Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Candy Shop War Arcade Catastrophe by Brandon Mull


I was excited to read Candy Shop War Arcade Catastrophe. I admit that I do own Candy Shop War but have not read it, but I am going too. I loved Fablehaven series. If your a Brandon Mull fan you will enjoy this book.
In Candy Shop War Arcade Catastrophe its starts off by kids spending all thier money to try and get a prize stamp. No one knows what they do or why thier is only 4 of 4 different stamps. They cost the most tickets of any prize at the arcade.
Roman's two friends got the jet stamp while he was grounded from spending his life savings of 400$ at the arcade.
Nate, Trevor,Summer and Pigeon are back. They get told by these two twin dudes that thier friends John who is a police detective of mages and his boss Mozag are missing.
They tell them to ask thier friend at the Candy Shop to verify these facts.
All they know is it involves the arcade and that they can't go in they would be noticed right away.
The kids agree and accept money and camera to try and find out whats going on with the arcade.
Nate plays basketball arcade next to Roman and he makes bets with him. Nate loses two games. Then Cris Roman's friend gets on the bet too. Cris and Roman let on that they were trying to save up to get something and Roman already has 40,000 tickets.
Nate chews a piece of gum and wins the bet. Then Cris makes another bet at the bigger basketball court and Nate whens again.
They figure out that it has to be the stamps that Roman is trying to win. So they make plans to come back tomorrow and win as much as possible.
This book is full of drama,adventure,fun and tough choices they have to make. Nate, Trevor,Summer,and Pigeon have candy that gives them abilties. Like to be perfect.
They also run across more powers like flying.breathing in water,fast,strong.
Kids have to decide what is wrong and what is right. Who is the bad guy and who are the good guys. What would you be willing to do so you can keep flying.
I did not want to put the book down untill I finshed it. It is an exciting adventure that the whole family can enjoy. I will look forward to reading lots more books from Brandon Mull in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/23/2012 PUB. Deseret Book Co. Imprint Shadow Mountain 416 pages ISBN-10: 1609071794

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