Friday, October 26, 2012

the Professional by Rhonda Nelson

3 stars

The Professional had a range of emotions for me. I laughed,envied the seniors citizens nice community. felt pity Sophie O’Brien as a child. Mad at her parents. but laughter more than anything. Thier are a lot of love scenes in this book too.
Someone is stealing jewelry right out of the safe in the community. The only suspect so far is Sophie.
Jeb Anderson just got out of the rangers after he lost 3 men in ambush. He got a job with Ranger Security. His first job is to go undercover in the assisted living community as the grandchild of Foy.
Jeb is from a rich family but both his twin and himself joined the rangers. His brother is still in the service. They are very close and can feel each others strong emotions good or bad. Half a world away from each other. Jeb commander tried to get him to stay in the service because he knew he would probably lose both of them soon.
Ranger Security hopes to get them both to work with them when it does happen.
Foy is selling part of his viagra pills to others. He is also a ladies man. He also has no children so people are wondering about the grandson.
Sophie is massage therapist and sells her own soaps and hand lotion. She even has her own goats she milks for them. Her grandmother lived thier for a few years. Sophie is well loved around thier. The seniors are trying to matchmake between Jeb & Sophie.
Even throw a ball with a days notice and provide a dress, hair & makeup for Sophie.
Jeb is pretty sure that Sophie is not the thief till he catches her breaking into the manager's office.

The Player
is the first book in the MEN OUT OF UNIFORM series.
Jamie Flanagan and his two other friends want out of the army with thier security clearance cleared and agree to do the Colonel Carl Garrett a favor when he calls them.
Major Brian Payne, major Jamie Flanagan and Guy McCann were all on a secret mission they lost thier friend Major Daniel Levinson and feel guilty that he did not make it back alive.
They went into business together Ranger Security.
The Colonel called Jamie favor in. He was supposed to go to a stressrelease camp in Maine and protect the Colonel granddaughter.
Jamie is known as a player he goes out three times and then breaks up. He is goodlooking. When Jamie gets to the camp he finds that his real mission is to flirt with the granddaughter so she wont accept her boyfriend proposal. But Jamie is not to get to any bases with the granddaughter at all.
Audrey is beautiful. She worked a high stress job till she had a heartattack so she started her own stress relief camp for others that were like her.
Thier is a lot of sex talk and love scenes in this book and not a lot of plot.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
11/06/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinBlaze 448 pages

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