Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review:Witches Under Way by Debora Geary

It seamed liked I had to wait along time for this second book in the Witch Light Trilogy. It was worth the wait. If you have not picked up any of the series you need to check them out.  They are a community of characters working and helping each other in the witching world.
Its fun to read and I get lost in thier stories.
This second story starts a few days after end of first book.  Lizard is making soup for all the sick witches with Gina hadding herbs and Aervyn age 4 is delivering it by teleporting right in the kitchens of those sick. The young witchlings heal faster than the older ones.
Lizard is still working for Lauren and is getting ready to start collage, sell her first house by herself and lots of growing opportunities that she faces and yet to come.
Elsie starts out still at yoga but soon leaves. She is getting voice lessons from a opera singer. Elsie is willing to try new things from slowly to faster she grows in her playful side. Elise needs help to being silly and people wrote ideas or challanges that are put in a jar for her to do. Her first one is to ride an wild decorated bike out in public.
Lizard and Elsie have become good friends who are for each other. Having met at beginning of their WitchLight sentence and made to share living quarters. You want to root them on some of thier journeys. Also want to see where they go next.
Thier is more of the knitting circle ladies, water fights that make you want to join and laughter and tears. Dressing up fashion shows and new babies to love. I had a smile on most of the book and still smile as I think of different events in the book. I was given this book for free in exchange of past reviews.
1/28/2012 PUB Fireweed Publishing

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