Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Gray Ghost Murders by Keith McCafferty


The Gray Ghost Murders is a follow up with the same characters plus a lot of new ones from Royal Wuff Murders. I read Royal Wuff last march 2012 and reviewed it here http://readalot-rhonda1111.blogspot.com/2012/03/royal-wulff-murders-keith-mccafferty.html.
I gave it 4 stars too.

If you love fly fishing and murder mysterys you will love The Gray Ghost Murders. It talks more about the flies of fly fishing then a lot of actual fishing. But does make you want to go out to the woods. Except ours are all covered with snow. Their are a few mysteries going on in this book.

Sean gets asked to look into finding the two missing flys. They are worth a bunch of money but the value is sentamental. Sean gets tricked into going to look for one thing and it is actually to meet up with someone else to talk about the missing flies. One is the Gray Ghost fly.

Sheriff Ettinger and team are out looking for a lost hiker when they find a grave in the trees. Before too much time comes their party gets in the way of a bear and her cubs. After they get the wounded tracker to the hospital. The next day Sean is asked to take them to the graves and look around for them.

Two bodies are buried out their. The bear had dug up part of the one so they could not even say who or how they died.
So Sean is busy, he still paints, fishing guides, and P.I. work. He is now working on a case for the sheriff Martha Ettinger. His personal life he met someone new and started dating her. He is still sleeping in his office to save money.

I keep thinking that he would get together with the Sheriff someday. I don't really feel connected to any of the characters. I do like Sean,Martha but the others not so much. Even the ones who end up dead. Maybe it is just me today.

I was kept guessing on everything till it had all played out. loved the settings of the story.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it when done by Netgalley.
02/21/2013 PUB PENGUIN GROUP Viking 320 pages ISBN 9780670025695

Description taken below is off of Netgalley.com

Montana’s favorite fly fisherman detective is back on the case in this compelling follow-up to The Royal Wulff Murders

When the graves of two men are discovered on Sphinx Mountain, Sheriff Martha Ettinger suspects murder. But with the only evidence a hole in a skull that might or might not have been caused by a bullet, she once more finds herself turning to private investigator Sean Stranahan for help. Stranahan already has a case, having been hired by a group of eccentric fly fishermen called The Madison River Liars and Fly Tiers Club to find a valuable fly that they suspect has been stolen. Could the disappearance of a vintage Gray Ghost from a riverside cabin in the Madison Valley be connected to the gray ghosts who haunt Sphinx Mountain? Stranahan will cross paths, and arms, with some of the most powerful people in the valley to find out, in a novel that is sure to capture new fans for one of the mystery genre’s rising stars.

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