Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review:Antiques Disposal by Barbara Allan

4 STARS This is my first book of Trash to Treasure series I have read. I liked it but did not really connect to the characters. Sometimes it was charming. Sometimes silly. With two different writers made it interesting. I did not figure out who the killer was and why he did it. Vivian Borne is the mother-grandmother who buys the auction of a storage contents for her business. She has been a widow for decades. Had many men through the years. Her oldest daughter Peggy Sue just became a widow and found out that she was in debt and had to move back in with her mother. Brandy Borne was divorced and moved back with her mom-grandmother the last 2 years. I guess in a previous book found out that her sister was actually her mother and her father was now a Senator. She joins in business with her mom-grandmother selling stuff they find at a booth in antique mall. So Vivian and Brandy win the bid on the contents of a storage unit. Vivian cheated and made people think it was full of mice.(threw chocolate sprinkles around). They have 24 hrs to get contents moved. On the second trip to the storage unit they found the rest of the unit was stolen and owner dead body was left in it. When they finally get through with the police that night thier house was broke into. Peggy Sue was knocked out and Brandy's blind dog was kicked and stopped breathing. Thier old cornet was stolem from the music room. The cornet from the storage unit was in the garage. So why was the cornet stolen. This is the 5th book in the series and does stand alone but I think it would be better if you have read the previous books. I was given Antiques Disposal from Librarything and asked in return to give honest review. May 2012 PUB. Kensington Puboishing Corp 232 pages Authors Barbara Collins and Max Allan Collins

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