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The Irish Duchess by Patricia Rice


The Irish Duchess (Regency Nobles #3)

The Irish Duchess is book 3 in Regency Nobles but the first one I have read. Thier are other characters that are well developed and feel like I missed things by reading this first. But it can stand alone.

Thier were some love scenes in details. Lots of drama,action, with English nobles,Irish rebels,Irish army,Catholic church and Protestant church. Lots of groups that don't like the others differences.

Neville Perceval is a Duke who is trying to get some laws changed in England Parliament with his two friends. Also if he gets his bills passed he could get in office more.

Neville is poor but has a estate and title. He plans to marry for a dowery to help to get his estate in shape. The woman that he is courting is shy and he does not feel much for her.

Fiona is a passionate outgoing, wears boys clothing,climbs ropes of ships, roofs of cottages,midwife and tries to take care of her village. She is worried about 7 orphans after thier mother died in childbirth. The grandmother tries to help take of them. She had little money. The whole village has a hard time making ends meet. But they have a plan. The village had a fair and earned money that they are going to buy looms and have a cottage industry. But the funds are stolen and the person that had it was murdered.

Fiona and Neville have chemistry and get caught kissing at a social event so they agreed to marry. Fiona's dowery will help buy the looms and feed the orphans.

Before the wedding Fiona runs back to Ireland hoping that Neville will follow when she over hears a plan to murder the Duke and make her out as a traitor. Duke follows and gets hit again and knocked out again. When he wakes he does not make sense and hardly talk.

Thier is a lot in this story that keeps your attention. Now I want to go read the other books in this series.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review when done by Librarything.

Published November 3rd 2012 by Book View Cafe ASIN B00A1PVHOW
Discription below taken off goodreads.

Duke meets shrew. Taming doesn’t happen.

Neville Perceval, the bankrupt Duke of Anglesey, has been burdened since youth with more responsibility than one man should handle. He has finally accepted that he needs to marry a wealthy, gracious lady who will ease his burdens and smooth his political path.

Fiona MacDermot, the rebellious, untamed cousin of an Irish earl, has the freedom and independence Neville has never known. Like the duke, she needs cash to help starving villagers and orphans. Unfortunately, she’d rather earn a living than have anything to do with useless men, and the politicians she knows all belong at the wrong end of a rope.

But when the duke is nearly beaten to death, and Fiona’s looms are lost to a murdering thief, their lives are entangled in ways that threaten their futures. Lust shouldn’t factor into their destinies, but it does, and now they have to find their dreams together, or die trying

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