Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Valtieri Baby by Caroline Anderson


A nice romance. Thier are love scenes in the book that I skipped over.
Giovanni Valtieri is a lawyer who is about to go on vacation. Is car is packed and he is taking out the trash. A woman was out in the parking lot. She was the party who had been stealing from her business partner and finally realized that she had lost the case this afternoon.
She was shouting at him and then she used her purse and attacked him. Gio tripped over the curve and landed on his trash which had a broken bottle in it. He had a big piece of glass in his thigh. Twisted ankle and his hand cut. Gio took the piece of glass out of his thigh and it was the wrong thing to do.
Anita della Rossa is a wedding planner and is late with a last meeting with a bride. She is going with Valtieri ski vacation. Anita and Gio grew up together and were best friends. five years ago she and Gio had a short affair years ago. She never new why Gio broke up with her. Gio is driving her up.
After her meeting she was surprised to see all the miss calls from Gio. Anita listened to her calls and she started panicking about Gio.
When Anita got to the hospital she was able to give the hospital his name and who his family is. Anita was not let in for any updates so she called Gio's brother Luca who is a doctor at the hospital.
Anita is the only one around to help Gio after he was released from the hospital. Since his whole family is on the sking trip. Since his apartment was on the second story he good not go home. His family villa is closed because everyone is away. So Anita took him to her home.
Anita and Gio are having a hard time not remember what thier affair was like. Gio was hurtful because he thought it would be worse for Anita. Anita did not want to get back involved with Gio.
This is a quick romance as they are thrown back in close again. Thier is a little mystery about why Gio was attacked, why Gio broke up with Anita 5 years ago and why he is scared to be involved with anyone
I think Gio's family had been in previous books, but I have not read them. Would not interfer with this book if you did not read them either.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
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