Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wyoming Fierce by Diana Palmer


I admit to crying in this story a bit. Some issues hit harder than others. When a book makes me feel for characters and care about what happens to them. I also laughed in this story.
Cane Kirk lost is arm in the war and is not dealing well with everything that is happening to him. He drinks a lot and then breaks up a bar all the time. Cane pays for the damage or his brothers do. The only one that can get him to do anything is his young neighbor Bodie.
Bodie Mays only has one more semester to get her B.A. Then she wants to go on from thier. She comes home on the weekends to check on her grandfather. Bodie moved into his house after her mom died. She does not know what to do. Money is tight and with gas prices its even tighter.
Her stepfather watches a lot of porn and wants her to work with him and make money. He also inheirited her mother's house that has been in the family for generations. He is also wanting to raise the rent on her grandfather
While studying for a final at her grandfathers she gets a call from the Kirks asking her to go pick up Cane from the bar. She can get Cane to come with her without much problem where he wont come easy with anyone else. Thier is a truck outside already to drive her in to get Cane.
Cane can talk to her when he is drunk and tells her stuff that he won't talk to anyone else. He thinks of her as a kid. He is 10 years older than her and doesn't plan to get married. This time Cane kissed her and other stuff. A girl he picked up in a bar did not want to have sex to a guy who only had one arm.
Bodie has loved Cane but she knows that she is old fashioned and proud of it and is not have sex or anything close to it without marriage.
It deals with some real issues in this book. acholic,pron addiction, identy theft after war issues, choosing medicine over food.
I liked this book, cared about Bodie, hated some characters and really disappointed in others and thier actions.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
Harlequin HQN (October 23, 2012) 352 pages

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