Saturday, January 21, 2012

Escape to Paradise by Pamela Yaye

Claudia has been divorced for two weeks when her ex-husband was arrested for stealing investers money.  She has the media calling and camping out in front of her house for interviews, police wanting to interagate her and people threating her so she jumped out her window, cut her hair short and died it black. Her sister sent her to her time share down in Cabo.
Santiago is waiting in first class lounge for the airport in Washington DC to open and to be able to fly home to Cabo. When a beautiful sad lady came into the lounge to wait for her plane. Many guys came over to hit on her and she sent them away.
he bought her over lunch and just wanted to cheer her up. So she did eat and drink a little.
Finally she gets to Cabo and her credit card is denied and her bank account has been frozen. She is in pain and so tired when they say without credit card they cant register her.  Claudia asks to see manager and talk her way for the night.
Santiago is visiting his mother when the desk clerk comes in the office for the manager and when he hears Claudia's name goes out and takes care of it for her. Setting her up for free in room near his and tells her he is the manager.
Claudia goes out early to hike by herself and she hears Ana cry out. Ana hurt her ankle and they get along so well they have lunch. Claudia mentions the cute manager that has helped her last night to Ana. Ana figures out soon that it is her son who she wants to see married so plays along. Ana and Claudia become good friends even with Ana leaving town for awhile.
Santiago hires Claudia to manage a big event for them when he fires the planner they have now.
Santiago and Claudia both are hiding things from each other. Their are some sexy scenes, some laughter. I enjoyed the book very much. I was given the ebook to read in exchange of honest review.
01/31/2012 PUB Harlequin Kimani Romance

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