Monday, October 8, 2012

Lana's Lawman by Karen Leabo


Lana's Lawman is a Loveswept Classic Romance now an ebook. Thier is some sex and swearing in the book.
Back in high school at a fundraising carnaval a Fortune teller showed up gave the high school girls thier fortune through a poem and gave them a little toy like out of a gumball machine than disappeared. Lana got a badge.
So far two of the girls fortune has come true.
Lana Gaston and her sob Rob were on thier way to her friend's wedding when her car had problems and it was raining. Lana was relieved when a cop pulled up.
Sloan Bennett once a tough guy in high school is now a cop. They had dated in secret for a short while till Lana broke it off.
Now Lana was divorced from her lawyer husband. She was verbally abused in that relationship. Having a tough time affording extras in her life. Now Sloan is back in her life.
Sloan gives them a ride to the wedding. He is going to handle parking for it. He was never good enough for Lana. He was surprised to still having feelings for her after all these years.
When later Rob has a accident with the roof of her garage collasping on him. Sloan recongized the address and came. He gave Lana a ride home from the hospital. The next day he showed up to fix her roof. He would not accept payment but did accept her dinner invitation.
Lana does not like to accept help because of how her exhusband responds and treats her.
Sloan keeps making excuses to stop by he wanted to try again with her.
Lana has not been divorced for too long and is still finding her way by herself.
It was a good romance story. Had enough drama in it to make the story.
I still feel like thier is something missing about the fortune teller even a reason really to having it in thier lives so many years ago.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/08/2012 PUB Random House Publishing Group Imprint Loveswept 320 pages

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