Monday, February 25, 2013

Tomorrow author Lauren Carr will be guest blogger

I have read and reviewed Lauren's books and have enjoyed them. She is on a book tour for Blast from the Past.
She sent me soft back copies of Blast From the Past her new A Mac Faraday mystery. She also sent Dead on Ice from her Lovers in crime mystery.
I have read both in ebook form arc.So I read them again the past few days. Even though I knew who was the bad guys were I still enjoyed getting lost in the story.

So if you like murder mysteries try Lauren's Carrs book. I do like Mac and Gnarly. One question though. What happened to all the puppies? 4 STARS 5 STARS 4 STARS 4 STARS 4STARS 5 STARS 5 STARS 4 STARS 5 STARS

If you want to read my reviews of Lauren's novels here is the address and the rating I did when I read them.

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Lauren Carr said...

What happened to Gnarly's puppies? Keep reading Mac Faraday Mysteries and some of them may be coming to visit!