Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: The Curse by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love


The Curse is book 3 in the Belador series. This is a complex story and is hard to follow if you have not read the other books. You could read it but would be confusing.
This is a clean read to enjoy. I hated to have put it down like I did.
Most of the story takes place in Atlanta. Some in different world.
A group of Belador warriors are fighting for Viper to protect humans. The Belador also have to protect thier warrior queen.
The Alterant shift into a beast but thier are a lot of secrets about them. Thier are a lot of different groups that want the knowledge about them and to trap or kill them.
Evalle is a Alterant but she does not shift and can controll her beast. She fights with Viper. She can not go out during daylight and has to wear dark sunglasses all the time. She was abused early in her life and has only been kissed a few times.
Two of the Belador warriors are in a special friendship and they trust each other and have thier backs. Evalle does not know anything about her race.
Storm is a skinwalker and can change into a panther but most do not know that. He really likes Evalle and knows when people lie around him.
Sin is a powerful being and no one really knows what he is or how he is forced to deal between Viper and the Council of Gods. He hates Evalle dont know why.
Thier are so many other powers and beings with different abilties all going around Atlanta.
Thier is even a private black ops that has weapons to kill nonhumans and hates Alterants. Isak Nyght is a leader of them. He likes Evalle but does not know what she is.
I like this series but its a lot to remember the different names,powers and who wants to kill whom in between the different books. I want all my questions answered and they are trickling in where I want the flood of answers.
I will be waiting to read the next book in the series.
10/2012 PUB Pocket Books Simon and Schuster 390 pages

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