Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Jinson Twins, Science Detectives, and the Mystery of Echo Lake by Steven l Zeichner

I was entertained by the book,  the science was interesting but some was over my head. I was thinking taking some of the crickets home and listening in a quite room.
I do like how they show reasoning out and how to find out things.  Showing science in everyday type of usefulness.
Joe and Debbie Jinson are 12 years old twins being raised by a single mom.  They spend a lot of time on their own. This summer instead of going to a camp they are supposed to earn some money and save for collage. They decide to put signs up to do summer jobs.
Finally a old lady hires them and she seams a little batty to me.  They are taking things out of boxes and putting them in other boxes down in the basement. Finally Mrs. Gray tells them that her money is gone and she needs  to sell the old house. Her husband had a treasure of old gold coins but she could not find it.
The twins think they might of found a map and ask their friend Mr. Benjamin what he thinks.  Mr. Benjamin is always showing and asking questions using science tools.
Their is a scary old man that follows the twins and in fact almost  ran over them while on their bikes.
Their are three older boys who destroys their signs and threatens them to stop trying to do work.
Joe and Debbie are trying to figure out the clues to the map if it is in fact a map. It is a nice mystery and you might even learn a little too when your done. I would read more about the Jinson twins.
I was given this book from Librarythings member giveaway in exchange of honest review.
PUB 2011  185 pages

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