Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Marriage Campaign by Karen Templeton


Its book 3 in Summer Sisters

Three cousins have inheirited thier grandmothers inn. They used to spend thier summers together at her house when they were growing up. They had lost contact for years. Now they are enjoying each other again.

Blythe has helped her cousin decorate the inn she is opening. She is also helping too plan thier double wedding. Her 11 year old cousin Quinn best friend is Jack and lives just a few houses from her. Blythe sees something in Jack that reminded her of herself as a teenager full of anger. Blythe made some really bad choices trying to get her parents to notice her. She does not want Jack to go down the same path as her.

Blythe was asked to help decorate Jack's room. It has stayed the same since his mom decorated it when he was six. With race car bed and all. Jack's mom died a few years ago and right after his dad won his first race as Maryland congressman. He was gone so much of the time. His grandparents moved into his house to help take care of him. Blythe tries to tell his dad that she is concerned about Wes. He asks her if she sees something he does not to please help his son.

Right after that Blythe is taking her cousin Quinn home from Jack's and tells Blythe that she is worried about Jack. How he looses his temper for no reason. That she is his only friend now. Quinn wants Blythe to tell Jack's dad but not her mom. Quinn is afraid her mom won't let them be friends anymore.

Blythe tries to share her past with Jack and let him know some of the stuff she did wrong to help him as she shows him that he is important. Jack sees how his dad is looking at Blythe and that makes him mad too.

This book is dealing with tough issues and thier is not a fast fix. But as they open up and see that they are not alone and can help each other out. It makes me think I hope I did not mess my own kids up too bad. Because no one is a perfect parent or grandparent.
Bad things happen to good people and everyone needs to cope in thier own way. Sharing can help.

I liked the relationships that the cousins are working with eath other and not letting past mistakes keep them apart now. It is always fun to see characters that I have read about show up in other books.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review when done by Netgalley.

Published January 22nd 2013 by Harlequin 224pages ISBN:0373657242

Description below taken off

Maid of honor at her cousins' double wedding is as close as Blythe Broussard plans to get to tying the knot again. But Wes Phillips refuses to take "I won't" for an answer. The widowed Maryland congressman is passionately campaigning for a date with the once-burned D.C. designer. And Wes's eleven-year-old son just joined the race.

Getting reelected isn't as important as winning Blythe's trust and convincing the guarded beauty to take a shot at love...even if her scandalous past threatens to derail Wes's political future. His future with Blythe comes first-if they're both willing to risk their hearts for a second chance that's worth fighting for.

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