Monday, January 30, 2012

The Cowboy Father by Linda Ford

The Cowboy Father follows after The Cowboy Tutor also by Linda Ford.
Each book stands alone but I like seeing the characters from one story in a nother. Each book tells the story of one of the sisters.
In the town of Golden Prairie, Alberta  in 1933 they are in the depression and drought times are hard.  Louisa Morgan's family is struggling finacelly after the death of her father 4 years ago.  Louisa feels  bad because a lot of medical bills are from her. Louisa wants to work to help pay them but their is a lot of people out of work. Louisa finds a job for two months tutoring a little girl who broke her leg and is in full body cast.
Emmet Hamilton has moved back home with his aunt when his daughter broke her leg. He is a widower and had hired someone at his ranch to watch
Ellie but she left her alone.  Emmet found his daughter with a broken leg after she fell out of a tree. Emmet feels guilty that he could not prevent his
Ellie from being hurt.
Ellie is a 7 year old tomboy and hates being trapped in bed and does not want to do homework. Ellie is spoiled by her father andd knows how to get what she wants most of the time. She does not want to have Louisa tutor  her.
Auntie May never had children but  when Emmet's parents were killed in an accident she took him and raised him. She has a lot of cats. She is glad that Emmet and Ellie are staying with her while Ellie heals.
Madge is Louisa's younger sister and her story is told in Tutor Cowboy. She is a new bride.
Judd is married to Madge and has bought a farm near his in-laws.
Louisa feels she will never marry because of all her illness she can never have children. She is heart broken over the fact for her dream of having children is strong.
Emmet has problems that he could not protect his parents , his wife from dying. Now he did not prevent Ellie's accident so he does not want to care for anyone else he might fail to protect.
I enjoyed this story. It has some heartbreaks but they learn to trust in God.
This book does have some scriptures and no sex, foul langage and leaves you feeling good and wanting to see is Louisa's youngest sister gets her own story to.
I was lent this book to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
02/07/2012 Pub. Harlequin Love Inspired Historical

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