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The Cana Diversion (Brock 'The Rock' Callahan, #9)


The Cana Diversion (Brock 'The Rock' Callahan, #9) by William Campbell Gault

This is the first book that I have read by William Campbell Gault. I believe he has written 14 at least featuring Brock the Rock Callahan. So the characters are already fleshed out. I feel that if I had read the others it would be more helpful to me. I would read more of his novels.
This a clean read that was first written in the 80's. It did not feel that old or course I was graduated in 1981 from high school so
I could have missed somethings.

Brock the Rock is a P.I. or at least he used to be. His Uncle left him a lot of money so now he is rich and retired. He used to play football. he is not one to push around. He ran into a P.I. from LA that he had known that is doing bailbonds now. He used him to bail out his wife when she was protesting a nuclear plant that they want to build. Days later he was murdered.

Brock feels like he has to get involved. Mrs. Puma agrees and gives him a file that she did not give the investigators.
Brock is followed by a fed and warns him off. The police wonder if Puma was involved with the mob, since he was the middleman once for a mob family and a kidnapper. Brock finds a lot about his once co-worker.

It is a good mystery. Kept me guessing to the end. If you like P.I. mystery novels this will do .
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it finshed by Netgalley.
09/18/2012 PUB Open Road Integrated Media, Road SBN9781453273371

Description below taken off of

While tangling with radicals, Brock stumbles on a colleague’s corpse

Brock Callahan, ex-private investigator, is still not used to wealth and retirement. In fact he is struggling through a game of golf when the clubhouse calls with the curious news that his wife is in jail, pulled in at an anti-nuclear protest. Callahan hires Joe Puma, private detective and onetime peer, to post bail for the budding radical. A few days later, Puma is dead, and Brock begins to wonder where the student movement’s shadowy roots lie.

The agitators want to stop the proposed Mirage Point reactor, which sits at the intersection of mob money, corrupt utilities, and the violent rage of the radical fringe. And as Callahan knows all too well, California doesn’t run on nuclear energy; the state is powered by the dirtiest fuel there is—old-fashioned, murderous greed.

This book was originally published in 1982.

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