Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dark River Road by Virginia Brown

Well I ended up crying a few times during the story. Felt lots of emotions in the book.
Chantry starts as teenager and comes through a lot of trials before he is 16. Chantry lives with his mom and stepfather and little brother Mike.  He has two older stepbrothers too.
His stepfather is on disabilty and spends his checks on beer. Very selfish. One of his quick money schemes he bought a pregnant dog with money he won gambling.  Chantry helped deliver the 8th pup and he hand fed him and worked two jobs for money to feed him and later train him when his stepfather wanted to kill the pup.
Mike has a lot of health problems and his father did not think much of him either. He wore braces on his legs and still had problems walking. He also had to have sergury on heart too.
Chantry was always told that his father died during vetnam war.  Dempsey the black neighbor was more a father figure too him than his stepfather.
Dempsey was a gardner and his daughter Tansey loved music. Tansey and Chantry grew up friends till she started dating real early. Tansey mother was white and she could pass for white but had to deal with a lot of racisms.  Even had a cross burned in their lawn.
Their was one man Quinton who's family had started the town and still controlled what happens too a lot of people. If you crossed him he could hurt the whole family. His grandson was Chris was spoiled. Chris and two of his friends fought a lot and caused trouble for Chantry. His other granddaughter was Cinda and thats who Chantry liked till her mothe broke them up.
The children drank and had sex way to young in this story for my taste.
The last part of the book takes place fourteen years in the future when Chantry goes back to his home town where he is accused of killing Quinton and most of the other characters are still in the town dealing with the same issues of fourteen years ago.
I cried way too much in this book specially over the dog and at other times in the book. I was very vested into this story. I would recommend this book but have tissues on hand.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley
12/01/2011 PUB Bell Bridge Books.

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