Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trouble Bruin by George Hosier

Trouble Bruin (Chinook, Tongue-in-Cheek Alaskana)

I had a smile the whole time reading Trouble Bruin. It's funny. He has gathered some of his news articles
he had written about life in Alaska. He brought to life what growing up in Alaska was like.
He makes fun of himself and everyone he knew. Not degrading.

I would recommend reading Trouble Bruin if you to want to smile and laugh.
Some of things I learned while reading this book: I am glad that I was not his mother. Not to go hood riding down a mountain. I don't want to try Eskimo ice cream. Don't put your tongue on metal in freezing weather. Wear the right clothes for the weather.
How to attract a Grizzly Bear and many more things.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review in exchange by Librarything.

Book Description Taken off

Publication Date:November 8, 2011
Enjoy eclectic nuggets from the popular Alaskan humor column, "Chinook". These hilarious and thought-provoking articles first appeared in the Delta Wind weekly newspaper. Author George Hosier is a long time Alaskan who currently resides in the interior town of Delta Junction at the terminus of the Alcan Highway. His style is something that one might encounter if Dr. Frankenstein were to blend the genes of Pat McManus, Mark Twain and Dave Barry and then plunge the resultant literary hybrid's brain into glacier water until his frontal lobe froze solid and shattered. Experience the Last Frontier's weather, wildlife and whimsy from a perspective that is guaranteed to elicit a belly laugh and more than one wry grin.

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