Thursday, October 4, 2012

review:The Assassins Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

5 STARS I was very interested in this story as I listened to it on my kindle. When all of a sudden I thought my kindle had run out. I hope thier is another book coming soon because I was not ready for it to end. It's adventure,magic,pirates,curses and a little romance. It all starts when Ananna of the Tanarau parent's arranged her marriage to another son of a pirate family. Ananna did not want to marry the good looking Tarrin of the Hariri. Ananna used Tarrin to buy her a piece of jewelry and why the merchant was showing Tarrin she stole a camal and took off. Ananna's father had taught her a lot of pirate skills. Her mom tried to teach her magic but it really did not work for her. She tried to change how she looked and dressed got rid of the camal as soon as she got away. When she was looking for a shop to sell her wedding dress. A women paid her and said that when she found herself in trouble to come straight back to her and she would help. Assassin had found her she got away and went to the shop and the women told her to go into the deseret and when he came to throw these potions on him. Ananna finally decided to trust her and left for the deseret and when the assassin found her she threw the bottles and said the spell. It did not work. As she was fighting she saw a sand snack and killed it before it killed the assassin. Naji stopped fighting and asked, "why she saved him from the snake?" Ananna said,"It seemed to be the thing to do." Because he was cursed years ago that when an enemy saved his life he had to protect her. Naji had no choice except to help keep her safe. She could not go far away from him. Naji wanted to break the unbreakable curse. So he figured out where to go for help. In the mean time he had to keep Ananna safe from others assassins and from Tarrin and his family. They are both strong willed and go to many places to try and break the curse. Ananna does not want to be helped but than she helps him too. I liked this novel and really want to read more about Ananna and Naji. See what happens next to them. Thier was no sex scenes in the story and I don't remember any swearing so if thier was some not much that I noticed. 10/02/2012 PUB Angry Robot

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