Monday, December 31, 2012

Divine Fury: An Enzo Lee Mystery Thriller by Robert B. Lowe

Wow! This book was a ride up and down. I was given this ebook by the author and asked to review it when I was done. The story made me think a lot. My personal thoughts are closer to the bad guys in the book. I am conservative. Thinking gays,sex without marriage is a sin,murder,stealing,hate are also sins. I decided that my review of the book might be influneced by my beliefs.
This is the second Enzo Lee Mystery that I have read. I have enjoyed both books.
The plot tells the story in a few persons and all tie really well in the end. At the start I was wondering.
Enzo Lee is a newspaper reporter that only wants to work on fluffy stories anymore. He has made a nice place for himself in San Fransico paper. Is boss wants him to help out by covering Scott Truman's murder. He ends up doing it. He is later asked to cover some politics of Andrew Harper a Gay man that has a good chance to win the Goverenship of California.
Thier is some people who want to stop a gay man as Govenor. One church is issueing lots of hate and bringing up abortion. Thier are some really hate filled web sites thier.
Terminator is hired to cause Andrew Harper failer in politics. He has hired a computer expert to write a virus that will spy on Harper's campagn. Then make what plans he have go wrong any he can. While the computer hacker is in a building late to plant the virus he runs into Scott in the building. Scott is killed and the body moved to a different site.
Terminator gets big boat out in the bay to disrupt Andrew Harper's press conference that ends up with reporters in the water after the bigger boat gets close to the littler boat.
A returning soldier in Montanna was sent home out of the army after his buddy was killed next to him and he had a brain injury. He has been buying lots of guns. taking lots of pills and is filled with hate.
Thier is so much hate against everyone who does not believe like they do. Made me think okay I believe this but this is wrong way to go about it. Just kept in the back of my mind okay this is bad oh I like that point. I did get lost in the story.
It has lots of action,politics,bombs but also lots of characters and thier relationship to each other made you root for them.
I will look forward to more Enzo Lee Mystery Thrillers to come. I like Robert B. Lowe's
writing style.
Publisher: Enzo Publications (November 29, 2012) ISBN-10: 0988644819 288 pages

Alpha One by Cynthia Eden


Alpha One starts off with action and does not let up. It is full of drama and little romance too. Everybody has secrets they are hiding from each other.
Juliana James has been kidnapped while she was on vacation in Mexico. She been held in a dark room. Thier is another prisoner that was thier before her John. John was the only she had to talk to in the dark. John kept being taken away and tortured for information.
Juliana's father is a U.S. Senator and thats why she was taken. She does not know any of his deals and thinks he won't pay to get her safely back.
Logan Quinn's black ops team is sent to rescue her. Her father told them he had evidence to trade for her life. But it is personal to Logan he fell in love with her years ago and was determined to keep her safe. When they break into rescue Juliana she does not want to leave without the other prisoner John. Logan's team is wearing masks so Juliana has no idea that it is Logan rescueing her.
Logan goes back into the house but thier is no other hostage thier. When they get Juliana back to her father he is dead. He committed sucide but his note said that Juliana had the evidence to put Guerrero the arms dealer out of business.
At the Senator's funeral Logan takes Juliana in his truck instead of the Limo but before they can leave the cemetary the Limo is blown up killing the driver. Juliana is not safe yet.
I would like to read more about Logan's Shadow Agents in the future. The team of agents seem close and I would like to find out more about them.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
01/02/2013 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Intrigue Series 224 pages ISBN-10: 0373696655

Denali dreams by Ronie Kendig and Kimberley Woodhouse

Denali Dreams is a fun adventure novel with 4 stories that go together but are seperate. It is a Christian romance so it can be read by whole family without worry of sex or swearing in it.

Mountain Wishes by Kimberley Woodhouse

Karon Granger is a cancer survivor who plans to climb the mountain. She is a small women who trains for a year for it. She teaches kindergarden. Her brother Clint thinks she is crazy but insists on going with her. They have a fun relationship.
Ranger Zack Taylor is attracted to Karon but thinks Clint is her husband. Karon lets him know he is not. Zack can't get her out of his mind and follows her by radio to make sure her group is doing okay even after she turns down a date with him. Everyone can tell he is into her.
Karon is determined,brave and cares about others. I really liked her. Her courage and resourceful are put to the test.

Daring Heights by Ronie Kendig

Jolie Decouteau has just inheirited her father's company and is his replacement. His death might not be so innocent. Jolie is talked into going climbing with long time friends of her father's. Her life might be in danger so trusted friend convinced her to go.
When a couple of things go wrong and she is sick but does not act like mountain sickness. She decides to head down by herself in the night. She has problems focusing on what to do.
Ranger David Whiteeagle is sent up to rescue her. David is worried about her. He also thinks thier is someone following them to stop Jolie from getting down the mountain.
Adventure and mystery, romance in one story.

Taking Flight by Ronie Kendig
Deline Tsosie is a beautiful busy woman who does not date much. She is helping to run her father cafe business while he is in the hospital after a stroke and work at her business as a flightseeing tour guide. Taking care of her father too. Deline is hoping to merge her business with a friend.
Logan Knox is a ranger and keeps hiring her to take him for a tour of the mountains. While he hides his feeling that he is scared of hights. But he feels that is one way to be with her.
All of a sudden Deline's has a bunch of accidents. She soon realized that they are not accidents after all.

Denali Giardians by Kimberley Woodhouse
Josh Richards is new to the rangers and loves his job. He also likes Deanna.
Deanna Smith keeps to herself and does not talk about her past. Then she gets a email from her stalker saying he found her. Deanna calls her FBI contact and he gets thier to find Josh watching the house. Josh and his fellow rangers agree to help protect Deanna when they realize what is going on. Then they start to be picked off in seemingly accidents that are not.
The four stories kept my interest up the whole way and make me want to go see Alaska's Denali but not too climb it.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
01/31/2013 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Widow's Guilty Secret by Marie Ferrarella

A Widow's Guilty Secret(Vengeance In Texas)
I don't know if this is first book in the series. But I think it is.
In the Prologue Professor Melinda Grayson is kidnapped. Then we hear in a few sentences later in the book mentioned about her is all.
Then this story is about a Suzy Burris brand new mother of two months waiting for her husband Peter the Sheriff to come home because she wants a divorce. Suzy thinks her cheating on her, keeping secrets, hardly talking or sharing anything with her.
In the quiet town of Vengeance three dead bodies each buried in thier own grave have been murdered. One body is the Sheriff, another a Senator & a third man. each have a card with liar on it in thier pockets.
Nick Jeffries has moved to this small town after working in Houston. He gets to tell the Sheriff's wife that she is now a widow. He interviews her at her house.
I felt like I was missing a lot and maybe I missed a book I know that the next book in the series is written by a different author.
I just have a tough time with Suzy. She just gets told her husband is murdered and the next day is feeding the detective two meals. Some other things happen that I don;t want to give away the book but she sleeps with Nick. It just was hard for me to believe that they were acting like that at that time.
Nick sleeping with a murdered Sheriff's wife just days later. Just could not buy the story. I know when I was told my husband was dead it was a stressful time.
I usually really like Marie's books and will continue to read her work. Maybe with the next book in the series it will all tie in better.
Thier are some love scenes,funny scenes and was cop's gag scene.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
Publisher: Harlequin (December 18, 2012) 288 pages ISBN-10: 0373278063

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deadly Image by Tamelia Tumlin

Deadly Image is a well told story. I figured out part of the answer to the mystery early in the story. Still was enjoyable to see how it all turned out.
Lexi Yates has had her 3 yr. old daughter taken. The cops all believe that Lexi must have done something to her daughter. Lexi is a widow her husband a preacher was killed in a car wreck. Lexi has panic attacks and is on medicines for them.
The Sheriff is only looking at her. The daycare said that Lexi picked up her daughter earlier in the day.
Lexi took the day off to finsh her daughters room so she has no one that can vouch for her whereabouts.
FBI agent Ace Valdez is open to look at everything. He asks Lexi lots of questions trying to trip her up and so far she is sticking to the truth. Ace wants Lexi to be innocent. More and More it looks like Lexi is lying about picking up her daughter.
Lexi has only moved to this small town months ago. Her parents have come to help find Anna and help Lexi. They almost lost Lexi when her husband died.
The only thing about the story is falling for someone while your 3 year old has disappeared.
I won this ebook from Librarything and asked to give an honest review after I had read it.
Publisher: Steel Magnolia Press (July 6, 2012) 113 pages ASIN: B008IJ5FPA

The Forever Contract by Avery Sawyer

The Forever Contract(A Dystopian YA Novella)
The story is good but short. I wanted to read more, find out what happens next.
The world is in a drought for years. No one has grass, it is illegal to have your own garden. Thier are food shortages, water shortages. You can buy gel packs that work in your body instead of water.
A system was developed where you sign a contract snd your body goes in a warehouse,hooked up to feeding tubes and you get uploaded to a virtual world. You can have anything you want thier. You can be whatever you want. never in pain,thirsty or hungrey.
You have to be 17 to sign most did on thier birthdays. Casey will be turning 17 soon.
She wants to go in. but her boyfriend James does not trust the system. Her brother joined and tells her its great.
James is working with others to get the truth out about the system but Casey thinks it is fine. James takes her to the warehouse to see her brothers body.
I like James and Casey and want to see more of them and find out more about life is like for them. It is really short only 56 pages. It does a good job telling the story.
It is a clean book.
Thier is lots of drama and action as they get caught breaking in to see the bodies.
I was given this ebook to read from Librarything and asked to give a honest review of it.
Publisher: Planet Explorers Publishing (July 30, 2012) ASIN: B008R9DDZ0

Mystery of the Missing Money By Paul Moxham


Mystery of the Missing Money (the Mystery series) is a short story. It takes place a week after their first adventure in The Mystery of Smugglers Cove. This is a really short story that stands alone but the characters are really introduced and fleshed out in the first book.
The story takes place in the 1950's where the children play outside and explore thier world. Thier is a empty Castle and the four kids explore.
Will tells the story to the three other kids about the bank robbers that were caught in town on his 9th birthday and the money was never found.
While the children go back in the castle to look for a braclet one of the girls lost. They find the two escaped prisoners who came back to retrieve thier stolen money.
I liked the story and would like to read more longer stories in the series.
This one was really short one that I got free on Smashwords.
I will read more books by Paul Moxham in the future. This was an adventure with lots of action for a short story.
Published: May 14, 2012 ISBN: 9781476323237

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Reunion to Die For: A Joshua Thornton Mystery by Lauren Carr


I admit I have enjoyed lauren's murder mysteries. They are complicated,lots of murder suspects that keep you guessing on who did what murders and why. I usually am able to figure out part but not all the answers. The characters are a mixed bag. Some you love,some you love to hate and hope they are the guilty party.
This is the second Joshua Thornton mystery book. I do like the newer one better but this one kept me reading to find out all the answers.
Joshua is the new proscuter for the county. He is a widower with 5 kids and one dog. He has moved his family back to his hometown. His cousin Tad is a dr. and medical examiner. They are good friends and work close together on some cases.
Joshua has a lot of ladies chasing him some from high school, some are even lawyers.
He does not understand it.
A cheerleader is shot to death after practice. His son chases down the killer but he doesn't catch him.
A new detective is hired and put in charge of the other detectives. Joshua is not impressed with him at all. He even checks him out. Sean jumps to conclusions without asking all the questions than trys to make his case fit.
He tries to arrest Joshua for murder of an old friend who he slept with once back in high school. Gail has been stocking him and he did not even know it.
Joshua opens a old case that had another high school cheerleader he was friends back in the day with. It was ruled a sucide even when the evidence proves it was not. Beside the fact thier was no gun left at the scene.
The story takes twists and turns all over the place till everything is revealed. I like Joshua and hope to read more books with him as the main character in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Lauren.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 26, 2011) 334 pages
ISBN-10: 146106242X

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald

I was thinking that the story would go one away and it went in a total different direction that I thought it would. I was drawn into the lives of the characters. I like how most of them grew and changed. I wanted to see what would happen next in thier lives.
Coco Beardmore is a beautiful rich klutzy woman. Things are always happening around her. She needs a different horse trainer the one she has wants her horses out of his barn.
Mike West is a trainer with his family. He sees the beautiful Coco and agrees to train her horses without asking his father. Both Mike and Shane like Coco's looks.
Margie Oconner works for her father in his barn. She has a crush on Mike West. Margie is a plain women and shy. She does not have a lot of skills of how to attract a man. She also needs to learn to read.
Doug O'Conner is a horse trainer. He is a hard man but will stand up for his daughter. Thier place is not well maintained.
Eric West is Mike's father and boss. He is not too happy to have Coco around with her trouble horses. I really ended up liking him a lot.
Coco's troubled horses are funny one sits down at race time. Another flips over backward.
I really enjoyed reading this book and would love to read more books by Cindy. She keeps your interest in her characters and wants to see what happens next in thier lives.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Acorn Book Services (May 30, 2012) pages 202 ASIN: B0087SUA2K

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Gnarly Christmas by Lauren Carr

My major complaint against A Gnarly Christmas is its way to short. I want more of Gnarly but another 4 of him might be too much of a good thing.
Gnarly trips Mac and steals his turkey. Mack is after him he is going to get his turkey back. (I am on Archie side I would not want to eat it after a dog had it in his mouth.
Gnarly is a hero and hints of things he might have been trained for in the past. Gnarly takes on thieves.
It is funny, cute and reminds me of home alone movies but more deadly.
It also contains another short story called called Lucky Dog. I had read this one awhile back. It was good but short too. Gnarly does not like someone and fights back when he is almost hit with a tennis racket. Tennis Pro wife was found dead after he married her.
Also in the book a little about Lauren's next book that is coming out in Jan.,2013 Hope it is 1/01/2013.
I got this ebook free on amazon. If you have not tried Lauren's mysteries pick one up today.
Publisher: Acorn Book Services (November 23, 2012)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time Bomb Ticking by Hyrum Laney

I was surprised by the subject of this novel. I was told about it today and went and bought it. I could not put the book down till I had finshed it. I was surprised thier was some foul language in it. Especially the one character early in the book. I shed tears at times.
I have to admit that the writer is my brother-in-law. Who is a farmer in Oregon. Was not expecting a book about Submarines on a mission to spy on China. I am impressed and wonder at all the research that had to go into this book.
The USS Charlotte with the mini sub on it that is able to deliver a 16 men Seal Team to where they need to go. Thier orders are to sneak into the Bo Hai Bay to see what the Chinese are doing. They are not supposed to be caught in thier and if they are then they need to destroy thier own sub.
The mini sub in new and everyone is excited to see how it works. It will make it easier in the future for Seals team to get where they need to go.
As part of their cover thier are two other US Navy ships doing war games with China.
The USS Charlotte makes it into the bay and hiding on the bottom of it. While the mini sub drops off the seals by a old ship that has not shown any sign of being in use for the last 6 weeks. They are on radio silence so the seal team hooks up a phone on the old junker to talk to the Charlotte. Two seals will be stationed on the junker while the other seals try and figure what the Chinese are doing in secret in the bay.
They notice right away that the old junker is leaking and is being pumped out regularly so thier intell is off.
Of course things don't go right with the mission. Thier is high drama, lots of action before the book is finshed. Some of the out comes is not how I wanted it to be.
The scary thing is China does have a lot of power over us with them owing so much of our debt.
I was impressed with Hyrum first novel and look forward to seeing what he does next.
Publication Date:December 19, 2012 PUB Hyrum Laney File Size: 414 KB ASIN: B00AR34OQQ

Friday, December 21, 2012

Yea Different Witch is here

A Different Witch (A Modern Witch Series: Book 5) by Debora Geary
5 stars
I wait for this book and check a few times this month and its finally out. Now I have read it and the wait for the next book begins.
I love the characters in the A Modern Witch series. It is such a joy to read and visit with old friends. If you have not tried a Modern Witch pick up book one of the series.
Each book builds on the previous book. A Different Witch could be read alone but would be a much better book if you start at book 1 and read them in order.
For those that have enjoyed Debora's work this is a little different but the same.
A few semi new characters are here to learn from Witch Central and Witch Central to learn from them. Old familar characters are back and have grown and changed in a year. Especially Kenna first year it will be her birthday soon & Aervyn enjoying not being the youngest one around anymore.
Beth lives in Chicago and leads her coven's circle. They were doing pretty well she thought till one day almost 2 years ago Jamie & Lauren came to thier circle and showed what real power was. Then they left not knowing the damage they had left behind.
Beth was thinking of going to California and learning more about magic Jamie had shown them. When a fetching and transporting spell got tangled together and took to Witch's lounge. Beth is on overload when Lauren takes her back home.
Beth has a different mind a form of Autism. She can function it just takes more strength to do everything and does it her way. Step by Step.
Everyone gets to learn and love Beth in thier own way and time too. This novel has made me see a little how a friends child might see. It is okay to be different and we all are different and the same too.
The love and trying to understand each character comes across so well that I just want to go and visit them in thier world. The sense of community along with the wonders of make believe world of magic in everyday life jells so well together that I can't wait to visit and learn what all are new friends are doing in thier life next.
It would be fun to travel by computer, a lot faster and cheaper than planes.
Come join in the fun and read all about my friends in A Modern Witch series.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it.
Publisher: Fireweed Publishing (December 20, 2012)ASIN: B00AR6ZB60 File Size: 473 KB

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Aftershock by Jill Sorenson


It's full of drama,action and scary. The reason its scary is it could happen anywhere anytime. Thier is also romance,heroes and bad guys. Lots of love scenes too.
When I had read the back of the book I wondered how thier could be so much when they were stuck under the freeway after a earthquake. But thier is a big area that is blocked by the 8.5 earthquake interchange in CA.
Lauren Boyer is a emergency paramedic and her partner are on the freeway when the earthquake began parts of the freeway fell. Then a big aftershock came more freeway rose and crashed and her partner was killed.
Thier was alot of death,mangled cars,fires. Lauren hears a voice asking in anyone is alive. Garrett Wright is former Irag veteran. He helps Lauren grab first aid supplies and they look for other survivors.
One of the first they find is Penny a pregnant teenager trapped in the car. Her Aunt did not make it. Penny's baby is due in two weeks.
They find a RV with grandfather Donald Creswell and his grandaughter Cadence. He has some food and water.
Thier is a guy who is in a coma, a women who is badly hurt. They find other supplies in some cars. They find two guys in the back of a pickup drinking beer along with a 3 guy who is hurt.
They stack the dead bodies in a corner covering with a tarp. That night Lauren is asleep when someone attacks her and tries to rape her. Lauren makes enough sound that Garret hears her and is beating the guy up and another guy has a gun and threatens to shoot Lauren if Garret does not let him up.
Garrett feels guilty that Lauren got hurt. He feels he should have told her that they were prisoners that escaped prison van.
That makes two groups and the prisoners have a gun and are not afraid to use it. They can't get out and all the different cell phones they found don't have service.
Thier is a lot tension and short supplies are a big worry. I did not want to put down the book till I was finshed.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from Netgalley.
12/18/2012 PUB Harlequin HQN 384 pages ISBN-10: 0373777329

Against the Odds by Kat Martin

Against the odds keeps you guessing right to the end who is trying to kill Alex and Sabrina. The action and drama are nonstop. Thier a few love scenes that I skipped over.
Sabrina Eckhart hired Alex Justice former Navy pilot now P.I. to fly her out to the property she inheirited and help her find the mine her Uncle found.
On thier way out to the deseret to find the property the helicoptor they rented started to have problems. Alex used all his skills to get them down without killing themselves. When they got down the copter got fire.
Sabrina had sprained ankle and concussion. Alex had bruised rib. They were lucky. After a couple of days they started to walk out. They were found and flown out of the deseret. On thier way in they found the mine.
Sabrina and Alex were attracted to each other. After they got back they slept together and then Sabrina paniced. She did not want to ruin thier friendship. Plus her best friend was married now to Alex's friend and boss Jake.
Then Sabrina was in a car accident when her steering gave out she almost got hit by semi truck. Instead with quick thinking she avoided the semi and got rear ended instead.
The mine her Uncle discovered before he died was actually worth a lot. A few days before her Uncle's death he left everything to her instead of his children because of the way they treated him.
So was someone trying to kill Sabrina because they knew them mine was rich or was thier a different reason.
The women are strong willed, they are likeable. A lot of the men who work with Alex are hot and brave. They are willing to help each other anyway they can.
I have read a few books in this series The Raines of Wind Canyon of books and look forward to reading the rest of them.
I was given this eboo to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA (December 18, 2012) 400 pages ISBN-13: 978-0778314226

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Buzzard Table (Deborah Knott #18)Margaret Maron


This is the first Deborah Knott mystery that I have read but it will not be the last. I actually had another book of Margaret Maron's in my to read pile so now it will go towards the top of the pile. I like finding new authors that I have not read that have a list of book I can now go read.
I guess that this book brings two series together in it, Deborah Knott & Lt. Sigrid Harald. I understand that they had met in a earlier book.
Deborah has a big close family and most of them live close together. Thier are a lot of characters that are mentioned and probably met in another book. It is pretty easy to pick up and read Buzzard Table #18 and not be lost because I have not read any of the other 17 books before it.
Deborah is a judge in North Carolina. She has 11 older brothers. Her husband Dwight of a year is a deputy and as a son that he has living with them since his mother died a year ago.
Thier is a man from England Martin Crawford that has been studing turkey buzzards and photos of them. He has written books on different birds. He has a old foundation that he feeds them road kill and calls it a table. He is a distant relative of Sigrid and staying in an old family home with no electricity close to where Deborah's family farm is.
Sigrid and her mother are visiting because her grandmother Mrs. Lattimore is dying. Deborah let it slip when they had met earlier in New York city.
Thier is a real estate agent that has gone missing and in one of the houses she has been working with has a big blood stain on the couch.
Thier is a dead body found in the motel but after working the scene for a short time the FBI has taken over the scene and does not want Dwights help. Dwight does not want to share with them either. He was in the milatary and has some secrets he is keeping from his wife.
Another theme in the book deals with flights that might be taking prisoners from the United states to other countries that have more laxed laws about torture in them. A high school student is in Deborah's court for breaking into a airport building to try and take pictures of the plane. He gets community service and one of the people he gets to work with is Sigrid's Mother who is a photojournalist.
It is a novel where you get to know the characters and the community. As Dwights works the different cases.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Published November 20th 2012 by Grand Central Publishing 320 pages ISBN 0446555827

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Chance Christmas by Hope Ramsay

Last Chance Christmas seems like a simple romance, but it deals with a lot of different problems. Thier are a lot of layers to this story. Some issues brought up predjuced of black & white couples in the sixtys,teenage drinking, predjuced of different faiths, the horrors of wars.
Lark Chaikin has come to Last Chance,South Carolina to spread her late father's ashes on the 18th hole of Golfing for God. She has no idea why he wanted to be spread around a place so far from New York.
Chief of Police Stone Rhodes sees the car parked by the closed golf course with New York license plates. He runs the plates and the name if familar to him. A name that could tear apart his town again. He finds Lark on the 18th hole and she passes out on him.
Lark finds out that her father came to town for 10 days and caused a stir. He took a black girl into the cafe and they sat together at the counter. He was camping out at the golf course. The owner was found dead and some people thought it was murder. Others a accident. It was Stone's grandfather who died.
Lark needs to get a bunch of okays before she can spread the ashes thier. Stone's father is against it, but he does not own all of the golf course anymore.
Stone is a widower who has two girls. The youngest is in 3rd grade and sees angels especially one that cries a lot. Haley wants for Christmas is the crying angel to get her wings and go to heaven.
Lizzie is a writer for the school paper. Her friend David is a photographer. David's family is Jewish. Some people don't like that they are different. Haley gets David & Lark to help them decorate thier Christmas tree that they have not put in years. Then David will invite Lizzie the next day to see how they celebrate Hanukkah.
I thought how they shared a little about each holiday was done in a good way. That they blended a lot of issues into the story showing how different it was from the 60's but thier is still room for improvemnt on predjuced. I got lost in the story while it unfolded.
Thier are two love scenes in the story. Lots of talks about angels.
I would like to read more books by Hope Ramsay in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review by Netgalley.
09/25/2012 PUB Grand Central Publishing 352 pages ISBN-10: 0446576077

Double Danger by Dee Davis

Double Danger is action pack one thing after another. This a A-Tac novel. The first one
that I have read but hopefully not the last one. It does have some love scenes that I skipped over.
The characters are a mixture of good and bad guys. Men and women from different agency backgrounds working on stopping terrorist attacks.
Simon Kincaid fromer U.S. Navy Seal now working for A-tac as one of the newer agents. He is in a raid in Afghanistan but the group has already left but they left some clues behind about a attack.
When Simon is back in New York at a hospital he sees a old friend from collage who married his friend Ryan on his seal team. In fact on his last mission as a Seal that he was charge of and got wounded his friend Ryan died as a hero.
Simon cared for Jillian Montgomery but she always picked Ryan over him. She was at the hospital on the emergency diaster mock incident. When a helicopter crashed into the hospital and she was trapped. Simon was able to rescue her and they made it out barely others were not so luckly.
Homeland Security agent Jillian was assigned to work with A-Tac agency with Simon was closely. The attack on the hospital looks like a accident but the more they look into it the more dead bodies turn up.
I think if you had read the previous books would bring a little more understanding but this book does stand alone. I am sure thier will be another book in the series to come, that I look forward to reading when it comes out.
If you like action pack suspense novel this book is good.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/18/2012 PUB GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING Imprint Forever 368 pages

Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd

Dark Wolf Rising has a good plot, characters that I like and admire. But for me thier was just so much foul langauge and sex. Just had a tough time even wanting to finsh reading the book.
Chelsea Smart is puting a lot into trying to find her younger sister and make sure she is okay. She has almost runout of money chasing leads so she is sleeping in the woods in her car. Two guys tap on her window trying to get her to move before giving up and calling in Eric Drake.
Eric tries to tell her she is on private land and she needs to go back down the mountain to stay in the city. After Chelsa flips him the finger she agrees to go but her van won't start.
Eric drives her to the town and going to drop her off at a motel but figures she will go to the shelter and stay thier. He tells her no and takes her to a nicer area of town and pays for her room. Eric than tells her he will get her van fixed and dropped off to her in the morning. Warns her off the area and to stay away from a club that she had been asking questions about.
Chelsa goes back to the club and gets into trouble right away and needs rescuing. She is determined to find her sister.
If you liked the other books in the series I am sure you will like this one too. Just not sitting with me today.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
12/18/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Nocturne 304 pages ISBN-10: 0373885628

Deadly Sight (Code X) by Cindy Dees


This was a book that I could only read in short bits because of all the Holiday and being away from home. It is easy to pick up and put down as needed.
I wish I had read the first Code X books. This is the second one of this series that I have read now and look forward to reading more.
Grayson Pierce is a survivor even as he plans his sucide if things don't get better by certain time. He has such a painful past. He also is a loner. His friend asked him for help so he came to help him. Grayson does not talk about his past, not even saying where he works or does not work.
Sam Jessup is not what Grayson thought he was when he picked her up from the airport.
She is going to be his partner for this assignment. Sam has had her DNA experimented on and now her eyes are gold color. Sam can see far in the dark, but sunlight hurts her eyes badly.
They are to find information on a couple of guys but this area in West Virgina is right into the National Radio Quiet Zone. No computers,radios, cell phones only older cars that don't have computer parts in them. Things they take for granted to help them do thier jobs right.
They really get involved in a cover story where they actually bought a house and are fixing it up. They are both so wounded that you just hope they can deal with thier pasts.
The suspense was thier till the end but it did not drive the book for me. Most of the story involved thier horrors of thier pasts.
I was given this ebook to read in return for honest review from Netgalley.
11/18/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Romantic Suspense 288 pages ISBN-10: 0373278071.

Jane's Gift by Karen Erickson


Jane's Gift is a tender story that takes place mostly in her small hometown over the holidays.
Jane wakes up in the hospital to find she has been in a coma for 3 months. Her children are okay but her husband died.
Two years later Jane has brought her 3 children home to live in her brothers second home. Jane has a big family and support system thier. Jane and her 3 children are a afraid of fire, with a good cause for it. Her younger brother Max arranged for them to have a tour of the firestation from his friend Christian Nelson.
Chris is a fire captain. He does not plan to ever marry and have kids. He comes from a broken home and a only child.
Chris is very understanding of why Jane's children are scared. He is really good showing the two oldest the fire engine. He is attracted to Jane even with her burn scars on part of her face. The second time he runs into Jane's family he asked her out.
Chris is afraid of relationships while Jane is afraid of fires but they can not stay from each other. Chris finds himself trying to get all 3 of Jane's children to smile at him.
I have a feeling that we will see more stories about Jane's family in the future.
This is a nice story but feel the characters got over thier fears pretty fast, but it is fiction anyway.
A lot of different people warn her that Chris is a player and not to get hurt from him.
Jane keeps telling him that she is not ready for a relationship then her actions show she is.
This is a quick read. Thier are love scenes in the book I did skip over. I will read more from Karen Erickson in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Bliss) (October 24, 2012) 171 pages ASIN: B009WVX0B4

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Cinderella Search by Judy Griffith Gill

The Cinderella Search was first published as Harlequin Love and Laughter Series in 1998. It fit that. Lots of laughter and love. All type of love. Romantic,community,father,daughter.
Lissa Wilkins works at the Inn her family owned for generations and her father dreams of owning it again. The whole community has been raising money so they can offer it.
So when they find that Steven Jackson has made reservation for three weeks and his father owns a bunch of resorts, they decide to make him think the inn is haunted.
Lissa is talked into going up to the attic and placeing the tape recorder right above his bed. She hates spiders, but is talked into it. While she is hooking it up a spider gets on her and she reacts. Lissa legs crush through to the bedroom below.
Steven is surprised when part of the ceiling falls onto his bed and a women's legs dangle from above him. He tries to help her and gets kicked in the face causing him to get a bloody nose. He sees she has a tattoo on her but and very shapely legs.
Lissa is fiesty while Steven flirts with her. He ends up helping her back into the attic when she is stuck and he can't get her down. He calls the front desk to report that a girl and a trunk fell into his room.
Lissa hurries and changes back into her own clothes & shoes answers the phone. She goes up to his room and sees the mess she made. She offers him that they will move him to a different hotel. Steven just wants another room for the night.
Steven is determined to find the lady with the shapely legs and owner of the sandle he found she left behind. He is a deep sea diver and as been out to see for six months. Right now he does not have a job so he is taking 3 week vacation. He comes up with a idea to have a booth at the festival to find the women who fits the sandle right down to the wear on the soles.
Thier are some love scenes that I skipped over. I did laugh at times in the book. In fact the book was charming.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/18/2012 PUB Open Road 185 pages

Caroselli Christmas Baby by Michelle Celmer

The Caroselli Inheritance series
The Grandfather of Caroselli family brings together his three grandsons who are not showing signs of settling down. He tells them he has made a trust of 30 million dollars if they produce a son they get 10 million dollars by certain time. He wants the family name to continue.
I thought the idea was terrible to begin with and then read thier really was not a fund set up.
Theresa Phillips has been good friends with Nick Caroselli for over 20 years. They get together for dinner once a week and she spends holidays with his family. His mom has been more of a mom to her than her Aunt who raised her. Theresa wants a family and her life plan was to have kids before she was 30. So she decides to be a single mother and tells Nick about her decision a week after his Grandfather's offer.
Nicolas gets the idea that they have a baby together. He will be thier for her child if anything happens to her. They could make it the old fashioned way. Then after the baby is born they can get a divorce but still remain best friends. They would keep it a secret and pretend for his family's sake that it is real.
His two cousins guess about it being fake and worn him if he hurts her they will be tough on him. They care about Theresa too much to see her hurt.
They plan to get married in two weeks so everybody assumes that she is already pregnant.
Thier are a lot of sex scenes in this book that I skipped over, which is normal for a harlequin Desire book.
Thier are family secrets that are going on in the family that I would like to know the answers too. Thier are a lot of marriages that are on the rocks and make it hard to trust in marriage.
Caroselli family business is making chocolate and reading about it makes me want some so beware it sounds yummy.
The Caroselli family tends to get drunk on holidays. I like how they pull together for each other.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Harlequin Desire (November 1, 2012) 192 pages ASIN: B008X4BO96

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Burly & Grum and The Birthday Surprise (The Burly & Grum Tales)

The Birthday surprise is a cute Burly & Grum Tales by Kate Tenbeth and Rob Jones (Illustrator).
It's Burly birthday and Mike his friend wants to take him to the beach for the day. Mike is a Angel who lives in the forest. He drops off Burly and Grum on to a deserted island all by themselves with plans to bring others later in the day.
Of course Grum finds trouble to get into. In fact he releases a bank robber from what he thinks is hunters.
Burly and Grum make new friends on the island and have a good time at the beach.
The pictures are cute and fit the story very well. It has humor,talking animals,bank robbers,police detective and his daughter,angels and groblins. Something for everyone.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Librarything.
Publisher: GMTA Publishing; 2 edition (July 18, 2012) 111 pages ASIN: B008MULNDS

A Mother's Promise by Anna Schmidt

The Women of Pincraft

A Mother's Promise is a good story and made for a great Sunday read. It also made me greatful for my girl's good health.
Rachel Kaufman is a widow with a 12 year old son, who decides to leave Ohio, and take a new job in Florida.
Her old friend for collage lives thier and helped her get a job working in the new hospital. Rachel likes her new job but she is on call a lot and is working on getting her certifcate at the same time.
Justin Kaufman is 12 and for the first time is going to a public school. He gets into the wrong gang of kids.
Sally tries to be his friend but Justin listens to his new friends over her. Sally has luekemia and is in remission. Her father is on the President of the board at hospital. Her Uncle Ben is a doctor.
Rachel and Justin are living in a small guest house for free for the trial time at the hospital.
Everyone except Darcy Meekins hospital administrator likes Rachel and thinks she is doing a great job.
Dr. Ben Booker is single and is close to his sister and niece Sally. He works closely with Darcy at the hospital and does not realize she has set her cap for him.
Hester Rachel's friend that got her the job we met her in A Stranger's Gift. Some of the same characters can be found in both stories.
Thier is drama,conflict and problems but thier is forgiveness and hope, and love.
I have enjoyed getting to know these characters and would love to see them again.
I look forward to reading more books in The Women of Pincraft series.
I was given this ebook to read and in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Barbour Books (December 1, 2012) 320 pages ISBN-10: 1616262362

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cowboy with a Cause by Carpa Cassidy


Adam Benson is making some changes in his life. He wants to find what he wants and where to go. Adam is dealing with his brother in prison for attempted murder.
His other brother got married and now as a baby. So he is going to rent a room in town.
Olive Brooks has been hiding in her house since she came back after her Aunt's funeral.
She was going to sell it but after beeing in a wheel chair her careeer as a dancer was over.
She needs to rent the top floor in her house so she can take care of insurance and taxes. It is hard for her to leave her house because thier are no ramps. She is suprised to see Adam at her door. She really needs the money though.
Adam still goes out to the ranch to help but he also feels bad about Olive and he tries to help her out of her depression. He also without permission puts in a ramp in so it is easier to get her into and out of her house. He is bringing out of herself.
Someone has killed two young single waitresses. Now someone is playing tricks on her making sure she is crazy. Is it the same person, the killer.
The mystery was fine I did guess right on part of it. Did not want to put it down but had to a lot over the holiday. I would love to read more of this series and find out who did what and why. Also would love to go back and read the books I have missed.
There were a few love scenes that I skipped over.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review.
Harlequin (December 18, 2012) 288 pages

Enchanted Ever After by Robin D. Owens


This is the second book of the Mystic circle that I have now read and have enjoyed. It is mixture of fantasy,romance and adventure. Thier are a few love scenes that I skipped over. It is a good mixture of magic and human world combine.
Kiri Palger loves her new home on mystic circle. She is hoping to get a job with Jenny Weaver her neighbor. The circle is having a block party and she will get to meet Jenny. She loves playing her computer game Fairies and dragons and would love to work on the game with her or a different game.
Mystic Circle has magical protection so no evil can enter it. It has a balance of magical power. People of magical are drawn here. Kiri has no idea that magic is real. That she has met other beings that are not human.
Jenny has discovered that with new magic that bubbled up she believes that some humans can be made into lightfolk full of magic. With the new magicmeld they have developed a game that should be testing and trying to prepare someone to be able to change if they are willing to take the risk.
Kiri has no idea that this two week testing to see if she fits this game to get the job is really testing her to see what magics she is drawn too and prepare her to make the change.
Lathyr Tricurrent a mer is assigned to work with Jenny to test those who might have magic drawn to them to prepare for the way. Lathyr is 8% Elf in his background and is treated as inferior to pure mer. He can see what powers might be drawn to humans.
Kiri is drawn to Lathyr and is fighting her attraction. Her life is starting to spin out of control with all that is going on around her.
Did not want to put the book down till I finshed it. I liked that as Kiri was getting explained about the different levels of the game and each element she was also learning about the magical beings that belong in each world. So we were getting the information in a way that fit the story perfectly.
I want to go back and pick up the other books in this series that I have missed.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
December 18, 2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Luna Books 400 pages ISBN-10: 0373803478

Friday, December 14, 2012

Having a Killer Time, Wish You Were Here! A Practical Caregiver Caper #6


Having a Killer Time, Wish You Were Here! A Practical Caregiver Caper #6 by Sara M. Barton
This is a lot of short stories dealing with people who are care givers to others around them. They get across the plot,characters and message all come across great.
A couple of these stories hit me personally hard. One had a mother in a wheel chair after a stroke and working hard to relearn things. In my case it was the opposite.
I was the one at 24 had the stroke and was in the hospital for two months. Then months of physical therapy. My mom was the care taker. Still have problems from it to this day. Thats why I can read a lot especially when I get down or in a lot of pain I can escape. Luckily no dead bodies around or attempted murders.
Some of these stories have a big twist in them and some have little twists. Some have some romance and others are using romance for other reasons.
I don't want to give away much. Just have time to read short stories or if you have the time to read them all at once you won't be disapointed in the mystery,action and the endings.
I was given this ebook by the author in the hopes I would give it a honest review.
Published: Aug. 11, 2012 Words: 69224 (approximate) ISBN: 9781476495675

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Newborn Baby for Christmas by Fiona Lowe

I kept getting shocked about being on the beach and surfing at Christmas time and all the summer activities at Christmas. Made a different twist on a Christmas story for me.
I like Georgina and admire her. It would be tough not to have any family at all.
Hamish I had mixed feelings for till I got to know him better. I like his family and how welcoming and caring they are.
Dr. Georgina Lambert was 35 years old, has no family, two failed relationships and wants a baby. She has enough money to take care of a baby and time is running out for her. She decides to have a baby by herself and raise it. But she does not want to use a nameless donor. Georgina thinks and plans and asks her best friend since medical school to be the donor and nothing else.
Dr. Hamish Pettigrew was a playboy. always had young blond skinny girlfriends. He never wants to have children. He goes out of the country to give medical treatment to those in need. His really good friend is Georgina. They might only see each other a few times a year sometimes. They never hooked up because they did not want to lose thier friendship. He is shocked that she has asked him to be a donor. He wants to say no but after thinking about it has conditions. Only three deposits, don't tell him about the baby details and no way can his parents find out.
Georgina does not tell him that she got pregnant plans to let him know the same way she is going to tell others with birth announcements. She is getting some work done on her house and they promised it would be done before the baby in Jan. A accident happens at her house and she can no longer live thier till its fixed. As it is right before christmas wont be till after Jan now.
Georgina knows Hamish is out of the country and his beach house is empty and he has offered her to stay their before. So she texts him and he says yes.
Hamish came back home early and plans to surprise Georgina. He is glad that she did not get pregnant with his baby. When he walks into his house he gets a surprise. He tells her to leave, takes a shower and sleeps off the jet lag. 3 hours later he finds his parents at his place and Georgina still thier she has been trying to find a place but this close to christmas thier is nothing. His parents have been trying to help her with calls and invites her to thier big family reunion in thier guest house. Hamish is still mad and upset that she gives into them.
It is a fun story with some drama, mostly its character driven about family and why Hamish does not want children and Georgina wants family so badly. I liked it. fast easy read. one love scene.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romances (December 1, 2012) 142 pages ASIN: B0092MPPLG

Run for Your Life, Riley Horton! by Sara M. Barton


a "Tell No One" Mystery #1
Run for Your Life, Riley Horton! right now is free on smashwords. It's a novela to introduce Sara's brand new series "Tell No One." Based on this novela I will want to read the next one. It's a Mystery that deals with lots of crimes, your never sure who are the good and bad guys. Thier is a lot of action and dramma.
Riley Horton is a research librain who finds information to help students to thier reports. She has found out a lot of information that the criminals don't like. Also she is at the wrong place at the wrong time and finds a dead body.
Riley finds information on the town of Hambleport, Mass. history with the underground railroad to be false. Riley is also being stalked by a powerful man.
I have read lately a lot of Sara M. Barton's books and have liked them and plan to read more in the future. Sara has a lot of free stories and inexpensive stories on
Smashwords,amazon. If you like action mysteries try her books.
I was told that this book was free on smashwords by the author. This is my own opinion of Run for your Life, Riley Horton.
Published: Dec. 11, 2012 Words: 29353 (approximate)
ISBN: 9781301725847

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Her New Year's Fortune by Allison Leigh


I liked this story. There was a love scene I skimmed over. I hope to see the next book in the series out soon.
Sarah-Jane Early was hostess at a wedding party. She seated a group of 5 good looking men that were part of the family and they all were without dates. One of the guys got her attention. Sarah-Jane has only had a couple of dates in her life.
Wyatt Fortune was at the family wedding with his 3 brothers and cousin for a week.
They at first did not want to leave work for a week and now none of his brothers are
going back to work in the family business. He talked them into it. Thier dad had raised them to be one time owners. Now he went behind thier backs and did something so they are protesting him.
Wyatt has not been drinking as much as his brothers at the bar. He knows he can't handle it as easely as them. He has been watching the hostess as she was helping with taking the glasses back to kitchen.
Wyatt stayed behind when his brothers were going to a different place. He sat in his car thinking when Sarah-Jane asked him if he wanted her to call him a cab. He asked her out and for her number. Sarah gave him a fake name and number.
Next day he ran into her at his hotel and got her to agree to have dinner with him.
He then tries to search for her but she was just helping out at the restraunt.
Wyatt is not used to working to just get someone to even have lunch with him.
They both are having issues with thier parents not being thier for them or they are thier the wrong way.
I look forward to seeing what happens with the rest of the fortunes in Red Rocks.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Harlequin (December 18, 2012) Imprint Harlequin Special Edition 224 pages

Guarding the Princess by Loreth Anne White

Guarding the Princess is book 4 in the Sahara Kings series. It is also one of the first books with the new cover and longer books in Harlequin Romantic Suspense line.
Personally I like the new cover design. They also said thier would be more action,suspense and romance and Guarding the Princess delivers as promised.
Princess Dalilah Al Arif of Al Na'Jar is engaged to Sheik Haroun Hassan of Sa'ud. They had just announced they will be wed in 19 months. Though they have been promised to each other when she was 5 by her father the King.
Dalilah is in Zimbabwe right now staying at a lodge near Victoria Falls. Tomorrow the delegates from the different countries will sign a deal and part of the deal will be ClearWater for this area. She has been working for 4 years to get ClearWater access in
Zimbabwe. This will be her last deal working for the charity ClearWater a nonprofit agency. She will also have to leave Manhattan and her foreign-investnent consulting job.
Amal Ghaffar is a merc. he has only one arm the other was shot off by Dalilah's family. They also killed his father too. He wants revenge and offers a million dollar bounty for her head or 4 million alive so he can kill her. He is already in Africa when he gets the news she is close by. Amal and his father were the ones that killed her parents and a brother.
Brandt Stryker is now a farmer in Botswana and some times pilot. He was also a merc. but one who chose who to work for. Omar Dalilah brother had word that Amal was offering a bounty on her and got Brandt to promise to get her out.
Brandt got thier durning dinner and got a bad feeling and watched the Princess when a group attacked the party shooting everyone. Dalilah was under the table trying to stop the bleeding on the guy next to her. She tried to fight Brandt and he had to knock her out to get her away fast.
This was supposed to be a quick job get in and fly her out till her brother can arrange to get her back home. Things don't work as planned.
Guarding the Princess is full of wonders of Africa wildlife, and scenery. Also about the some of the different people thier. Its jammed back action as they are running for thier lives. It's about survival and sometimes you have to go against your promises to yourself to survive and help others to survive.
Thier was a love scene that I skipped over.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/18/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Romantic Suspense 288 pages.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big Sky River by Linda Lael Miller

4 stars

Big Sky River bring us back to Parable, Montana. This is Boone Taylor and Tara Kendall
Sheriff Taylor sons have been living with his big sister after his wife died. When his sister calls and tells him her husband was injured and would have months of therapy to go through. Boone agrees and leaves to pick up his sons.
Griffen 7 and Fletcher 5 have been living thier Aunt Molly and Uncle Bob for years.
Griffen is excited to go back with his father but Fletcher is unhappy and scared too.
Boone had never meant them to stay that long with his sister. He was scared amd anxious
to bring them back home.
Tara bought the property next door to Boone and has been raising chickens. She is from New York City.
Tara hates the eyesore that Boones trailer is but at least he cleaned up his yard this past year.
Tara ex-husband calls and asks her if his twin daughters can come stay with her while he takes his girl on long vacation. He has not wanted her to see them even though she raised them while they were very young. Elle and Erin were 12 and love Tara.
She was very willing to let them come, but she had to down play how much that meant for her because he could change his mind out of spite.
Tara went and traded her car a 2 seater in for a SUV to drive down and pick them up at the airport.
The four kids in a strange area for them bond together pretty fast when they get thrown together right after they get there.
I liked the romance, the kids characters,the community who come together and thier are a few characters that I do not like. There were a couple of love scenes. But plenty of plot.
I can't wait for the next story of linda's Parable Montana. I want to see the police chief of Parable fail. Which I should not be.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Harlequin HQN (December 18, 2012) 368 pages ISBN-10: 0373777205

Rancher's Refuge by Linda Goodnight

I liked reading Rancher's Refuge. It has some drama,romance and a community that I will come back to read more novels in Whisperfalls
Rancher Austin Blackwell is on a horse looking for a missing calf and he sees a women injured by Whisperfalls.
Annalisa Keller is afraid that her boyfriend who broke her arm and kicked her out of the car. She is afraid he came back so she went back behind the fall and starts praying for help.
Austin gets her back up out of the fall and takes her by horse to his ranch so he can get her to medical help. She has no id,money, and afraid to go to police. She tells people that she fell. Even though they can tell she was hurt by someone.
Austin keeps pretty much by himself out at his ranch with only his sister living with him. He decides to bring back Annalisa to stay for a few days thier to get her barings.
Austin has secrets and has lost trust in others. Annalisa boyfriend was also her boss and had isolated her from everybody.
Annalisa gets a job in town and goes to church and make friends. She gets Austin involved with the community too.
Nice simple clean romance.
12/18/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Love Inspired

Home by Dark by Marta Perry

Home by Dark is full of drama,some normal life and some scary stuff. Enough to keep you in the dark about what was going on till the end of the story. It is also a clean read.
Rachel Weaver Mason and her 9 year daughter are moving back to her hometown of Deer Run. The Amish community she left when she married out of the Amish into the English world. Her mother-in-law left her home to Rachel. Witch surprised her because she did not approve of her son marring a Amish girl and kicked him out to.
Rachel was going to fix up the big house as a bed and breakfast. Hoping to provide for her daughter. Rachel's family still did not welcome her back except her brother Benj.
Benjamin at 14 was a big help to Rachel and got along with Mandy.
Benj was acting really scared and jumpy after a Amish boy ran away from home without a word. Benj was keeping secrets especially from his father.
Colin McDonald was a old friend of Rachel's husband Ronnie. He stopped by to ask if she wanted to list the house with him. He was also concerned about Benj and noticed how scared he was. Benj did yard work for him.
Something was going on and Benj knew more than he was telling. Colin got Benj to tell a little bit about it. Colin feels like he owes something to Rachel for not being their more for her in the past. Colin is also dealing with his father in the first stages of altimers.
Someone else was trying to make things hard for Rachel to start a bed and breakfast up in town.
I like to read Marta's novels. Look forward to reading more of her work in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
12/18/2012 Pub. Harlequin Imprint Harlequin HQN

Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem by Melissa Lemon


Melissa Lemon took one of my favorite story and gave it a fresh new look that did not disappoint. It had many of the same points but they were a little different. It is a clean read.
Queen Radiance and King Fredrick had a daughter. King Fredrick loved his daughter but
Queen did not. She even tried to drown her but King rescued her. Queen Radiance was the power in her kingdom. Her husband could not stop any of her mean plans.
A servant new that either the King or thier daughter would be killed the next day and warned the King. King Fredrick dressed like a servant took his daughter and left the kingdom of Mayhem.
King Fredrick rode into the next kingdom and asked his Uncle Barney to take his daughter that her life was in danger from her mother. Soon after leaving his Uncle's apple orchard and band of thieves robbed and murdered Fredrick. They left a bloody mess and animals finshed.
The executioner found the King and reported back to the Queen that they were dead.
The Queen had a magic mirror that she had cast a spell on to make the sorcer in to tell the truth. The Sorceer could tell partial truth and he showed her the mess of King's body and that they were dead.
Barney took care of Kat but would never let her off the orchard. He taught her how to take care of the trees and animals. But never gave into her about leaving the orchard he told her it was too dangerous. Everything was going fine till Barney woke up to being blind. Then he hired someone to help Kat take care of things. First person that Kat met.
Jeremy Simkins arrived to work the orchard and they worked hard together for years.
Jeremy came from a family that everyone hated. Thier were lots of kids to feed. 5 slept in one bed.
I did not want to put the book down till I had finshed it. I would like to read more from Melissa in the future. Some twists in the story I guessed right others I had no idea of. The characters are ones I loved, some I hated and others I laughed with. Even shed a few tears with. The story I liked. The dwarfs were thier but they had different names but some of the same attidutes.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley.
December 11th 2012 by Cedar Fort, Inc. 288 pages ISBN 1462111459 (ISBN13: 9781462111459)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Charleston with a Clever Cougar: A Dance with Danger Mystery #6

Charleston with a Clever Cougar: A Dance with Danger Mystery #6 is full of drama and action. I like how the characters are helping each other when they see a need. Even if their strangers.
Cady owns her own bakery and coffee shop.Daisy one of her employees, is a daughter of Cady's friend.
Daisy's mom is fighting cancer. At times in the past she has been afraid she was going to lose her mom. Cady has tried to be thier for Daisy when she needs to talk or when her mom stays in the hospital. Her father left her mom during her cancer treatment for another women. They moved away and now have triplets. Her father is thinking of going back and trying to get the kids full time.
Daisy is driving Cady's van carefully when they are rearended. Witnesses say that the van was hit on purpose. Afterwards it took off.
Cady arms are banged up. She needs a lot of help to take care of the business this week. She has a wedding cake and favors to make, plus the regular needs of the bakery.
Cady uses the van to pick up and deliver things too.
Doc. is a new customer at the bakery. He was a medic in Afghan. He saw the accident and ran to see if anyone needed help.
The next day Doc just started to pitch in at the bakery because he saw they needed help and he was at loose ends. His new job starts in a week or so.
Cady is not used to asking for help. But she can;t drive or lift her arms over her head and accepts help. Cady is worried when Daisy was taking such a long time from empting the garbage and when she opens the door to check on her shes see Daisy fighting off attacker. Doc chases him off.
Who is trying to hurt a teenager? Why is Daisy being stalked?
I liked it but like her other series of books more. I was given this ebook by the author and asked to give honest review in turn. This is now the sixth book of hers I have read and all have been 4 to 5 stars. So yes I will read more of Sara's work in the future.
Published: Sep. 10, 2012 ISBN: 9781301105816
Words: 39707 (approximate)

Where's Hansel and Gretel's Gingerbread House?: A Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery #2


The second tale of Gabby Grimm is good, some action,drama,crime solving, but what I like best of her stories is the characters and how they act together and work together.
I really like Gabby and how she cares and wants to help those around her.
Wish I could have had her more with Sam.
Gabby at the begining is chasing a suspect across a snowy roof top and slides off.
Her being sore and full of bruises takes off to go see her cousin that asks for help.
Her cousin is involved with the mob and FBI and her boyfriend has gone missing after she gave him private work papers.
This is a shorter story or novela that I got for free on Smashwords right now. You should give Sara Barton books a try. I like them so far. I believe this is number 5 I have read in the last few days.
Published: Nov. 28, 2012 Words: 36688 (approximate)ISBN: 9781301825486

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Square Dance with a Scandalous Skunk: A Dance with Danger Mystery #1

4 stars
This is the fourth novel by Sara Barton that I have read this week. While I enjoyed it, I have to say of the four this is my least favorite of them.
Suzanne Dawkins works with her brother flipping houses. She has found one that she thinks will work and talks her brother into buying it. Even before they close on the house she has someone interested in it.
Jasper Wintonberry thinks the little house would be perfect for his mom. If she could help pick the options on the remodling even the better.
Suzanne had a crush on Jasper back in high school. So when he moved back to his hometown she welcomed him back.
Suzanne runs and one day she saw that Jasper runs too and she hopes to bump into him sometime. When she does is after she had taken a tumble down the hill while out running and she is a mess when Jasper stops and offers her a ride home.
When Jasper comes to the house the day the remodle starts to make arrangement for his mom to look at the house. Thier is a big commotion in the backyard as a dead body of the previous owner is dug up.
Thier is a another guy from school who is coming on to Suzanne and she thinks he is a creep who had date raped and blackmailed her friend.
Thier is a weird guy next store that tells them that she can't be thier because the owner will be back.
Someone is threatening Suzanne.
I like the characters and how they interact together. I like that Suzanne knows what she wants and is not afraid to say it. She is also strong enough to figure out how she can protect herself as she calls 911.
I will read more from Sara in the future. I got this book for free from Smashwords.
Published: July 30, 2012 Words: 25907 (approximate) ISBN: 9781476118567

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Snow White and the Hunter: A Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery #1 by Sara Barton


So this is the third book by Sara Barton that I have read this weekend. I am still willing to read more of Sara's work. This is the first book in the Gabby Grimm Fairy tale Mystery series. It is different from her Bard Bed & Breakfast.
Gabby Grimm is a deputy working with seven males in the sheriff office in Vermont in a little town. She is checking out a call at a cabin in the woods. When someone wearing a mask got the drop on her and sprayed her face with a chemical and kissed her. The chemical reacted and she was high as a kite after.
When she and her fellow deputy went back out to check the area they found a probably dead body in the cabin they thought looking through the windows. While waiting for forensics the propane tank exploded at the cabin.
Thier quite little town had terrorists all over. Special Force team asked Gabby for help finding a kidnapped family of the dead guy.
From thier is a lot of action and drama as one event after another happens. Everytime you think they are safe something else happens or they figure out what is really going on.
I like Gabby and her co-workers and would like to see more of them in the future.
Gabby's live in a guest house on her father's farm. He made a lot of money and moved to small town in Vermont and got a few different things going.
The Snow White theme is used in little pieces here and their. Gabby does have a step-mother but she is nice and caring.
It was a engaging novel can't wait to read the next Gabby Grim novel.
I was given this ebook to read by the author and asked to give honest review of it.
Published on October 13, 2012. Words: 52616 (approximate) ISBN: 9781301705887

A Plague O' Both Your Houses: A Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery #2

A Plague O' Both Your Houses: A Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery #2 by Sara Barton
This is the second book of A Bard's Bed & Breakfast that I have read this weekend and I want more of the characters. It's dealing with spies,attempted murder,kidnapping full of drama,humor,wity dialog. It is also a soap opera. I want to know what happens next in the lives at the A Bard's Bed & Breakfast.
Uncle Edward, Lorna, Bea, and Ben are back running the bed & breakfast for the CIA to use.
This time they have a dying guest who worked in the CIA chemist, skilled in creating and defusing chemical and biological weapons. Linda Romano is a mean lady. She has a lot of anger in her life. She has sent a letter saying she poison Harry and if he does not come to visit her he won't get the antidote to cure himself.
Dealing with guests who are from the CIA or those who work with them, is never what it seems to be.
Bea because she was used as a pawn is now named Bea. Her husband ex CIA agent Ben. Always has plans that Bea can't know all of. Uncle Edward retired spy and professor.
Everyone tries to plan around everyone to get them to do what they want and you never know if thier idea is thiers or it fits into the CIA's plan after all.
Bea is still taking care of Rose and Emma while thier mom is still in hospital after being rescued by CIA. The father is working in his country as a rebel for the CIA as long as his family is safe.
I was given this book by the author and asked in return to give honest review of the story.
Published: Nov. 08, 2012 Words: 56747 (approximate) ISBN: 9781301645619

Friday, December 7, 2012

Let Slip the Dogs of War: A Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery #1

Let Slip the Dogs of War: A Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery #1 by Sara M. Barton

This is a complicated mystery story. A lot of set up into the begining about how the bed and breakfast came to be a place for spys to vacation or meet ect. I can see
with this set up many books good be set their.
This novel is part comic farce,spy novel,action and wity dialog. I liked it but had to keep track of who was who and why.
The owner Uncle Edward is a retired spy and professor. Beatrice (not real name) used to run a book store for CIA now sent to help run bed & breakfast,Benedick a spy that was force out of CIA.
While Beatrice is making up a room her pets find a dead body under the bed. She calls her husband and using code lets him know she found a dead body.
Bea and Ben then get into a comedy to get the body hidden before anyone sees it. Then the body is stolen from them.
The story has a lot of humor and a lot of scary spy world out thier. I think it is pretty balanced. It is a very complicated plot. Trying to figure out who the bad guys are, the really bad guys, who everyone is really working for. Who the dead body is again and again.
I will read the next book in the series soon and look forward to seeing what that new book will be like.
I was given this ebook from the author and asked to give a honest review in exchange.
08/29/2012 PUB Words: 46743 (approximate) ISBN: 9781476284965

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Kid in Chief by Paul Maguire

Illustrated by Katy Betz
Kid in Chief is a children's book that is cute,smart. You don't even realize all the lessons that are in it.
Bobby Barton the former President of the United States is telling his story about how as a third grader he became The President of the United States and what he did while in office.
I was smileing while reading it. You know it's make believe but it is a cute story.
It teaches about how laws are made,about founding fathers,importance of exercise, trade agreements,white house and secret service in short simple terms. Also in the back are bigger words and thier definations as used in the story.
I would buy this book and let my children read it if they were still young enough.
This is the second book now that I have read of Paul Maguire. They are both enjoyable, and taught something as they entertained, even though the target age is a big difference. I would recommend reading his books. I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in return for honest reviews from Netgalley.
11/06/2012 PUB Smith Publicity 80 pages

Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger by Paul Maguire


I throughly enjoyed Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger. It is entertaining! Has problems that make you think. (I could not think of how to solve them) Has villians and heroes,jesters,knights in armor,magic and lots of fun.
Professor Atlas is having a contest that started a year ago in different cities. The two winners will get to go on a dig with him and have an adventure. He has a big following on his web site
Brandon Giles and Tyler Gerard are seventh graders and big fans of Professor Atlas. They here about the contest and study for a week they are sure they are the biggest fans of thier school. The day of the contest they find out that the contest has been running a year not a week like they thought. All the other cities had contest and the winners of thier cities now all converged to compete for the two spots.
The teams had two team members to try for the contest.
Brandon and Tyler are a little more worried about it but they are going to do thier best. Thier are a lot of kids thier for this final day of the contest. Instead of answering questions about the Professor Atlas and his trips they are riddles and other tests they need to pass. If they guess wrong they are out. If another team goes faster than them and come in before they pass they are out.
I did not want to stop once I started the book. It was hard to put the book down. I look forward to more books with Professor Atlas in the future. or in the past.
In 1342 a wizard standing on the ruins of his city sends the last of his magic into the dagger and buries it deep in the rubble. To one day be found by someone that can stop his city from being destroyed.
This is the famous tale of the Summoning Dagger that others have looked for it and now Professor Atlas believes he can find it. He does not realize that magic was real and if when he finds it he will go back to the 1300 BC.
This is a fun adventure that fans of Ranger Apprentice,Percy Jackson, Harry Potter or Jimmy Coates will enjoy. All ages can read it and escape into the past to see what life is like and if they can make a difference.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
I see Amazon shows different Pub. dates and netgalley shows one so I am including both.
Publisher:Smith Publicity Nov 6, 2012 220 pages
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC (August 29, 2011) ISBN-10: 1457505096

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

betrayal on the border Jill Elizabeth Nelson


Betrayal on the Border is a Love Inspired Suspense. It kept the suspense for most of the book and then they had to prove it. It is also a fast clean read. I enjoyed the novel.
Former army communications specialist Maddie Jerrard survived attack on her unit. They were on a joint mission to go across the border and raid a drug cartel. Someone gave them up. Maddie was injured and can't remember a lot of what happened that night. She was debriefed and cleared. Then she went into hiding. On three different times someone had tried to kill her. She was using a different name.
Maddie is now a apartment repairman. She was sent into a apartment to fix something and saw that they had been fixing a bomb. She was searching for the bomb when the owners came back in. She took them down and asked them where the bomb was. The news on t.v. showed that a reporter's car was bombed.
Maddie got her to go bag and was leaving on the run again. The bomb was not meant for her but the other survivor of the border attack investigative journalist Chris Mason.
It was close to her apartment building. Plus once the cops started taking prints in the bomb makers apartment they would be asking questions about her being their.
Chris learned a lot from when he was able to be thier as the task force was training and getting ready for thier mission. One thing he learned from Maddie was always start your car from key chain before you get to close. He was not in his car. But he did find Maddie's car.
Maddie does not trust that Chris was not the informer to the cartel but teamed up with him to figure out who was. They started searching and questioning those who knew about the mission and second stop they found a agent dead just barely.
Now they were wanted for questioning. The more they find the more action and danger occurs.
I really could see the story as Jill described it and got involved in the case. I will read more of Jill's work in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense (December 1, 2012) pages 224 ASIN: B0092ML93O

Strong and Stubborn by Kelly Eileen Hake


Husbands for Hire book 3
This book had a bunch of surprises to me in it. I laughed and cried with the women of
Hope Falls. This book takes place right after book 2
Naomi Higgins is the one who has not chosen a husband yet. Naomi is hiding secrets from everyone. Years ago she had a guy courting her and her younger sister stole him away from her. Naomi is shy and would rather read a book than socialize.
Carpenter Michael Strode had married for money to give a pregnant lady a name and father for her son. His wife died and his mother-in-law wants her grandson. Michael won't hand him over and leaves town with his 10 year old son Luke. Michael leaves his son in Texas with his sister has he goes to find a new home for them.
Michael gets off the train in Hope Falls and finds a diaster the mine has colasped again trapping in Lacey Lyman and fiance Chase Dimstam in it. They were looking for evidence of the first colaspe of the mine was sabatage.
Michael joins right in the middle of the fray and helps with the rescue attempt.
Naomi after that diaster finds that someone had sent a payment ahead of time and ordered a fancy doll house to be made. So Naomi and Michael work together to make the doll house in a workshop. They are both drawn to each other. Michael knows that Naomi will be making a big mistake if she marries for money.
I have never wanted a dollhouse to play as adult but now I can see how it could be addicting to own one.
Thier is drama,emotions are touched and laughter out loud as I enjoyed this book. I hope this is not the last of Hope Falls we will see.
This is a very clean read. Does mention prayer as part of daily life.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
11/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 1602607621 323 pages

And They Called Her Spider by Michael Coorlim

A Bartleby and James Adventure 1
It's a nice short detective story. I would love to see it longer.
detectives James Wainwright and Alton Bartleby are the two central characters.
Alton is a rich member of the ton and James is a smart, loner that wants no one to come in his lab and distrube him. Even his partner Alton who built it for him in his basement. They are interesting and play off each other well.
I like the characters and would like to see more of them in action. Easy to follow the story.
I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review from Librarything.
Published by PoMoCo Press Published: Dec. 22, 2011

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just A Cowboy and his Baby by Carolyn Brown,

I like the plot and the characters Just A Cowboy and his baby. Did not like the swearing and all the sex and sex talk. Thier was a lot of this story I just skipped over. I liked the humor. That Gemma was riding bronks in the rodeo. Thing that made me mad was the guy putting the drug in the drink.
Gemma O'Donnell is a hair dresser who just started riding full time as a rodeo Bronc
riding. Her goal is to be the second bronc riding champion. Gemma comes from a big family and she is the youngest in her family. She has to wear her lucky pink cowboy boots and a few other things that bring her luck.
Her sister-in-law told her fortune that she would get a cowboy and a baby for christmas.
Trace Coleman is leading so far in money and standings. He plans to win the National bronc riding in Vegas this year and with the purse buy his Uncle's ranch. Trace has been watching Gemma for awhile but has not met her or competed against her till now.
He makes a mistake by helping her climb into the shute.
Then Gemma blows him a kiss. She has a hard time getting her mind in the game. Neither one wants the distraction to get in thier way.
Then at a dance after the rodeo someone drugs her drink right after she drinks it Trace asks her to dance. After her two beers she is drunk and Trace takes her to his trailer when he can't get her to wake. He realizes she must have been drugged so he watches her instead of putting her in her trailer.
After that they start following each other to rodeo to another and come close fast.
I like Gemma's personality. I would love to see if Trace's cousins have thier own story.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/01/2012 Pub Sourcebooks Casablanca

Tomas:Cowboy Homecoming by linda Warren


Tomas is the last of the Harts of the Rodeo continuity series. I know I have missed reading a few of them and hope to read them all. I cried,laughed and smiled throughout the book. Thier were a few love scenes that I skimmed over.
Marine Staff Sergeant Tomas "Tuf" Hart is finally home. He got out of the service two years ago but never came home. He called once and gave his mom his number. Nobody new where or what he was doing. Though a few months ago he was at a rodeo and saw someone from his family but did not stay around to catch up.
On his way home he saw a little girl walking in the road and thier were only a couple of ranches on and he stopped to see where she was going.
Sadie all she said was she was not supposed to talk to strangers. Then her mom was running franticly calling her name. Following her was another little girl her twin. Sadie was running away from home. Sadie is out going twin and Sammie was afraid to be left alone at all, hardly talk to anyone but her family.
Cheyenne Wright the mother he recongized right away. He had a crush on her in high school and asked her out after the third no he stopped asking. Cheyenne and Tuf families did not get along then. She told Tuf that she did not like him but that was a lie. He scared her and excited her at the same time. Her husband was in the war too but could not live with all the anger from it. She moved back in with her father the last year. Thier family now got along in fact her brother is marrying his sister.
The second time he saw Sadie running away he took her back home and told her he had runaway at 6. Sadie then told him why she was always running away to.
After that when he was out running in the morning he would sometimes stop and visit them.
The whole family were working as hard at going to all the rodeos they could to help pay off the ranch balloon payments. They had family meetings and discussed things and how they all could help each other and work together. It was lovely to see them pull together. It was nice to see how all the new couples were doing and changing.
I like Linda story telling. The twins were cute and changed so much. I was really envolved in seeing how Tuf was doing in the rodeo each event.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
11/27/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin American Romance 224pages

Monday, December 3, 2012

Playing the Royal Game by Carol Marinelli


Playing the Royal Game is the last book in the The Santina Crown series I believe. It is the first one I have read and now I wish I had read the others. They sound interesting and fun.
Allegra Jackson was having a rotten day. She has been looking for work and after having no luck entered a bar and decided to have a bottle of champagne. She was fired because the boss wanted personal favors from her.
Prince Alessandro Santina runs his own company. He is engaged at home in a arranged marriage that he does not want. When the waitress had just come to realize that Allegra was not signed in at the private club was going to kick her out when Alex stepped in.
Alex got the idea if she played his fiance and it would break off the one his father set in place. Then after a few days or weeks when the public cry out because Allegra is not suitable they will end thier relationship and Alex can stay in England longer running his buisness. He will pay her a lot of money for the job.
Allegra could than right the truthful story about her father exfootball player.
She agrees then everything goes wrong with thier plans. Alex's people love Allegra.
His father the King of Santina wants an engagement party thrown right away and thier wedding date annouced.
It is a fun charming story. With a lot of characters that I think have had thier own stories told in the former books of the series.
I was glad that Allegra stood up for her family and for what she wants to do.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from Netgalley.
Publisher: Harlequin Presents (December 1, 2012) ISBN: 0373131089 186 pages

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Burly & Grum: Beyond the Forest: A Burly & Grum Tale

Kate Tenbeth (Author), Rob Jones (Illustrator)

This is the first story in the Burly & Grum series. It shows how Burly the bear, Grum
groblin and Max the little boy. They are cute stories.
Grum's brothers take him away from home and tell him that his mom was the one that wanted Grum gone because he was not brave.
Grum plans to show how brave he is so he can go back home and be let in the house. He sees a Bear and tries to knock him out so he can drag him back home. Burly the bear asks him what he is and why he hit him.
Then Grum decides he will go to a human town and kidnap a human to bring back to show his mom. Burly thinks that would be interesting and decides to go with him.
They have many adventures along the way. Grum's brothers get into trouble for trying to get rid of him and have to go find him.
I was given this ebook to read from Librarything and asked to give a honest review of it.
Publisher: GMTA Publishing; 2 edition (July 18, 2012) 116 pages

Today's Shadows by Becky Melby


I enjoyed reading this book. Who doesn't like to think of finding secret rooms and staircases in your house, or treasure chests. The ending I liked but it felt rushed did not gel somehow.
Thier is no sex scenes, or swearing in the book so it is good for all ages.
Heather Conrad’s come to town to house sit her old boss's house for a month. It will
give her time to get her business plan in place and where she wants to open her coffee shop.
When she gets to the house she finds the mover van in the driveway and housefull of confusion instead of empty house. Heather ex-boyfriend married her sister this past week and its been hard to be maid of honor when you thought you would be the bride.
Natalie Brooks just bought a big old house and is going to take her daughter Izzy on a month long vacation but instead has to go overseas and work at a new job.
Natalie thinks Heather should watch over Izzy age 8 and unpack the house and still have a vacation. Plus thier seems to be somethings she is leaving out.
So instead of having time to make plans and heal she becomes the nanny for a month because she can't say no.
As Heather and Izzy leave the house to go get coffee she sees a man with a camera watching them. After leaving the coffee shop she sees that same man outside. Heather is a little unnerved to see him both places.
Later again at the coffee shop Izzy walks up to guy at the booth and starts question him. His name is Ryan. Heather comes up and they start conversation and She thinks of the man and the camera and hurrys out with Izzy.
Ryan is studying to be a police detective and works in security business and realizes Heather is acting suspious and asks the ladies in coffee shop if they notice anything about her. They are always flirting with Ryan so they tell him that a guy with a camera was asking questions about them too.
The book is also about a cook who worked in the house in 1910's and wrote stories about a mouse. Life how it was for the different classes. How they were trying to get women the vote and better working enviroment for children. So the stories keeps flashing back and forth.
Also a heiress to a hotel chain's father is in the hospital it is touch and go with him. Stephannie feels she has wasted the past decade and wants the chance to make her father proud of her. Stephannie sees a text on her father's phone that says. Found your daughter she has her mother's eyes. Stephannie thinks it might be an error but what if he really has a daughter who has not wasted so much? She needs to find out sees the picture of Heather and Izzy on the phone.
So the story is from different people and all end up in together melding to one story.
See how much I take for granted the right to vote and safe working enviroments we have.
It is so easy to get lost into the story and see what happens next.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing,Inc. Imprint Barbour

Baby Under the Christmas Tree by Teresa Carpenter

Baby Under the Christmas Tree has a play on Beauty and the Beast.
Elle Austin as little girl went to princess camp and she was Belle. She made some good friends thier. Elle had four brothers so she was always around sports and sports.
She wants different things in her adult life so she wants no sport loving guys and no athletes especially the Hocky team. Elle job is deputy of PR for hocky team.
She gets called in the middle of the night to go get some members out of jail.
One of them is Max Beasley better known as the Beast.
Max Beasley is a womanizer and star of the hockey team. When she takes him home they find a lady he doesn't know at his door with his two year old son.
Elle did not even know that he had a two year old son. He was tired and wanted his grandmother who was out of town with her male friend.
Troy's mother had droped him off with a friend and said she would be right back and never showed. So she brought him to his father.
Troy throws big tantroms when he does not get what he wants. Elle stays while Max goes to shower and he ends up falling asleep. She tried waking up Max. tried to put Troy down to bed by his dad, tried to put him in his own room. Troy wanted to sleep by his dad and her.
When Elle woke it was to find that her job for the day was to help Max to prepare to take full custdy of his son. Improve Beast public image and get his house ready for Max to live thier.
Troy has mostly been taken care of by his grandmother but she has a new male friend that lives out of town. Troy's mother just wants the child support and does not take care of him well. So the Grandmother thinks its good for Max to keep his son over her daughter and she will be free to move and still keep a relationship with her grandson. She won't have to worry about Troy not being cared for all the time.
Thier is one love scene in the book that I skipped over. It was a fast read.
I think that too many people wanted Elle to hook up with the Beast because she was Bell at a Camp when she was younger. The more I read I grew to really like Max. Troy is precious and I like Elle she is not afraid to stand up for herself or others. Elle knows what she wants and that she wont settle for less.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
11/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Romance ISBN9780373178513

The Cowboy Cop by Rita Herron

Miles McGregor is a Cop who was working overtime to stop a serial killer. He was convicted and then while he was in jail another victim was killed in exact same way.
Robert Dugan life was ruined by Miles ruining his reputation. Eventhough he got released.
Miles still believes he convicted the Slasher but has some doubts.
Marie Younger became the next victim of the Slasher. Her son maybe saw it.
Timmy McGregor was a small boy who saw his mother dead. He Blames his father for not being thier to save his mommy. Miles is convinced that Robert Dugan targeted his son's mother for revenge on him.
Timmy does not talk after that. Miles knows that he could be killed if he can't get Timmy to talk about what happened that night.
Jordan Keys feels guilt over her younger brothers death. She testified against the gang members. She is volunteering at the ranch to work with troubled children. She will be working with Timmy to get him communicating.
Timmy responds to her and to the horses. Starts being comforting. Then someone starts shooting at Timmy and Jordan. They don't know if its the Slasher or someone from Jordans past that has come for revenge.
the suspense is good for most of the book and thier are surprises that I did not see coming.
Thier was some sex scenes in the book. based on this book I would read more books from Rita.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
11/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Intrigue

Sagebrush Knights by Erica Vetsch

4 Knights ranchers, Shepard

Sagebrush Knights is a collection of 4 novels about 4 sisters being mail order brides in Wyoming territory 1874.
They are clean romances and are enjoyable to read.
Knight and Day
Widow Evelyn Gerhard Stanford is the oldest sister.Thier father died and they lost thier home. They decided to advertise to be mail order brides in the same area.
They are surprised that to the ranchers they are close but to the sisters they were thinking close like a city.
A cranky Preacher met the stage and plans to drop off each sister and marry the couple and than to the next. It would take full day to travel to all 4 homes.
Evelyn was the first to be dropped off. She had a ten year old boy she did not tell Gareth about.
Gareth did not tell her that he too was a widower with a 10 year old tom boy.
Challenges to make them a family was a fun story.
Jane Gerhard feels like she is invisible but she is a hard worker and makes the best of things.
Harrison Garvey is from back east and he made a contract that he would be able to make the ranch profitable and pay back the loan in 3 years or move back and work in factory. The 3 year is close to being done and he does not know if he will make. Harrison live in a sodie house.
Shining Armor
The person who made the contract Gwendolyn Gerhard died before she got thier and found it was the grandfather.
Matthew Parker did not want to marry anyone. But his sister talked him in letting her stay at least 6 weeks while the preacher goes on his travels.
Gwendolyn was just what 15 Bess needed she just got sick enough that now she was in a wheelchair and could not be left in the house by herself while the men worked.
On a White Charger
Emmeline Gerhard is the youngest sisters and is excited to be able to live on a ranch with a cowboy. When they get close they see a fire. It is her new house that burned. Her husband is not a cowboy but a shepard. He also refuses to defend his stock or home by killing anyone again.
I had a smile the whole time that I was reading this. I will look for more books by Erica Vetsch to read.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
Barbour Publishing, Inc. PUB 12/01/2012 352 pages