Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Out of the Blue by Rebecca Winters

I liked Baby Out of the Blue. It had some sad spots but so much joy too. It tugged at my emotions. Would love to explore around Greece too.
Fran Myers has come to spend her vacation in Greece to visit and explore it with her best friend Kellie. When she gets to Greece she realizes how unhappy her friend is.
Fran & Kellie are 12 miles from the resort they are going to spend the night at but Fran gets Kellie to stop when the weather gets worse.
a tornado hit thier hotel and they are glad that they had stopped at a different one.
Next morning Fran goes to get a table for breakfast at back of hotel and she hears a baby. The baby is covered with cuts sitting on bushes all alone in a torn t-shirt.
They rush the baby to the emergency room.
Fran stays with the baby in ICU so the baby is not alone till they find who she belongs too. Fran sings and touches her hand and wills her to be okay.
CEO Nik Angelis was in a different tornado and made it safe and then finds his sister and brother-in-law that were on vacation was in a different hotel. They can't be reached.
Nik and his brothers fly to the hotel and find that his sister & brother-in-law were dead and thier baby is missing. They join the search to find his niece. They don't know how there parents will survive if they can't find their only grandaughter and bury her with her parents at least.
Kellie's husband is the owner of the resort and he joins his wife at the hospital and is telling them about the poor couple who were killed and thier baby can't be found and was his good friends sister.
Leandros goes to see the baby at Fran & kellie request and he thinks it could be the right coloring and age of the missing baby but 12 miles is along way for the baby to have traveled in storm.
Nik gets the call from Leandros about the baby in the hospital could be thier miracle baby. They rush straight their.
Fran and Kellie both are having issues with having children. Fran has known for years she could not have one. It ended her marriage when her husband decided that after all he did not want to adopt he wanted his own.
Kellie and Leandros are having problems and can't concieve together and thier marriage is on the rocks.
It is a tough issue with so many couples wanting children and can't have them. So many others are throwing them away because they dont want them.
I can't wait to read Kellie story that will be coming soon and see how they are fairing. I like the characters in the story. Love the scenery and the bits of history of some of different places they visit or ones they can't visit.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
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