny fast so he can work on the ranch now that his boss is in a comma and the son is feeling guilty over his mother's comma. So Maddie became the nanny so she could get to know her new sister and older brother and visit her mom. At least till schools starts again. Thier are still so many questions about how they were all spilt up and why they got name change at least thier mom,her twin and the older brother that she never knew about. Maddie is falling in love with the ranch life, Darcy and even her father. This was a enjoyable book in the series. Thier is not any sex scenes or swear words in the book. I look forward to reading the other books in the texas twins miniseries. I also want to read more books from Barbara McMahon in the future. Publisher: Love Inspired (July 24, 2012) 224pages

Review: Uninvited by Heather Graham

5 STARS I know on Heather's krewe books my ratings as been up and down a lot it seems. This one has been more believeable if you believe in the possibilty of ghosts. Univited as a lot of history that I enjoyed and have not thought about in years. Makes me want to go and visit historcal sites. See Valley Forge, to go on the Ghost Tours visit the historical buildings of Philadelphia. Thier were some love scenes that I skipped over. Most of the story Univited takes place in and around the Tarleton-Dandridge house. (I tried to look up and see if it was real. Could not but the names appear around that time and place.) In the Tarleton-Dandridge house is open to the public and gives tours. The tour guides dress in period costumes and weapons are real but no gunpowder. Julian Mitchell was a guide but snuck away after lunch to play with his band for chance at a paying job. He snuck back into the house during the last 2 tours. He planned to beg Alliso forgiveness after the house was closed. Allison loves the house she has lived her whole life in that neighborhood. She is also a professor at the University and writes papers about the house and time. After She is alone in the house ready to lock up she finds Julian his jaw was stabbed on his bayonett. Thier was blood all over the area. The police question her for hours and then the FBI Krewe agent was sent to find out if thier was a problem or if weird suciede. Tyler Montague used to be a Texas Ranger and now works for FBI in special unit they call Texas Krewe. They all can see ghosts sometimes. Tyler is lead on this case. Tyler takes her back to the house and has her show him around even though its late. They find that the attic where Julian had his until the tours was over ransacked. So police came back to search the room. Tyler decides after looking over all the deaths at the Tarleton-Dandridge house in the last 10 years needs to be looked at more. So he calls in the full Texas Krewe agents. Allison the next day sees the ghost of Julian and he asks her to help him. She faints. Everywhere she seems to go Julian shows up. She goes to counceling and that doesn't help. She even gets drunk. Allison does not want to be alone so she sticks close to Tyler. Tyler figures out she sees a ghost even if Allison does not believe in ghosts. Finally Tyler can see Julian and then his Krewe comes and they can all see him. The Texas Krewe and Allison stay in the historcal house to figure out who killed Julian and the others in 10 years. Who put a tourist in the hospital with a coma who's family was at the house and their boys asked a lot of questions about the ghosts. Thier is another death that happens. The Texas Krewe sets up camaras too see what is happening in the house. Their ME looks at the dead bodies to get clues. Julian ghost tells them that he did not kill himself. Allison tells a lot about the history around the house,town and new country trying to form. The History is told in ways that make it alive and got me thinking about a little different way. The story line makes sense if you just imagine that the ghosts can see, talk and appear to people. I had a good time reading this novel. I plan to read more from Heather in the future. I want to go back sometime and read her novels of the first Krewes Unit. This makes the fourth novel that I have read with the Texas Krewes but hopefully not the last one. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 8/28/2012 PUB Harlequin HarlequinMIRA

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Intuition by Carol Ericson

4 STARS This is book 3 out of 4 Guardians of Coral Cove series of books by Carol Ericson. So far this is the 1st of the books I have read. Book 1 Obsession, book 2 Eyewitness, book 3 Intuition and book 4 Deception comes out in October. I liked it. Had no idea who did the murder or where the body was hiding all this time. Kylie Grant is back home in Coral Cove for two reasons. Her first reason is to get closeure in her mother's sucide in the COLUMBELLA HOUSE. Thier has been a few deaths in that house this year. It is a old big empty Victorian mansion. Kylie is a psychic who was hired to find Bree and what happened to her three years ago. Bree had come to Coral Cove to a rock festival and disappeared from thier. Kylie has never tried to see why her mother killed herself and when she is in a trans up on the third floor in front of where her mom killed herself, Kylie feels someone push her over the railing. Kylie is holding on but she does not know how long when Matt Conner shows up in the old mansion and rescues her. Matt was in high school with Kylie. He was a bad boy who dated a lot of girls but not her. Matt's father was a drunk. He was a tough guy on a motorcycle. Kylie's mother was a psychic too but she had no filter to turn off and on at her will. Kylie was a goth and had a crush on Matt in school. Matt is now a P.I. in fact this is his first case. Bree's father hired him to work the case of his missing daughter. Matt hides the fact from Kylie that this is his first case. Someone keeps trying to stop Kylie from finding out what happened to Bree. Matt keeps rescuing Kylie. No one is trying to harm Matt though. Kylie and Matt decide to work together and find out what happened to Bree. Thier are lots of suspects in town right now because another Rock Festaval is getting ready to be put on again. I would like to read the other 3 book in the series to see what all is going on in the town of Coral Cove. I like Kylie and Matt how they are trying to not make the same mistakes thier parents made. Thier is a lot of action happening a lot of the time in this book and suspense. Thier is one love scene that takes place and lot of death and accidents that happens around Kylie. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Intrigue ISBN:9780373696406

Colton Destiny by Justine Davis

4 STARS This is book one of The Coltons of Eden Falls. I liked it but was not ready for the end of the story which I guess will be part of the other three books in the series. Somethings in the book seemed really familar to me somehow, but can't think of how or what to. Thier is not the swearing or sex scenes in the story nor is thier are a lot of the beliefs of the Amish besides thier plain ways and God's will. So anyone can read these books and feel good about it. Emma Colton gets a phone call from her brother about three girls being missing and they are Amish from thier hometown. Emma is a FBI Agent and this might be part of her case. Emma comes home to look into the case and see if she can help. Her brother is a policeman and looking for the girls in another way. Emma and her brothers and sister are adopted and after the last child was adopted her parents where killed on 9/11. Thier family ranch is right next to the amish community so she knows a little about thier ways. Emma is having some hardtimes dealing with somethings that happened to her in the last few years. In this book we learn a little about her family is the fact her Uncle is President of USA. Carpenter Caleb Troyer is a widower with three young girls and his sister was helping to take care of her nieces is one of the missing Amish girls. Caleb and others agree that is sister they could see leavimg the Amish ways but not this way of just disappearing especially not saying goodbys to her nieces. Also why would Hannah leave in secret for she is in the age where it is not frowned upon to explore the English ways before choosing to stay Amish or leave. Emma first notices the beautiful furniture in the store window than the handsome man she can't seem to take her eyes off. Then she meets his daughter and she realizes who she was stareing at. Caleb is not ready to start dating even though a lot of women are trying to get his attention now. But he finds himself wanting to know more about Emma because his daughters like her. But they both know that they come from different worlds and can't be together. I like the characters and was drawn into the story. I wanted to know so much more and can't wait to read more about the characters. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley. 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Romantic Suspense ISBN:9780373277902

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Material Witness by Vannetta Chapman

4 STARS This book is the third book in the series but the first one I have read. So to me it seems like a stand alone novel with old friends back together. Now I would love to go back and read the ones I missed. This a mix of friends some amish and others english and some cops. They all seem to be friends and respect each others ways. The characters are warm and likeable. Except the murders of course. It keeps you guess till the end on who and why. It is a clean book no sex,no swearing, some kissing, some lying and some killings. The story begings at the Fall Crafters Fair that is going on in town. Daisy's Quilt Shop is busy at this time. Three kids leave thier parents and go look over the booths and almost back to the store one of the Matt realized he had left his wallet at one of two booths. So they parked Aaron in his wheelchair near a bench and the other two ran back to look for the wallet. It was Aaron idea to wait thier because he knew they could each run faster and check a booth and get back to him before they were all late getting back. While Aaron was waiting he saw a lady in the bushes looking at the store not wanting to be seen. He also so a man come up behind her and the lady fell face down and the killer bending over and picking something up and looked right into his eyes. Aaron had Max Callie's dog with him and he started barking loudly and the guy ran off. After the crime scene people had left Callie went back to her apartment that is by the store and got a phone call wanting the money of someone else would be hurt. She was being watched and if she went to the police he would know. Callie did not know how he knew where she was and what she was doing but she was not willing to take the risk. Especially when he mentioned Aaron and his wheelchair and killing Max. So she texted Shane the police detective who was in charge of the case that she would be late for thier breakfast and the new time and place. Callie was able to tell him about the phone call and trashing her place. They came up with a plan that would give them time. keep Callie safe and her friend's son Aaron safe. So while everyone met to work together to figure out what money was missing and how someone would think that she now had it and why they think it was Callie that was supposed to be hurt instead of killing a 80 year old lady who was dressed like her. So her friends and families all stayed at another amish house to keep them safe. The three teens also had thier own ideas and plans after they were almost killed by being run over. They wanted to stop the killer so they tried to lie to their parents. This was a good detective romance story. I did not put it down till I had finshed reading it. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews by Netgalley. 09/01/2012 PUB Zondervan 320 pages ISBN 9780310330455

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Doctor Defender by Terri Reed

4 STARS It is a Protection Specialists series. I enjoyed it, but would have liked a little more information about the bad guys. Thier is nothing that should offend anyone in this book. Dr. Brenda Storm was trying to find a way to say no to a date with a fellow doctor when she got a delivery of Cupcakes in a fancy box. She did not want the calories so she offered the guard who brought up the delivery and the other doctor the cupcakes. Next the guard comes back to the doctors saying help and before long was dead. The cupcakes were poisoned. The hospital hires someone to be her bodyguard Kyle Martin. Kyle Martin takes her home to pack and her condo is trashed. He takes her to her parents house which they have a gated community and a security system in place. Brenda finds out while she is thier that her father has cancer. Her father was keeping it secret from her. Thier is another attempt on her life at the hospital and so they leave so other innocents won't be hurt. She does not take her phone but somehow she is easily followed around whereever they are. Kyle has good instincts but is having a hard time finding places that the bad guys don't find. Kyle belives in God answering prayers. He learned about God from someone else in the milatary with him and tells Dr. Brenda Strom a little when he offers to pray for her father to get better. Brenda has a hardtime believing in something she can't see. As Brenda life keeps getting in danger and Kyle keeps saving her they get closer and closer. They do have one kiss. Kyle knows that it is easy for someone to get close with thier bodyguard and warns himself why it would never work. The bad guy has a lot in his favor but Kyle is tough and keeps Brenda safe. Doctor Defender is action packed novel that I was given to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley, 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Harlequin Love Inspired

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The MacLosers by Paul Moxham

4 STARS This is a hard luck family. Everything goes wrong for them so badly its funny. You want things to go right for them at sometime. Roger Diobair is the father after being unemployed as a hard time getting a job because of what happened at last one. Roger inheirits a Scottish Castle and a village so he thinks things are looking up. But when he makes it there hopeing to flip it finds it needs lots of help. Someone wants his property so he is working to make him give up his inheitence. Also two crooks are hiding in the village. Its a short entertaining novel. I like it and will read more of Paul Moxham works based on this short story. I was given this ebook from Librarything and asked to give honest review in exchange.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: The Sixth Wife by Laura Lond

4 STARS This is a short story that keeps your attention. From the title I was thinking the book would be a lot different than it was. It kept my attention, really easy to follow the story. I listened to it on my kindle. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review from Librarything. Adelia at the start is packing and getting ready to leave her husband. She has not told him yet. Starts by telling how she fell in love with the Elf. Also mentioned his other 5 wives and what happened to them. I enjoyed it and wish it were a little longer. I would buy other books by Laura Lond in the future. 21 pages.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Priscilla the Great Vampire slayer by Sybil Nelson

4 STARS This Priscilla the great Vampire Slayer is funnier then the rest of the series so far. It also includes Priscilla the Great and the haunted dollar bill in it. also this is two short stories. But they are entertaining to read. Priscilla is a superhero but she is also a teenager who has problems growing up issues a little different than average teen though. Her big problem in Vampire Slayer she needs to get rid of really really gross arm pit hair. So she hires herself out to a teen who saw a Vampire in the hoods by thier town. The Haunted Dollar Bill Priscilla makes a bad decision and the guilt works plus the dollar bills are all have the same writing on them. Quick entertaining stories. If you like the other Priscilla books read this one is more sillier than other novels. I bought this from Amazon. Little Prince Publishing (August 9, 2012) 44 pages

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Librarian (book two:Unhappily Ever After by Eric Hobbs

5 STARS I enjoyed the first book so much when I was let known that the second book was out and recieved it. I read it right then and did not put the book down till I was through. The first book ended and the second takes up right away. In the Lost Boy they had made some changes to The Wizard of Oz that changed the story so the The wicked witch won and took over Oz. That was not the worst of it. When Taylor and Wesley made it back into thier real world it had changed to. Instead of Taylor being straight A's she is in detention and her dad has changed with her. Wes's mother does not want him to be her friend because she is such a trouble maker. Wes is afraid because of the changes to the story were so critical it changed things in the real world. They think maybe the Librarian will know how to help them, but when they breakout of school they find he went back to try and correct what they had done. But he has not made it back and no longer as the amulet that will let him stay longer that Wes has it. So they decide it is thier fault they need to make it right. So they got back into the world of Oz to stop the wicked witch. Also Hope who works with the Librarian goes back with them. Another book that is real and having changes made to it is Peter Pan. Someone wants to help Captain Hook defeat Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. They also talk about the difference from the wizard of Oz the movie and the things that are different from the book. I have to say I never picked up that book to read and I usually like books better than movies. The Librarian brings books to life and as we step into the books and discover a new world this is a good entertaining book. Most of the characters are old favorite ones and some new ones that will be favorite hopefully a long time. I was given this ebook by the author Eric Hobbs and asked to review it when I finshed with honest review. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Personally I don't like to wait for next books I want to know now what is going to happen. 08/05/2012 PUB 237 pages File Size: 287 KB

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Navy Seal Rescuer by Shirlee McCoy

4 STARS Catherine Miller spent four years in prison for murders she did not commit. Now she was home in her family home with the grandma who raised her. She only wants to be left alone. Her house keeps getting vandalized and now someone tried to kill her. She tried to run to the house that was down the road and she fought her attacker enough that he had to stop choking her to get her hands off him and was able to scream loud. Darius Osborne was outside his house on the first day of his vacation when he heard a scream. He grabbed his hammer and found Catherine. She told him what her attacker was wearing and height. After he took her into his house,called 911 and got his gun out and loaded he went to search for her attacker. Darius was a Navy Seal and now a security contracter he was a good person to have on your side. He was able to follow the trail. Catherine's Grandmother Eileen was getting cancer treatment when Catherine was attacked. She did not want to wait for the police to take her statement and worry about her. When her car would not start he took her to the hospital. The policeman made comment about having a bodyguard for a neighbor was paying off now. Eileen tells Darius to go ahead and put in security system. After another attempt on her life Darius is determined to protect her and find out who was trying to kill her. Lots of drama, some tears, romance,car chases before its all over and done with. It keeps your attention and keeps you guessing who wants Catherine dead and why. I had no clue. Its amazing that Catherine is not filled more anger at being away from her grandmother and being in prison for four years. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense

Review:Where Azaleas Bloom by Sherryl Woods

5 STARS This was a moving story in so many ways. This is the third book of this series that I have read. I look forward to reading more about thier town in the A Sweet Magnolia Novel. Most of the characters I have seen in the other books and Its like coming back to visit old friends. Lynn is going through a divorce at the start of the book. She only has less than 25$ in her checking book. She has not got support for the last two months. Just found out her exhusband has not paid the morgage on house for two months. Lynn has one part time job and looking for another to help and than a third job. Mitch is working to remodel lynn's boss house which is also right next to Lynns house. Lynn broke his heart when she would not go out with him when he was 13 years old. Mitch's wife was killed a year ago by a drunk driver. He coped by drinking to much and when he realized stopped drinking. Mitch has two grown sons in collage. Lyn has two kids at home the oldest a teenager. Thier is a lot in the book about the three Old Sweet Magnolias and thats really touching. Lynn divorce is getting really nasty. Her daughter does not want to even go over to her grandmas house until she tells her she is sorry. Everyone seems to take sides in the divorce. Lynn tells her friends that if everyone stops buying insurance from her husband it will hurt her kids even more. I like the book club questions at the end of the book. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 08/28/2012 PUB Harlequin Mira

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Charity House Courtship by Renee Ryan

4 STARS Laney O'Connor was at the Hotel Dupree Hoping to get money she needed for her ophanage from Judge Greene. 500$ that the banker has called in on her loan to be repaid six months early. Judge Greene used to be one of Laney's mothers boyfriend. He also tells her to take care of his boy. Never tell anyone why and who she got this money from. Laney was dressed in a dress the one of the working girls she knows lended her so no one would wonder what she was doing talking to the judge. Marc Dupree has taken over the running of his hotel and he no longer lets and dishonorable behavior occur in his hotel. He witnessed Laney and the Judge talking and the transfer of envelope that he gave her. Then the Judge got in the elevator and Marc knew Laney would follow him in a few minutes. Instead 20 minutes later Laney was leaving the hotel and Marc intercepted her with a bouncer Hank took her to his office and looked in her purse saw 500$ she got from the Judge and asked her why she was in the hotel. Laney was going to tell then she realized she could not. Marc had money and purse put into his safe. Said he would give the money back to the Judge. Laney tried to get him to let her go with her money. Then Marc left her locked in his office and went to the room Laney said he was in. Laney opened safe, changed into marc's extra clothes, left him note climbed up onto his desk and out the window and straight into Marc arms. Laney ended up hurting him and got away with the money. Next day at the bank she went to pay the banker and he said yes the loan was here but not the interest and she owed him 50.00 by the end of the month. Banker admitted he wanted Laney to fail then they would leave town. Laney's mother was a prostitute and died of drug use. She saw the need for the children to be taken care of outside of the madames houses. So she bought a big house and started Charity House and trying to raise the kids up with christian morals and give them the love and care they need. Now it could be ending. Marc saw her at the bank and offered her a job that was way over what normal person got paid. He thought she was getting a loan for her own house of ill. Also threatened her with his good friend the marshall. Marc tried to give working girls a chance of better life working in his hotel as maids,cooks, waitresses instead of selling thier bodies. He gave his wife the chance and she took all his money and faith. Laney was glad at the chance to earn the money she needed. It was hard for them to trust each other. Laney was still working days taking care of the children and then working at night at hotel. I can see how Laney was desperate to help the children but I don't understand how she doesn't want charity for the charity house. I liked Laney also the children I would have liked to see more of them in the story. Thier is no sex scenes or swearing in the book. I had never heard about baby farms before but you do want to help the children. I was given this book to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley. 8/7/2012 PUB Harlequin Love Inspired Historical Series

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber

5 STARS Thier were a couple of chapters in this book that I cried all the way through. I know its just a book but boy was I moved to tears. The only warning I have for this book is keep the tissues close by. This is a new series set in a familar world of Cedar Cove. The stories will be about owmer of a bed and breakfast called Rose Harbor Inn,its owner Jo Marie Rose and her guests. Jo Marie Rose's husband Paul Rose died 8 months ago in Afghanistan Mountain in a helicopter crash. He had a big life insurance policy that she used to buy the bed and breakfast with. She feels like her husband is guiding her and those around her. Joshua Weaver is her first guest at the bed & breakfast. He has not been home since his stepbrother Dylan had died. His stepfather hated him and kicked him out a few weeks before he would graduate. His stepfather's neighbor Michelle Nelson was in the same grade as Dylan and had a big crush on Dylan. Michelle called and told him that Richard Lambert was dying and he needed to come home before he dies. Joshua hates his stepfather back but he is between construction jobs so he comes he wants somethings that his mother had and his letter jacket, & senior yearbook that he paid for. When he got to Richard's house and told his stepfather he said he did not have the stuff and to get out. Joshua thought he had got over the anger that Richard always brought up. But he learned that Richard still bushed his buttons. Richard wants to did in his own house. He just wants to be left alone. He is all alone and bitter, Michelle is the only one who gets along with him still. The second guest at the Inn is Abby Kincaid she has not been back since she was in a accident the summer she graduated which she was driving and her best friend Angela was killed. She got out of the hospital in a wheel chair to go to the funeral and was kicked out. Everytime she tried to say she was sorry they yelled. People all wondered about the accident. When she was healed she moved away and soon after her parents moved too. Abby has not gotton together much with anyone after that. Including the guy she was just starting to date at the time. A good friend of her brothers. Abby had made the wrong date so she was in town a day early but she did not let anyone know and she chose to stay at a different place than the rest of her family. when she walks down to drug store for toothpaste the person maning the desk was an old friend that welcomed her and wanted to gather a group of friends and have lunch before she was to fly out. Abby was surprised by the warm greating. She went to the cemetary for the first time to visit Angela's grave. She ended up in a conversation with her ghost or was it just her mind. Was told off than told to go to her parents and make peace for her sake not Angela's parents. This book has lots of dealing with death and getting past it. They each have different situations and concerns. Lots of emotions involved in these characters. You want to have everything workout for them and you can see how they are all beginning to heal in thier way. I will read more in the future from Debbie Macomber books. I just hope I don't shed as many tears in her next book. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 08/14/2012 Pub Random House Publishing Group

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Rancher's Secret Wife (Cooper Creek, book 3) by Brenda Minton

4 STARS This story just makes me happy. They both are going through tough times right now. But thier best to work out the best solution for the future. This is a very clean book no swear words or sex scenes it doesn't need. Reese Cooper bumped into a women in Las Vegas who then fell apart on him. Cheyenne Jones was working two jobs a waitress and showgirl. Her husband did not really marry her. He wastes most of her paychecks on gambling. He demanded she get abortion and drove her to the clinic. Reese likes to help when he can. He told her that he would marry her and she could be on his insurance. He was leaving on a tour of duty in the middle east. Reese said that he would put her as benafactor if something happened over there he could be at least helping someone. So they got married and Reeses paid for beauty school and he went over to war. Cheyenne got visitors telling her that her husband was injured. Cheyenne want to go check on Reese and make sure he was okay. Plus she did not know what to do she had no where to go and a paycheck is all she has. Cheyenne goes to the Cooper Ranch and Reese never told anyone about thier marriage. Cheyenne got to see him and he was not welcoming her so she left. She went to gas station. got lunch and was going to eat at park but saw a barber shop for sale. It was her dream to open a hair salon so she sat on the bench dreaming until Reese's grandmother sat by her and asked what she was doing here. She told her about her dream someday. Reeses Grandmother had the keys in her purse, because it was her Uncle's barber shop. She told Cheyenne that tomorrow she would get the power and water turned on and she could open it back up. Cheyenne told her that she could not afford it right now. So Cheyenne was talked into going home with her and stay a few days and see what she can do. Reeses felt guilty and he heard how she was still in town. Reeses wants to still help her at least till the baby is born. Then he wanted to be more to her but how can he when he can't see. Reese's family wants to know what she is to him but neither will tell thier plans. His family sees the difference she is making to him and they are welcoming. Cheyenne has bad pains and she drives herself to emergency room and the doctor is working and reading the chart and sees that she is a Cooper. The doctor asks her who her husband was and said let me introduce myself. Dr. Cooper. Now Reese's brother know that they are married. So he tells his parents the truth. It is fun to see them fall in love and heal each other. How welcoming Reese's family is. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB HARLEQUIN Harlequin Love Inspired

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Return to Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs

4 STARS Sonnet Romano came back to her small town Willow Lake for a wedding of her step sister. She saw her best friend Zach Alger since kindergarden and was surprised at how much he had changed. They had drunk champaign and ended up hooking up that night. Zach had the video camera on and it got filmed he threw the memory chip in the lake. As they were leaving that next morning at the lake they were caught by one of her mom's old boyfriend who was also supporting the guy running for Senator opposite against her father the General. While she was in collage she was starting to have a relationship with her father General Laurence Jeffries he was at West Point when he got her mom pregnant as a teenager. He did not find out about Sonnet till after he graduated and he always sent support but was never really thier for her. Now he was running for Senator, introduced her to her new boyfriend that is running his campaign. Sonnet has just won a fellowship and probably get a 2 year overseas assignment. Everything is going great for her. Then she finds out her mom is pregnant and has cancer. Sonnet refuses the fellowship and returns home to help her mom. Zach is excited his big break in his career has come up working on a realaty show he can't wait to hear were he will be going. Finally he can leave town and see different places. He is also videoing Sonnet's mom pregnacy and her talking in case she does not survive her cancer and won't be thier for her sons life. Zach finds out the place he gets to go work on the realty show is Willow Lake and Sonnet is working on it too. Zach tried to reach her after that night but Sonnet was not wanting anything more to do with him. They have always been each others support. The person they called to share the good news with. This was cute and sappy. Emotional surprises. Somethings you could predict and others I had no idea about. Though it is hard to belive that a guy working with video cameras made the mistakes he made with it. I liked the kids at the summer camp. Jezebel was a character I would love to see her get her own story one day. I will read more books by Susan Wiggs in the future. I want to read more in her Willow Lake series. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 08/28/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinMIRA

Montana Dreams by Jillian Hart

4 STARS Boy was I surprised by the ending how soon it came. Thier is over 60 pages left on my ebook. A whole other story for me to read. Nice surprise for me though. Millie Wilson and her nine year old son Simon have come back home to take care of her dying dad. She has not been back since he kicked her out when she was pregnant. Time has been tough for Millie since she lost her job nine months ago. When she is at the store getting groceries the first day she runs into Hunter. Her old boyfriend and Simon's father. She is afraid it will take one look and he will know that she had his baby 9 years ago. Hunter is surprised to see her back in town. It hurts him to realize that she had a child by another man. He broke up with her and then she left town he thought for a different guy who would give her love and marriage. Which he told her the night before she left. Hunter's father was not a good man and he saw his parents always fighting. He was never going to get married he was sure that love did not last. Hunter also good see how much of a bind she was in trying to take care of her father and son. Plus the hands all left because thier paychecks bounced again. The cows all still had to be milked twice a day. Milton was too old now to do it by himself and called Hunter to see if he could help. Milton was in charge of the dairy and he had taught Hunter how to take care of a dairy. So he would help and not run into Millie. Of course the first thing he did was run into her helping to milk the cows. Millie was falling for Hunter again and was worried about that. Millie's father was a mean man. He had turned everyone away with his bad attitude. He believed you live and then you die thats all. Both Hunter and Millie during the time they were apart had turned to God and put him into thier lives. I really liked the story. Liked how Hunter talked tough and wanting to protect his heart but he still reached out and tried to help Millie in anyway that he could. Hunter for how close he was to his brother and sisters. Millie wanted to be independant but did accept help when she needed to but also was willing to help back. Key Witness by Terri Reed Is the bonus short story at the end of the book. It is short. Miss Kristin Conrad saw a man over the body of her neighbor. Kristin made it out of apartment building. Detective Andy Howell is working the case. He noticed her right off and knew it was not a good time. After Kristin ided the murder snd he was found still someone broke into her apartment and searched it. Kristin and Andy did not want to taking a risk in romance change their minds. Both books were good and had nothing in them was objectional. 08/25/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Love Inspired