Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: On A Dark Wing by Jordan Dane

This book to awhile for me to be in the mood to start reading it.  Once I got into the book the characters seamed real I wanted to talk back to them.  Say whats going on with you all the ravens? Look at Tanner he is a real friend right in front of you.  I would be tempted to leave town to if that happened to me.
Abbey 5 years ago missed the bus to take her home and on the way home was in a car accident that killed her mom. Abbey has a lot of guilt over that. Abbey best friend is Tanner Lange. Abbey has a crush on Nate and is stalking him.
Tanner had a four wheeler accident that has left him in a wheel chair. He is a reallly great character.  He got a radio to listen to Nate climb for Abbey. He has his learner permit to drive a special van his family has.
Nate holden and his friend Josh trained and planned to climb Denali with his father team. Nate did not know Abbey exsisted really.
The evening before the last day of school Abbey climbed into Tanner bedroom to vent over her father taking her to their cabin for their annual trip to remember Abbey mother. If she went she could not follow Nate's climb with Tanner.
Tanner was upset with something he did not want to show her but he had to. He showed her a website that had pictures wearing today's outfit showing her having sex with guys and other pictures. they had taken her head and put it on different bodies. She was upset and ran home.
Abbey talked her dad into leaving for the cabin a day early and missing the last day of school. Abbey looked at the website and realized someone had put Tanner up saying he was gay with fake pictures too. Abbey felt worse over Tanner's pictures.
Their is a lot of drama in this book and it draws you in that you don't want to stop reading. Their are no sex scenes. Shows a lot of friendships that mean a lot.
Talks a lot of death. Shows how girl's get crushes behaves sometimes.  Would recommend this book.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from Netgalley.
12/27/2011  PUB Harlequin  Harlequin Teens

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