Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yellowstone Memories by Jennifer Rogers Spinola


Yellowstone Memories is a collection of four stories in different eras that tie in loosely around lost gold. One of the four stories hit me hard last night and just cried. They are Christian based stories,clean language, and are well told. I was feeling for the characters and reacted to the stories. Also make me want to back and see Yellowstone again.

Black Widow

Collette Moreau was half french and half Arapaho and at age 14 sold to a trapper. She is accused of having killed her husband and is on the run hiding on a ranch pretending she does not know English. She has a letter and a key that would help her find the gold.
Wyatt Kelly is 25 and all of his family were killed by indians. His Uncle took him in. He was week physically but smart. He was determined to find the hidden gold that was supposed to be close by his Uncle's ranch. He thought if he taught english to Collette that would help him find the gold.
Others are willing to kill to find the gold. They don't think the law is for them.

Finding Yesterday

Justin Fairbanks is working as a CCC recruit to help build yellowstone park trails. He is trying to hide from his past. Justin sends money home to help support his sister and little brother. He drove drunk and killed someone.
Lia shows up at yellowstone with a friends family. It was Lia's father Justin killed.
Justin has changed his life around and he asks for Lia's forgiveness.

After the Ashes

Thomas Walks-with-Eagles and Alicia Sanchez are firefighters fighting Yellowstone's big fire.
Alicia has had a poor background of abuse physical and emotional. She has eating problems and not caring if she lives or dies.
Thomas cares for Alicia always sharing with her. He is worried about her and shares his past mistakes and his conversion to follow Jesus has helped him change his life around.
Alicia's old boyfriend has threaten to kill her if she ever left him. That was two years ago. She thinks she sees him around.


Taka Shimamori is researching wolves and other animals at Yellowstone. He is different and thats his truth and he embraces himself.
Jersey Peterson has predjuced against the Japeneese and judges Taka unfairly. The rumor about the gold is being looked for again.
I loved the characters in all these stories and wished they were longer. This makes a good book to read in short bits with the different stories. Or read all 4 at once.
They make you think and realize the power of Christ is.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to share my honest opinion in reviewing the book. I like Jennifer's books. I have read at least 3 and have enjoyed them.
02/01/2013 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc. 352 pages ISBN-10: 1616267453

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