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Dying to Tell by TJ O'Connor (A Gumshoe Ghost Mystery #3 )


Dying is as perilous as secrets and lies.
Detective Oliver Tucker never knew how perilous the past was until his wife, Angel, is nearly killed and the reclusive banker, William Mendelson, is found murdered in a hidden vault where ancient Egyptian relics and World War II secrets are stashed.
Now those relics are missing. The secrets are coming out. The dead are talking.
Tuck, the detective for the dead, knows there’s more to Mendelson’s murder than haunting family secrets and decades-old skullduggery. With Angel and his detective partners, Tuck’s guided by his long-dead grandfather, World War II OSS Captain Oliver Tucker I. Ollie is still on a mission from 1942 as murderers, thieves, and spies descend on small-town Winchester.
As the case unfolds, Tuck must also confront the growing distance between his death and Angel’s life—and the outcome is a killer of its own.
Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: January 8th 2016 by Midnight Ink
0738742074 (ISBN13: 9780738742076)
My review: Dying to Tell by TJ O'Connor (A Gumshoe Ghost Mystery #3 ) 
Dying to tell is third in A Gumshoe Ghost Mystery.  It can stand alone but much better if you have read the first two books.  Because a lot of the same characters alive or deceased. 
 Detective Oliver Tucker is the main character.  He is still a homicide detective and married but he is dead.  Only his wife Angel and he partner Bear can hear him. He is always being told to shut up. 
His family's past has some of the answers. His two grandfathers show up as ghosts too.
Some of the answers has to do with the past and WW11.  His grandfather shows him little bit of the past at a time.

Angel Tucker is feeling stocked by her husband.  She is trying to move on but is having problems since her husband is still around.  She loves him and doesn't want him to leave just give her some privacy. She is a history professor. She is still close to Bear and other cops.

Bear is homicide detective who seems to talk to his dead partner all the time.  He tries to hide it.

Angel is going to a meeting at the bank at 7:30 am when she is held hostage by a bank robber.  Oliver sees another ghost and leads him down to find a murdered guy in front of a secret vault. That is a secret that a lot of bank employees know.

There are a lot of bank employees that are suspect and everyone leads to a different suspect.  One of the bank managers wants to date Angel.  Oliver is jealous of him.

Has plenty of secrets, drama,  murder and suspects.  It kept me guessing.  Some of the twists I had guessed but most of them I did not see coming.   Did not want to put down till I had finished reading.

What would you do if your deceased husband was around all the time?  Has some light humor to the story.  It is also a clean read.
I was given this ebook to read by NetGalley and  Midnight Ink.  In return I agreed to give a honest review of Dying to Tell.


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