Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sign Off by P. A. McLinn

Book 1 in the Caught Dead in Wyoming Series
I was surprised who the killer was. It is a clean read. Lot of suspects, drama & good characters in this story. Victim no one liked.
Elizabeth Daniher is a big deal in reporting but getting a divorce from her T.v. producer. So she was sent to the small town in Whyoming to finsh her contract.
The manager & anchor try and sabatoge what little is left of her career.
Elizabeth is a consumer reporter and one day the grade school class was touring the T.V. studio when one little girl told her she needed to save her father. Her mom was going to stop her from seeing her daddy if he was sent to jail. She needed to help her thats what the tv show said.
Sheriff’s Deputy Foster Redus had disappeared for a week before they started searching for him. The day he had a fight with rancher Thomas David Burrell. Thomas admitted to having a fight and thier was blood found at his place.
Thomas ex-wife told everyone that he was jealous of her having a boyfriend. Thomas had the town torn into fractions of who thought he was guilty and those who thought he was innocent.
The sport annoucer wants Elizabeth looking into the story. Mike wanted to work with her and learn from her. Mike played professional sports till he had to retire from injury and he went back to small town to learn before going to national shows. Mike kept showing her different people who believe in Thomas. Even his Aunt who worked in sheriff office. Deputy whispered a trail for her to follow.
Elizabeth kept trying to find out about the deputy who was missing but everyone told her more about Burrell.
Tamantha Burrell is a charmer and she wants her daddy to get the help he needs. She is not shy about what she wants and that is Elizabeth making things right for her daddy.
I enjoyed this book and hope that more come in the series. I will be on the lookout for them.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review by Netgallet.
07/25/2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books BelleBooks 232 pages ISBN-13: 9781611941609

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