Monday, February 11, 2013

Remember Me, Cowboy by C.J. Carmichael

Remember Me, Cowboy is a Coffee Creek, Montana series book 1.

I enjoyed reading about the Lambert family in Coffee Creek, Montana. It did leave me wanting to know more some of the characters.
I have to know more. So I look forward to visiting again in Coffee Creek.

Laurel came to Coffee Creek for her best friends wedding. She is excited for her new promotion in New York City. But she has also fallen hard and fast with Corb Lambert in the week she has been in Montana. Her friend Winnie got bad news before the wedding.
She has had to move back home to her parents and can't be in Coffee Creek running her cafe. So Laurel has put her life on hold to help her friend out when she was needed.

Laurel has been thier two months now and she has not seen Corb since the night before the wedding when they slept together. He has not even called. Now Corb shows up and starts to flirt with her just like he had never met her. Laurel realizes that he does not remember them falling for each other. Laurel also realizes that she is pregnant with Corb's baby.

Laurel and Corb are in a strange place and try to plan a future together. Lots of humor and good characters. Lots of drama.
Laurel finds her new-mother-in-law Olive hard to take. Olive picked out her wedding dress and other decisions. Laurel is having a
hard time with her wanting her way in everything and Corb letting his mother run the show'

This is a fast read I would have like more in this book. I guess now I will have to wait to read the next book in the series. I finshed reading the book in one seating.

I was given this ebook by C.J. Carmichael and asked for a honest review when I had finshed.

Publisher: Harlequin American Romance (January 1, 2013) 218 pages ISBN: 0373754388

Discription below taken off

Corb Lambert is ready to marry Laurel Sheridan. She's pregnant with his baby—and Corb is the type of guy who will do the right thing. He just wishes that he could remember the passion they shared before a terrible accident wiped his memory clean.

Laurel can't decide whether to go or stay. Corb is willing to take on his responsibility, but Laurel can't bear the thought that he doesn't remember her, especially since she fell for him, hard. She's got a life in New York—but her baby deserves a father. Could he love her all over again? Or is he just staying in Montana to give her child a name? Laurel has to know now, because one person can't do all the loving….

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