Friday, July 11, 2014

Serial Novels Love or Hate them

Serial Love or Hate Them

Operation Zulu Redemption: Collateral Damage - Part 1 by Ronie Kendig is a new serial novel . They say that it will be in 5 parts but they have Operation Zulu Redemption: The Beginning that is free.
I like the serial novels but I really don't. I hate to wait for the next week to know what happens and the cliffhangers to be solved..
Plus it costs for each episode to read. Some I have read were only .99 cents others $1.99 Ronie Kendig is $3..99. I have been lucky and have not had to pay to read the ones I have read because I was given the ebooks so that I could review them honestly.

But so far I think I have read four serial books and I have loved them. They are gripping with drama , by writers that I enjoy reading, cliffhangers that have me racing to get the next episode as soon as I can. Full of characters that I care about, because if I didn't I would not be racing for next episodes.

Operation Zulu Redemption is the second serial from Shiloh Run Studios. The first one was Hidden Falls by Olivia Newport 13 episodes. I will be waiting for the next episode.

What do you think about the serial books? Have you joined the band wagon or waiting till they come out as a full novel. Do you authors like them? What serial novels have you read?

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