Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When Snow Falls by Brenda Novak

4 STARS This is moving story but thier are a lot of love scenes in it. Cheyenne Christensen is going through tough times. Her mother is dying of cancer and is mean to her. Her older sister is on drugs and parties. They had a tough time always moving and her moms new boyfriends. Not having enough to eat but mom always enough for boose and drugs. Cheyenne is not even sure her mom is her mom. She remembers a blond lady and having lots of toys and food. She guesses with her mom's history that she could have made it up to help her cope. Her mom favors her older sister too. Cheyenne is a 31 year old virgin she has always seen what happens to her mom especially when she sometimes hooked for money and boose. When she was high school age they came to whiskey Creek and her mom was diagnosed with cancer for the first time so they ended staying here. Which was the best thing that happened to Cheyenne she made a group of friends that are still tight and meet together every friday morning for coffee when they can. She works for her best friend at a bed & breakfast. Almost all of her friends are going on a two week vacation crusie that they have been planning over two years. Cheyenne has always had a crush on Joe. Her bestfriend decided that she was really into so after going to his gas station everyday finally asked him out. Eve has no idea that Cheyenne had a crush on him for years. After they are all gone on the cruise Joe for the first time stops by Cheyenne's house with a bottle of wine and play cards while she is taking care of her mom. He asks her out again but says she can't because of Eve. Dylan Amos sees her in the park and tells her if she ever wants to get to know what she is missing her to give him a call. Cheyenne ends up calling him and makes a excuse than he shows up and they have a booty call. She doesn't want anyone to know. sleeps with him a few times. Joe sister is also one of Cheyenne's friends and Joe calls her for help to get Cheyenne to date him. So she calls Eve on her cruise and explains whats going on and she calls Cheyenne to tell her to accept the date it wont hurt their friendship. Cheyenne is all mixed up over who she wants to see or be seen with. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. Harlequin MIRA (October 23, 2012) 448 pages

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