Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Little Amish Matchmaker by Linda Byler


The Little Amish Matchmaker is charming. Isaac is still in school and he notices that his older brother Simon likes his teacher Catherine but he is too shy to asks Teacher Catherine for a date. So he tries to help him.
Isaac is a smart teen he notices a lot of things around him and tries to help in a lot of ways. Isaac also notices what he should not be saying him and teaches alot inside his head about Pride, worldly things and what he should do.
I really like Isaac and how he goes to his friends to reach out and help a girl Ruthie who stutters all of a sudden. They give up thier recesses to help her for the Christmas
program. He finds out why all of a sudden she is stuttering and let her know that
she was okay and not worry about people judgeing her because her mom had problems.
It makes me want to be better at seeing a need and reach out to help and not judge others because they were different or family member different.
Isaac sees his teacher at different places and lets his brother know where she is. Simon then heads over and talks to Teacher catherine. But Simon still won't ask her out.
Another thing I liked about the story it showed a lot about the different foods they serve. I want to go and look up some of the reciepes.
This story also tells a bit about the different Amish families some are stricter and others are more lax but they don't stop being friends. They respect what their families rules.
Also tells a lot about the different ways they cope without electricity. You can see
a difference that Linda Byler being and living as a Amish writer brings to her books.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. I have enjoyed reading Linda Byler's books.
Publisher: Good Books (September 4, 2012) Open Road Media 195 pages

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