Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heart In Hand by Barbara Cameron

Stitches in Time Book 3

Oops I read book 3 before book 2. I don't even have book 1 yet. But I will be reading book 2 soon.
In Stitches in Time 3 cousins work in a craft store with thier Grandmother and find love along the way.
In Heart in Hand we see how the three cousins lives have changed by working together in the Craft store.

The main character in Heart in Hand is Anna who after a short marriage became a widow with no children. Anna has not been happy and she feels a little jealous of her cousins that they have found love. Anna had found love with Sam while they were both in school. Anna had never dated anyone else. She loves to knit.

Gideon Beiler is A widower raising a little girl Sarah Rose. Gideon has tried to be a good parent to Sarah Rose. He promised his late wife that she would learn the skills a mother would teach her. Gideon brought his daughter into the craft store so they could pick out a craft to learn together. They decided to learn how to knit a scarf.

The craft kit came with yarn that they planned to dye together in koolaid. Sarah Rose read the directions out loud but she skipped over the part to wear rubber gloves. Gideon ended up with purple dye all over his hands that did not come off at all. The next day was sunday and he got a lot of attention for purple hands.

After Anna had come to the rescue to help Gideon get the dye off his hands and teaching the knitting clase Gideon and Sarah Rose joined he asked Anna if he could date her. Anna did not think she was ready to date but agreed they could start slow. It was not easy to start dating again for either Anna or Gideon.

I liked the characters in Stitches in Time series. I wanted to know more about the different characters. Gideon and Anna seamed real to me. Some ways this book touched me and made me greatful for what I have.

Everyone grieves a little different. Sometimes we want to rush other people through the process. This does a good job showing the emotions of opening your heart to love again.

This is a clean read. Sweet romance with some humor,drama and good characters dealing with real problems.

I was given this ebook and asked in exchange to give honest review when done by Netgalley.
Publisher: Abingdon Press (February 1, 2013) 290 pages ISBN: 1426714343

Description below taken off of Netgalley. (I know the name is different but that was in the discription of book)
After the wedding of her cousin Naomi, knitter Anna, a widow, finds herself missing love and the closeness of a husband. She feels a special connection with her grandmother as they both struggle to go on with life.

Is Anna on the verge of finding happiness when she realizes John Esh is interested in her? Love begins to warm Anna’s heart, but will she be so afraid of losing someone that she gives up the second chance that God has provided?

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