Monday, October 24, 2011

Review:Tricks of the Trade by laura Anne Gilman

This is the third book in the Paranormal Scene Investigations. The first one I have read but not the last one. They mention other cases in this story which I assume is in the other two books. Their is another series of books called Retrievers and they mention Wren and we meet her in this book. I want to read at least one of that series too.
Bonnie Torres is a talent in fact all the investigators are talent. Bonnie and one of her bosses are fighting what they call merge. Their talent is drawn together and wants them to get together and have offspring. It is rare and they are finding more all the time. They have walls around them in their minds so they don't keep getting what the other is doing or feeling most of the time.
Bonnie likes guys and girls and wants uncomplicated relations. In fact her and Piers sleep together on casual basis. Getting involved with the boss is not what she wants or him either.
They call the two Bosses Top Dogs and they all are pups. They are like P.I. firm that works to find facts about talent so they can be held accountable.
One case is from a null a human nontalent and that he thinks a talent broke in his house to damage two rooms and take a watch and crystal knife.
The other case is a floater that NYC cops called them in to figure out.  The dead body is not human and in fact they are not sure what he is at first.
They have refined their talents with practice on how they can help find out more from the evidence using their skills together or alone.
The interactions of the Pups and Top Dogs I really like the characters and how involved they are and what we learn about them and their worlds. The cases are solved and their are a few other problems that come up. But it is their working so well and it comes across to each other.
I liked the story. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
went and bought the others plus 5 more books of hers.
11/29/2011 PUB. Harlequin Luna

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