Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Look-Alike Lawman by Glynna Kaye

Texas Twin Series
I like this series but I think I would like it better if just one writer had written all of the books better. But have enjoyed them all so far and lookforward to the next book and can't wait to see what the answers are to why they were lied to and split up as a family and who sent them the bibles.
I fell in love with Cory and just want to hug the first grader. Cory is so loveable and sad at times.
Grayson has finally met his twin and his sister Maddie's twin. It is easier to love his new sister over his own twin. Grayson wants answers to thier past too. Grayson is on desk duty till his injury has healed all the way. He hates desk duty so volunteers to go to career day at the elementry school.
While he is going around to the different classes Cory comes up to him and tells him his daddy was a policeman but he was killed by a bad guy. He asks him if he knew his dad. Grayson responds that he did not know but that he heard that his daddy was a brave man that saved his partners life.
Cory is excited to meet Grayson and wants to be a cop too. His mom wants him to not be a cop. Does not want to be involved with a cop. But when Cory gets suspended when he is fighting she calls Grayson up and asks him to help her son.
Elise is now a single mom barely making enough to get by. When her husband was killed two years ago she found out that he gambled all the money they had. She had to sell everything and move into a apartment in a scary part of town. She has a lot of fears.
She does not want everyone back home know how bad things are for her. She is working full time, plus internet classes and being the only parent to Cory.
I would like to read more books by Glynna kaye in the future.

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