Saturday, February 2, 2013

McCloud's Woman (Carolina/McCloud Brothers #2)


This was good not my favorite but good. Thier are a few love scenes in it that I skipped over.
I like the McCloud brothers and thier friends.
T.J. is hiding out in his sister-in-laws beach house. He was digging for the rest of the bones and any other clues who these
two guys were. Some people wanted them to be pirates and that would be great publicity for the movie that was going to be filmed on the beach. Others think it would be slaves or even Germans from WWII.

T.J. had all these boxes of information that might be used in trial. His friend the Colonel Martin that he worked with and a family friend. The Col. has been acused of taking bribes and letting war crimes suspects off without bringing them to trial. T.J. might just have the evidence. He could also be up for trials or testimony if they thought he knew. He did not want to destroy a friends life till he knew one way or the other. He was hiding from media that might remember he was thier and friends with the Col.

Mara has changed a lot since high school when she dated Tim. T.J. did not remember her. She has been married and divorced twice. Had nose job,modeling lessons. She is now in North Carolina to produce a movie. If it makes a profit she will buyout her ex-husband share of the movie studio. But they can not get to the beach where they have permission to film because T.J. has blocked the roadway because of his dig.

Someone is threatening T.J. because he is holding up the movie with his federal funded dig. Though he is leaning towards a 60 year old murder. He is not going to have the evidence be destroyed by vehicals crossing the dig.

Mara and T.J. get together again and Mara also knows his two brothers that also are on the island. Even though they are in each others way professionaly.

Lots of drama,humor,some mystery and romance make it a good story. I bought it off amazon.
book discription taken off Goodreads

A lot has happened to Mara Simon since she was a teenager. And although on the inside she’s still the sweet, sensitive girl she was back then, the face she shows the world is that of a beautiful, high-powered Hollywood producer with a movie to make and a schedule to keep. She can’t let the fact that Tim McCloud, her first and only love, has turned up on her set rattle her. With so much riding on the success of this film, all she can do is ignore the way his presence makes her rethink everything she thought she wanted out of life and turns her steely fa├žade to jelly.

Tim McCloud didn’t even recognize her when she walked into his office. The girl he knew had been replaced with a sizzling bombshell. Underneath the paint and glitter Tim sees that the girl he used to love has become a woman with an incredible mind and a loving heart. Their goals are wildly different but he can’t ignore the fact that her presence makes him rethink everything he thought he wanted out of life. Now, to win her back, he must show her the difference between Hollywood artifice and real happiness. . .

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