Monday, February 4, 2013

Carolina Girl (Carolina/McCloud Brothers #3 ) by Patricia Rice


Carolina Girl is the third book in the Carolina/McCloud Brothers.

In the McCloud brothers they all had money and then lost it in different ways. This book ties up the loose ends in the
previous books. Some sex scenes.

It has some great characters, some old favorites and some new ones. Has drama,danger and heroes. Shows how much family can do and share each other burdens and trials.

Clay is hiding out at the beach house this book. He was betrayed by his fiance and business partner. He does not plan to let anyone else take his work. He is going to control everything. Right now he is being a beach bum. Also he is tinkering with the clock tower he plans to get it working.

Clay watches a Loggerhead turtle come onto the beach and lay her eggs. He wants to protect them after that. He also wants to protect his brother and sister-in-law land from being overrun.

Aurora is back home after being fired. She is also helping her family both her sister and father were hurt in a accident. She has sold everything she can to help pay the bills. All she has is her expensive car.

Someone wants to buy the land thier family has had for generations. If one person sells to the state it will force the land to be auctioned off. some will make money the rest won't even have a home if that happens. She wants some changes but not the swamp gone
and condos built.

I liked how the story ends even if I guessed some of the story.
I bought on amazon.

Discription below taken off Goodreads.

An ambitious MBA with a genius for opening her mouth when she shouldn't, Aurora Jenkins wants nothing more than to fix her accident-prone family so she can leave the suffocating rural culture of her hometown and run back to the big city where she belongs.
Considered an eccentric hermit with no more ambition than to repair the courthouse clock, Clay McCloud has withdrawn to his brother's South Carolina island home to rethink his wasted corporate life. After giving up his million-dollar lifestyle to pay back the investors devastated by his treacherous, MBA wielding ex-fiancée, all he wants is to be left alone. The last thing he wants is another woman with an MBA and strong opinions.

A real estate scam that threatens the island and both their families, and a million dollar bottle cap that can save only one of them, forces these two brilliantly stubborn people to recognize what's really important as they fight for the island, their families, and the chance to love and live again.

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