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Blog Tour: A Splash of Kindness by John Starley Allen


About the book:
A Splash of KindnessGreat things begin with the smallest acts of goodness. These incredible, true stories began with a simple thought or action from another and became so much more. Be inspired by dedicated teachers, encouraging friends, and random acts of kindness. You don’t need a high-powered title to make a profound impact. This book is guaranteed to remind you how your own compassion, courage, and character can change the world!
  • Perfect Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (May 12, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1462116337
  • ISBN-13: 978-1462116331

About the author:
John Starley Allen is the author of the holiday classic, “Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices.” Besides writing inspirational books and stories, he is also a gold record award-winning songwriter. He has performed his music at Nashville’s iconic Bluebird Café and the Country Music Hall of Fame. He has lived in Sweden, Nashville, and Moab, Utah. He currently resides in Holladay, Utah. He and his wife, JoAnn, are the parents of four beautiful daughters.

My review:  A Splash of Kindness by John Starley Allen


I liked the stories and how little things and extra steps really made a difference in peoples lives.
I had heard some of the names but did not realize what their past was or the difference the people in their lives made. And what they did influences are lives today.

The one story that influences most of us is Philo T. Farnsworth the father of tv.  He was one smart guy.  He had also made the first infant incubator

Also shows how just holding children and giving them  love makes a big difference in showing how the children in orphanages in Romania thrive with love, color and time spent with them.

It also shows examples of teachers in students lives how they can make a big difference in there lives.  Sometimes by teaching, extra attention or examples.  Or those teachers who judged you on your past and would not let you change.  Or talked down to students really had a negative effect too.

I really liked Stephen's story.

It really makes you think if you are going to positive  to peoples lives or negative to others. I hope the first.

This is a positive story I was glad to have read it.

I was given A Splash of Kindness from the author and Cedar Fort Publishers.  In return I agreed to give a honest review and be part of it's blog tour.

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