Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ReviewTalk of the Town by Sherrill Bodine

Well this morning I read my first book by Sherrill Bodine and went and bought another on my kindle Talk of the Town.  I was not disappointed by either book. I expect I will read more books from Sherrill.
Rebecca is a popular gossip colume when she is let go in order to hire a younger writer. She still had two years left on her contract. So she got moved to food colume. She does not cook. She was still throwing in gossip that got people laughing.
David the new owner of the paper who fired her is a widower who is not going to love again. Is attracted to her. David ends up asking her out saying business was seperate than personal.  Finds it hard to keep things seperate.
Rebecca is funny, fiesty and stubborn. She was tossed over by her husband for younger model now her job for the same reason. She is not giving up.
I enjoyed reading this book and as someone who is middleage I want to slap guys too for always wanting younger.

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Sherrill Bodine said...

What a wonderful way to start the day -- another great review from you!!! May I humbly suggest you might one to read A BLACK TIE AFFAIR - in it you meet the oldest Smith sister, Athena and some of the characters from TALK OF THE TOWN and ALL I WANT IS YOU. I'm THRILLED you enjoyed my books!
xoxo Sherrill