Friday, October 5, 2012

A Home for Nobodys Princess by Leanne Banks

4 STARS I liked Coco's story. She is all alone now that her mother is dead from cancer. Coco knows she is adopted and when she tried to find out more her birth parents did not want too. When Coco found out that her father was a Prince and had lots of children, She was not interested in them because of thier title. She always wanted brother or sisters. Coco Jordan has a year & 1/2 left of collage she had to quit to take care of her mother but she does plan to go back in the future. She has gotton a job as a nanny out on a ranch in Texas where she is from. Benjamin Garmer runs a cattle ranch with over ten thousand acres but he is scared of his daughter Emma. Emma screams when he gets near her. So he likes to avoid her right now. When a weekend fling ends in a pregnacy he offers mairrage but she doesn't to give up her party life. She had died a few months after giving birth. Benjamin took Emma right away to live with him but she hates him. He hired Coco to be her nanny and Emma loved her right away. She is really happy now except when her father is around. So when the media and everyone makes a fuss over Coco now being a daughter of a Prince Coco can't go anywhere without someone bothering her and scaring Emma. She is also getting tons of mail,calls,gift baskets of fruit,proposals from men who want to marry her. Her royal family wants her to sign a paper she won't talk to media. They want her to come to thier little Kingdom. Coco wants to meet her family but she does not want to leave Emma. Benjamin does not want to loose Coco and is willing to do anything to keep her. He is attracted to her but does not want things to go wrong when she is taking care of his baby. So Benjamin idea that they pretend to be engaged and not even his housekeeper is to know the truth. He also plan to go with her and take the baby with them. Coco is very agreeable to that plan. She loves Emma and does not want to leave her when she is getting her to accept her father a little more in her life. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgally. 9/18/2012 Pub. Harlequin

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