Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Lucky by DC Brod

This book was about finding what killed a reporter. Was it just a drunk who ran her down? Or was it because of a story she was working on? What was she working on.
Robyn is having coffee with her mom at their favorite place, when Robyn gets the news of Clair death. Robyn takes her mom back to her assited living apartment.
Robyn is a freelance writer for the paper.  She takes over the one article that clair was assigned and also follow through on the hit and run of Clair.
Clair was writing on a new green housing development. Robyn tried to learn
and follow Clair's trail.  Robyn finds some pictures on her camera of a meeting being of two guys.
Robyn sees her boyfriend Mick at a restraunt with a younger woman. Robyn at 40 does not want kids. Mick is not sure he wants kids or not. He is not ready to make sure of that decision right now. So they are cooling off.
Mick is still a big help to Robyn and they are not yet ready to lose their friendship.
Robyn's mom wants to buy a house and live in it with Robyn. Her mom is starting to have problems with her memory.
Robyn & Mick get called by his new secratary to help because a john died in her sister's apartment. She is trying to get out of that life, but if her sister finds out he was at their apartment she would be homeless. Robyn had just
had dinner with him about the housing development and lunch with his wife Kat an old high school  rival.  So they ended up moving the body and putting it in his car in a parking lot.
Their is laughter and serious mystery.  It is a nice story and I would like to see more of the characters Robyn and Mick.  I was lent this ebook in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Dec.11,2011 PUB Tyrus Books

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