Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Frustrated with Yahoo!

yahoo calendar -10

I thought I was being so organized wrote everything on calendar about when blog tours, blog blasts even days that I said possible days for certain tours. Went to make sure all ready for tomorrow and my calendar is all blank. No information on it at all. Of course did not write them on physical calendar for backup.
Hopefully I can find all or most of information. Sometimes I just want to cry when everything goes wrong.
early today yahoo would not let me forward or reply to email problems.
If anyone has suggestions how I can get information back help please. If I told you I would do a review on certain day remind me.
I put most of emails about blog tours in one folder so hopefully that will work.

Computers have not been my friend this month. Had daughters computer that I was using die on me. Thunderstorm two days after I bought new computer took out my modem and router. Than two days after warranty at store was done computer would not turn on.
windows 8 is a pain to relearn to use.
At least tomorrow is new month. Yeah!

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