Monday, January 16, 2012

The Burning Edge by Rick Mofina

What an roller coast of a story. I cried durning the funeral scene and laughed at
Lisa getting back. In between was so into the story could not read fast enough. Highly recommend this book!   I will be on the lookout to read more of Rick's books in the future.
Lisa Palmer is a widow of two years. She is a grocery clerk and has had a hard time supporting her and her two kids.  So she is selling her husband cabin thats been in the family for generations.  On her way home she stops to get gas,food. When the lights go off than back on and armed men come and kill 4 guys and rob armed truck getting 6 million.
The guy on floor by her is FBI agent and he tries to get his gun out with Lisa's help and they are seen. The FBI agent is killed and Lisa begs for her life and is spared.
Lisa is willing to help in anyway but they wore motorcycle outfits with helmet on and down they were covered from head to toes.  She was so concerned for her kids and upset by the violence.
Jack Gannon was old school reporter and worked the case trying to get his own leads.  He was first to find out FBI agent had died. plus got more leads. I like Jack don't think much for his editor.
FBI agent Frank Morrow was the lead on the case and he kept getting Lisa to find out more since she was his only source.  Frank just got news he had rare cancer and year to live. or 3% with treatment.  He did not know what to tell his family and kept puting it off.
Everyone kept working the case one clue at a time, With each clue the good guys got more leads. The officers of the law around the world helped each other.
I really enjoyed reading this book that I was given to read by Netgalley in exchange for honest review.
12/27/2011 PUB Harlequin  Mira Books

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David Harry said...

Very detailed. Book looks pretty good. Thank you for the review