Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review:Seduction by Brenda Joyce

The setting of this book is France & England 1793.  I seesawed my point of view on what side to take.  I was on one hand supporting freedoms but not all the violence.  I was even rooting for the tories some of the time too.  So I could see how easy it woud be torn about what side you are on.
Dominic was shot in the back in France he was their as a spy for England.  He was taken by a boat to England but had no idea at the time he was close to death. Dominic is a rich titled half english & French.  His identity in France was a printer and in the French army.
Julianne Greystone was supporting the French revolution and met with others in her village in Penzance, Cornwall. In fact she helped start her group like others in England and France. Julianne is the youngest of four and the only one who supported the group. Her brothers Lucas and Jack brought a stranger who was ill for her to nurse better saying Jack found him when he was smuggling and had no idea who he was.
While Dominic was out of his mind he spoke French and about the war so Julianne figured out that he was a French army. So let him know that she would keep his secrets and she was a Jacobean follower too.  She fell in love and was taken in by his alias.
Their is a lot of spying and lying around that time. While Julianne thought she had a lot in common with Charles.  She really didn't have with Dominic who was a rich titled spy for England a Tory.
It was a good plot. You never knew who to trust or if anyone. I would read more of Brenda Joyce's books. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
01/31/2012 Harlequin  HQN Books

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