Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Cowboy Valentine by Jane Porter, Tanya Michaels


My Cowboy Valentne is two shorter stories set around Valentines Day.Be Mine, Cowboy and
Hill Country Cupid. Both also have cowboys,kids & romance.

Rachel is a single mom and things are tight. Her son is 4 and has special needs. He is cute. Rachel is trying her best to give her son what he needs. She has lost her home and then things get worse.

Cade is a rodeo champion and a acholic. 5 years ago Rachel wanted him to get help with his drinking. If he did not then they were done. Cade chose boose over Rachel. Now Cade is sober and he is back. Will he remain sober and can they work things out.

I know that boose can really mess up peoples lives. It is hard to believe in acholics word. But they can change with hard work. I like both Rachel and Cade's characters in the book. They both have faults and good traits. They are likeable.
I enjoyed reading Jane's story and will look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Hill Country Cupid Tess sees the single father Nick looking shyly at another single mother of one of her balet students. Tess decides that Nick needs help to connect to his high school dream girl.

Nick was shy. He had a stuttering problem as a young kid. He is a good caring father.
When Tess shocks him by telling him that she would help him to get the other women.
Things don't go as planned.

I like Nick he does not give up on when things are important to him. It was too short I wanted more.

I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.

Description taken from Netgalley.com

A Kiss From A Cowboy...
Be Mine, Cowboy by Jane Porter

Years ago, Rachel James gave Cade King an ultimatum, and he walked. Heartbroken, Rachel moved on. Life is tough as a single mom, but Rachel is doing just fine.

Now Cade's back after burning up the rodeo circuit, and things are different. He's sober, but with one burning regret. He has some work to do to show Rachel he's changed-but he's up to the challenge.

Hill Country Cupid by Tanya Michaels

Tess knows what young Bailey Calhoun wants: a mom. So when she sees shy cowboy Nick Calhoun giving someone the eye, Tess goes into full matchmaking mode.

Nick is happy to have Tess's help...but her matchmaking backfires. How can he convince his cupid that she's the one he wants?

02/05/2013 PUB Harlequin Imprint: Harlequin American Romance ISBN: 9780373754427

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