Monday, July 14, 2014


I need to count my blessings more. So I am going to try everyday to write a few of them. I am grateful for daughters Rachel and Samantha they are smart, healthy and like each other. Also love my parents and brothers. Glad and grateful I have a house, with fans and windows to help cool off. I have a car that I can drive to church and store, I have a kindle that I can change font bigger so I can read still.
Who or what are you grateful for today? If your reading this you have working eyes. you also have a way to get on internet.
A lot of times I see things that are going wrong so I want to try and change for better. So I am setting goal to be grateful for different people and things in my life. Come and join me. Lets change me.
July 14, 2014
1. Daughters Samantha, Rachel healthy, smart, and like each other
2. Parents
3. brothers Randy, Rick and Russ
4. House with windows and fans
5. 1986 car that can get me to store and church
6. Kindle that I can change font when eyes change so I can still read.

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