Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Snowglobe Christmas by Linda Goodnight and Lissa Manley


A Snowglobe Christmas is two stories together by two different authors in the town of
Snowglobe, Montana. They are both clean reads.
Yuletide Homecoming by Linda Goodnight
Rafe Westfield has come back to Snowglobe after being gone in the military for five years. He also left behind a ex-fiancee. Rafe still has nightmares about his experiences. He is joining his brother in the rental of snowmobiles.
Amy Caldwell has come back to Snowglobe to help her mom. Amy is going to run the shop so her mom can retire. Amy had her heart broken when Rafe decided to join the service and leave her behind. Amy does not expect to run into Rafe.
Amy and Rafe end up working on Christmas boxes for those in need through their church.
They find that they are still attracted after all and start to grow close again.
It is a nice story. Short story I wish it was longer. I was able to see the town of Snowglobe in the discription of the story. I would read more from Linda in the future.

A Family's Christmas Wish by Lissa Manley

I really liked the character in this story a lot. The two little girls joy at being together and bonding was sweet. I smiled a lot in this story.
Sara Kincaid inhierited a old house and she has turned into a bread and breakfast. With all the heavy snow she found her roof is leaking. Problem is she does not have the money to fix the roof.
Owen Larsen is coming to give a estimate of the roof and his babysitter had to go out of town so as he is a widower he brought his three year old with him. Turns out that Sara also has three year old little girl and is willing to play together.
Owen hopes it is a small job because he wants to leave Snowglobe and the memories behind.
Sara makes a deal with Owen she will babysit for him while he works. Owen is going out of way to help Sara because he knows how hard it is to be a single parent. His daughter is shy but Sara's daughter is not. They take to each other right away and soon all four of them were sharing Christmas traditions and growing closer.
I hope to read many more books in the future from Lissa.
I was given this ebook too read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Love Inspired (October 16, 2012) 224 pages

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