Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Kind of Christmas by Robyn Carr

4 STARS If your a fan of Virgin River books you will not be disappointed. If your new enjoy this then go and read the rest of the Virgin River novels. I think they need to build a big building for family gatherings. With all the ties to each other. Patrick Riordan is the youngest of the Riordan brothers. He just lost his best friend and saw his airplain get hit. He is having nightmares so he has 6 weeks of leave before he can go back to flying planes if that is what he still wants. He promised his friend Jake that he would be thier for his family. Patrick borrowed Aiden's family cabin to spend leave in. He did not want to stay in Luke's cabin or with Colin at Jilly's farm with them. He wanted to have space when he needed it. He also did not want to wake either of them up with his nightmares. He planned to go visit Jake's widow for Christmas while his family all plans to get together in San Diego. Angie LeCroix has come to Virgin River to stay close to her Uncle Jack & his family plus her Aunt Bree and her family. She wants to stay at Jack's cabin so she can be alone to decide what to do next in her life. Angie was so involved in her schooling that she did not have much life outside of it. She finshed her first year of medical school. Then she was in a bad accident which almost ended her life and a brain injury. She is healed but she wants to do something to help others thinking maybe the Peace core or something simalar. Her mom was great dealing with her injury and healing but now wants her daughter to go back to medical school. She is a little too much bossy right now for Angie. So she got out of town and came to Virgin River. First night at the bar she meets Patrick and starts flirting with him. Things get hot and heavy between them fast. Patrick is so worried about being older than her. They know that they will only have this short time together. They decide to try and keep thier relationship private but right away people are guessing. Thier families keep getting involved starts with the ones in Virgin River but don't end their. Get to see and hear about old familar families how they are doing. I love how close those that live in Virgin River are. They still have thier Christmas traditions and helping those in need, Angie gets involved in the clinic with Mel. She meets a little girl who got injured and it was not bad but she saw her face and has a big scar that is older that is interfering with her eyesight soon. She wants to help. Mel told her all about the stumbling blocks to be overcome before she can get the help so Angie asks to take over and see what she can do for her. Thier is a lot of love scenes that I just skip over but thier is a full story line that is not part of the love scenes. I laughed, cried a little at this moving story. It was good to revisit old friends in Virgin River. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 10/30/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinMIRA

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