Monday, January 23, 2012

The Labyrinth Campaign by Mike Sweeney

Wow! A scary political book. Its not  republican or demacratic its money and power against little guys trying to do the right thing in this thriller.
You don't want to put this book down.  Every time you think it will work out you hit a dead end.
Jack McCarthy life is going great. He helped with campaign for his work and he got job offer to work on Will Hawkins Presidental run for office.  He is living with Carrie his girl friend.
Jack is waiting to go into Will Hawkin's office , when he over hears him shouting in the phone. So Jack is curious so he picks up the phone and listens.  What he over hears makes him stuned. Will is on the phone to the biggest drug dealer in Mexico talking about making accidents that will make the President of United States lose the election because of his lax envirmental policys.
Jack leaves quickly before he is found listening to one of the richest man in the country. Jack decides who he can trust with the information. He picks Steve Bess his mentor adviser.  Steve is shocked to and decides to tell his boss.
Steve is than dies from what looks like a heart attack. Carrie takes Jacks car to run errands in and when she starts the car a bomb goes off.
Jack is in when the police questions him and requestions him. Meanwhile a false story appeared in newspaper saying he eirwas under investigation for dealing drugs.
I don't want to give anything else but he keeps trying to figure out what way to go and more adventure and attempts are made for his life and anyone he confides in life.
Their is a reporter looking into Hawkins college life in England who gets a lead for a story.
Their is someone who has information he tries to blackmail Hawkins.
If you like thrillers this book is a must read. I definately would read more books from him.  I was lent this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/05/2011 PUB Live Oak Book Company

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David Harry said...

It sounds like a great book. Politicians and drug dealers are great together... but just in books.