Friday, October 5, 2012

Own the Night by Debbi Rawlins

4 Stars
This is a Hot Blaze book. Lots of warnings.
Sundance Dude Ranch is in Blackfoot Falls, Montana. When they opened part of their ranch into a dude ranch it saved the ranch. Now others are thinking about doing something like it too. It is bringing lots of females to town. They know what they want.
Sheriff Noah Calder is glad that his close friends saved thier ranch and its been good for the town. But he is running ragged dodging women. He wants them to change thier web sites, especially the remarks and pictures of him! Some women have been making excuses to meet him.
He gets a bullitin that two conartists are coming his way. One is pretty tall women.
Alana Richardson is changing her office and moving upstairs so for a week she needs to be gone. Her mom wants her to go with her for the holidays. Alana tells her house keeper that she is going to an island. Really she booked into a dude ranch. Her assistant is also on vacation for a week.
When Alana plane lands she finds that thier are no taxies so she hires someone to drop her off in Blackfoot Falls. She is thinking to make excuse to see the hot single sheriff. while walking she stops and talks to a old man in an alley and while her back is turned someone robs her of luggage,purse and laptop. The old guy says he saw nothing
Alana goes to sheriff office and reports everything was stolen he does not believe her and offers her a cell. Then he offers her his guest room. If she is conartist he does not want her staying at his friends dude ranch.
She can't believe someone stole all her stuff and camt get to bank till monday.
Someone is stilling small stuff around town. Neither Alana or Noah or trusting each other but they are attracted.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
Harlequin Blaze (September 18, 2012) 224pages

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