Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The 13th Day of Christmas by Jason F. Wright

5 Stars
Warning don't forget the tissue. This story touched me in so many ways. I shed tears for bad news, for good news & most of all for the Love of God has for us all.
Our family has had the twelve days of christmas given to us. We have had fun giving and trying to runaway without being caught. I wish I had thought about giving the 13th Day then but I will in the future.
Marva Ferguson collects aprons she has over 150 of them. She is a lovely widow, who's only son died in the Vietnam war. They used to have lots of land but they sold most of it to the city and trailers have moved in. She loves to hang up clothes to dry on her line through out the years she has shared the chore with lot of different friends.
Charlee is a little girl who is close to her father and he tells her wonderful stories at bedtime. Then things started to change and her father was sad and tired to tell stories very often. They had to sell thier house,car and lots of thier possesions. They were moving to a new town and starting all over in a trailer park. Charlee was having a hard time making friends and one day out in the field she was dancing on a tree stump she heard clapping. Saw thier neighbor hanging clothes and was invited over by hand jesters.
Charlee and Marva started a good relationship and became best friends. Charlee got to help her decorate for christmas even if it was only Oct.
Marva likes decorating early so when the trick or treaters came they would see her decorations and that way she could share them.
Zach is 15 and got suspended in his last school. He met Mrs. Ferguson when he went to pick up his sister. Mrs. Ferguson was really interested in Zach's life too.
Mrs. Ferguson invited Charlee's whole family over for Thanks Giving and planned a big dinner. She was excited to have company come.
Thomas had to file for bankrupty. He has a hard time finding fulltime work now. His wife Emily got a job working at Walmart. They both fought and worried over money trying to keep thier kids that things were alright.
Then Charlee got cancer and thier family really got more worried. Charlee after surgery to remove the tumor got to come home but could not to much and could not have friends over.
Marva got walkie talkies and she kept hers on all the time and carried in her apron. Charlee could talk to her when ever she wanted now. Charlee loved that she could talk to her best friend. Asks her everyday what apron she was wearing and what it said today.
Then Charlee got a letter on the front porch that told her that they would be sharing the 13 days of Christmas with her and she could share them with her family.
each day the traveling Elves shared with them what the song really meant because they wrote it.
The first day they were traveling and wanted to buy the best Pear tree and picked it up when a big bus pulled in and teen girls surrounded it and David Cassidy made a run for it and hid in the tree. So they had a Partage in the pear tree. So they sent her the last fruit of that tree with Charlee.
The stories that came with each gift was charming. I loved it.
But I admit to crying way to much in this book. I have a feeling this will be a favorite christmas book to read every year. I loved the characters and the little details of the characters, the lessons in the apron sayings and Marva sharing her love with a little girl who brought joy back to her.
If you read one book for Christmas read this one but read it before the 12 days of Christmas because it might give you ideas for your own special Christmas Season.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of a honest reviews from Netgalley.
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